Some aspects of parenting are universal, such as the thrill of having a child hold your hand or the pride in their first steps. Others are not. For example, is Mother’s Day a national holiday for you? In order to understand the importance of Mother’s Day to mothers, you must first understand how the holiday was created.

Once upon a time, an orphan named David was adopted by his famous aunt and uncle. From then on, his uncle, a famous actor who had everything, taught him that self-worth was measured by how much money you had. And although his aunt, who was a brilliant writer, was more kind, she was also deeply unhappy and frequently left the family home. From them, David learned that family is not made up of people related to you by blood, but by people who love you and share your values. In time, David became a successful businessman who made money from building a chain of restaurants, and a famous actor who made money from starring in blockbuster movies. He also had a beautiful wife who was loved by everyone, and a daughter

Angelina Jolie, actress, philanthropist and mother of six, has revealed in an interview why she stopped working hard after her divorce from husband Brad Pitt. Jolie said she needed to be there for her children and be present in their moments.

In a recent interview, the Golden Globe winner admitted that Mother’s Day made her so emotional that she cried repeatedly for the rest of the day. She thanked her six beautiful children for making this day so special for her.

Jolie recalls her Mother’s Day experience

In a recent interview with Extra to promote her upcoming film Those Who Wish Me Dead, Angelina Jolie urged people not to forget what Mother’s Day means to them.

The 45-year-old actress is the mother of six children: Maddox, 19; Pax, 17; Zahara, 16; Shiloh, 14; and twins Vivien and Knox, 12. She confirms that her children surprise her every year at the annual party.

My kids have always done well on Mother’s Day. The best thing for me is that I plan nothing, do nothing, and they all try to surprise me with something, she explains. Just knowing that they are doing something together, thinking about something together, wanting it, and thinking it’s important always makes me cry.

They always joke about how fast I cry, Jolie says, adding that it makes her laugh that she cries so often in a day – or how fast I cry. … Oh, there she is!

Angelina Jolie’s Parenting Tips

The Maleficent star and mother of six has always been candid about her parenting skills and has even given advice to other parents. Jolie said she was initially afraid of becoming a parent because she was unstable when she was younger and feared she wouldn’t be able to be anyone’s mother and things wouldn’t work out.

But she has become a mother of six children of different ethnicities and knows how important it is to do things right.

In an article she wrote for TIME magazine last year, Jolie urged parents to let go and not always want to control everything, saying there is nothing wrong with children helping out in any way they can.

It’s nice when you realize that your kids don’t want you to be perfect. They just want you to be honest. And do what you can. In fact, the more opportunities they have to prove themselves where you are weak, the stronger they can become. They love you. They want to help you. In the end, it all depends on the team you put together. And in a way, they’re raising you too. You grow up together, she wrote in the article.

Angelina Jolie and her love for the broken

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In the March issue of British Vogue, Jolie explained that it was very important to her that her children accept her.

I mean, this is something that many mothers, and many parents in general, need. But I think that’s even more true when you have foster children. They have to decide for you too. It’s not the parents’ family, they’re part of it. This is our family.

She also gave advice to parents: I know it sounds strange, but don’t force them to do good or donate, she said. If we can make children feel that it is not about duty, service or charity, but about the joy of living with people we respect, things will be very different.

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