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What better way to spend the weekend than watching the latest wrestling action? With the WWE wrapping up their latest pay-per-view event on Sunday, as well as this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, what better way to spend your weekend by watching some of the best pro-wrestling matches from the past week or so?

Wrestling Week 1 (10 May 2021)


Thanks for coming! In addition to reporting every Thursday that it is not wrestling, I will also give my thoughts on other wrestling events that caught my attention on Monday. I’m Danny Damage, I write for Geeks + Gamers, and this is #AnotherWeekOfWrestling!

Dissatisfied customers

Tony Khan reportedly issued five refunds to Blood & Guts subscribers last Wednesday. Fans in the arena were told they would be watching the first hour of the evening on a big screen with pre-recorded matches; only the Blood & Guts match itself will be broadcast live for them. The money back offer is great, but it would have been better to do it before the fans were in the arena. I would be very angry if I traveled far.


Eva Maria is back in the WWE. We have all seen what she can and cannot do in the ring, many times, against our will. I hope she doesn’t come back to fight. I’m just saying: If she’s good at it, great, leave her alone. But if it sucks, it sucks. Leave it as it is. There is no reason to give her a job just because people like her body parts. #ThatsNotWrestling!

Emergency landing

People have been frustrated with Chris Jericho’s stuffing lately. I’m not talking about the weight he’s gained in recent years, but the unfortunate blow he took from the top of the cage in the Blood & Guts tournament. Of course, no one wanted to see Jericho fall to the concrete. But AEW fans also didn’t want their intelligence insulted by Nickelodeon-like props and staging. I’m sure Tony Khan has enough money to paint both sides of the box.

Friday Night Rules

Smackdown continues to be a major talking point for weekly quality wrestling. That’s not to say she’s perfect, just that she doesn’t pee on her own shoes as regularly as some people do. Smackdown is the least traumatic experience for some people, and that’s enough to keep them watching every Friday night. I haven’t said enough yet, but I look at it a little bit at a time.

Don’t feed him anymore

It looks like Ryback has booked his retirement online. After trying to gauge what his fans wanted from him next, several Twitter polls (which he posted himself) suggested it was time for Big Guy to retire. He should have left when he was in charge because the results only got worse. That’s where it all started.

After receiving the initial results, Ryback accepted the resignation vote as a ribbing and re-posted the poll. Yes, he expected a different result… twice. Ryback also attributed the results to Chinese and Russian bots, but his second and third attempts were no better. 20 hours before the final vote, Ryback called off the vote and deleted the tweet.

That’s it for this week. Evaluate and discuss! Don’t forget to follow the This Is Not Wrestling show published every Thursday on Keep it up, and I’ll see you next Monday to discuss #AnotherWeekOfWrestling!

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