It’s been a busy year in the world of entertainment. From box office smash hits to social media debacles, we can predict that 2018 will be an exciting one for the industry. Here are 10 things you didn’t expect from this past year: 1.) Black Panther became Marvel Studios’ highest-grossing film ever 2.) The Oscars were announced on ABC after years of being broadcast via NBC 3.) Apple released its own streaming service 4.) Netflix’s Sense8 finale was watched by 30 million people 5.). A live remake aired in July 6.). Kris Jenner went undercover as a Lyft driver 7). Drake and Meek Mill had a fight 8) Taylor Swift dropped her entire catalog at once 9) Prince passed away

10 Things We Didn’t Expect. Read more in detail here: interesting facts.

Spoilers ahead for Dune 2021!

Bagpipes, Bagpipes, Bagpipes, Bagpipes, Bagpipes, Bag Villeneuve says he’s always seen House Atreides as Celtic, and he employs traditional bagpipes to emphasize “the flame of colonial pomp,” as he characterizes their entrance on Arrakis in Dune 2021. They might have simply cast Josh Brolin in the role of the baliset. 

Unicorn spice with a glimmer. It’s the galaxy’s most precious resource, utilized by the Spacing Guild to create foresight visions that enable them to navigate safe travel between worlds. It’s a psychoactive substance used by the Bene Gesserit (AKA The Space Witches TM) to pass along ancestral memories. Paul (Timothée Chalamet) sees himself as the Kwisatz Haderach as a result of it. The substance swirls about Paul like a golden glitter tornado as he stands in a spice field in Dune 2021. Spice was more sparkling than a Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper thanks to Villeneuve. 

10-Things-We-Didnt-ExpectDJ Sardaukar turned the party into a rave.

DJ Sardaukar: We weren’t expecting a gruesome upside-down crucifixion and blood-streaming ceremony on the prison planet of Salusa Secundus, which is never visited in David Lynch’s 1984 Dune. We weren’t expecting the Sardaukar soldier to start throat-singing over the whole blood-soaked, rain-soaked scenario. Naturally, the whole scenario was memed into a Sardaukar party, with DJ Sardaukar spinning glowstix and Piter de Vries (David Dastmalchian) bobbing his head. 

Sardaukar on the go. Sardaukar, speaking of which, float about Dune 2021 like white snowflake death robots. Snowflake murder robots that are silent, armored, and white.

The Goo Pool of Healing of Baron Harkonnen. Baron Harkonnen (Stellan Skarsgrd) is never damaged by Dr. Yueh’s (Chang Chen) tooth in the Dune book or David Lynch’s Dune. As a result, he never has to plunge himself in a tar-like pool of black goo like he does in Dune 2021, which raises a slew of questions: what is that goo? I’m not sure how he’ll be able to breathe with all that muck in his lungs. Was the goo-pool specifically made to fit his size, or was it just lying around in case anything happened? We can only assume that the goo isn’t connected to spices, otherwise he’d be time-traveling. 

Worms that aren’t too… phallic. We’re exposed to nightmare-inducing, super-phallic worms in David Lynch’s Dune, which go much too far in highlighting some type of convoluted metaphor. Villeneuve abandoned that concept in favor of blunt-ended sandworms with jaws that resemble — well, never mind. Introduce a complex metaphor about Gaia or whatever.

Timothée, in his Byronic leather coat. We expected to see Paul strolling through the desert, not skulking around the Scottish-esque hills of Caladan, brooding Heathcliffe-style over the grass and sea. But, well, there aren’t any complaints. The more curls in your hair and sad eyes you have, the better. 

Arachnophobia. Villeneuve’s icky-creepy electronic spider pets resemble something out of a horror movie or a remote-control toy aisle: even odds. But before Dr. Yueh dies, there’s just one click-click-clacking brutally on Baron Harkonnen’s stone floor, and two thereafter. Coincidence? Or are they Dr. Yueh and his wife in any way? They clearly predict the techo-creations of the planet Ix. But, as is, it’s a complete arachnophobic experience.

Spit-coffee. Why are guys spitting into the coffee that Liet Kynes (Sharon Duncan-Brewster), Paul, and Lady Jessica (Rebecca Ferguson) are preparing? They haven’t ran out of water, obviously. Is this some kind of Fremen rite? Are they furious at Liet? Is this a symbol of respect, similar to Stilgar “offering the Duke the gift of his water” (Oscar Isaacs)? We’re merely perplexed. 

There will be no Feyd-Rautha. Sting in a diaper plays the Baron’s conniving nephew in Lynch’s Dune, a symbolic equivalent to Paul and contender for Kwisatz Haderach rank. Villeneuve absolutely dismisses Feyd. Fans speculated when they saw his character list: maybe, in a cinematic masterstroke, Chalamet would portray both Paul and Feyd, demonstrating their duality! Please accept my apologies, fanboys and females. However, you receive a gold star for ingenuity. 

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