Did you know that in 1994 Liam Neeson starred in a movie called “Schindler’s List”? Not only that, but that movie was critically acclaimed and earned Neeson an Academy Award for Best Actor. That’s right, it was nominated for Best Picture and Best Director too! It also featured a pre-“Taken” Rutger Hauer, a pre-“Sin City” Bruce Willis, and (of course) a pre-“Gladiator” Orlando Bloom.

The ’90s were a very interesting time for cinema, and while the movie industry has been trying to emulate the success of that era for years, it’s been hard to get that feeling of nostalgia exactly right. Thankfully, there are some films that will always survive the test of time, and those are the ones that truly defined the genre. From the early ’80s to the late ’90s, the action-horror genre exploded, as filmmakers tried to top the success of films like “The Terminator” and “Alien”. When you look back on those movies now, they are are a lot of fun—and some of the most influential films of all time.

Our top UAMC selections for the best action/horror flicks plus where to find them!

Special shout-out to The Crow (1994) and Spawn (1997), which took superhero movies down a darker path while delivering admirable action sequences that reinforced their tales of vengeance and conquering death. Given the themes, style, and characters, I consider these movies outside the scope of the type of action-horror I discuss in this brief cinematic survey.

So, what’s the difference between action and horror movies and how exactly can you define action-horror as a fusion genre? How did the 2000s and 2010s keep heads rolling and demons in check? Find out in my next action-horror round up that will have you howling and ready to plunge an axe into the skull of a drug-addled mutant cultist.

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