Hey everyone. This is the 11th week of my ‘Another Week of Wrestling’ blog series. This is an archive of my previous wrestling blog posts. The ongoing story is about wrestling and wrestling’s future. I hope you enjoy it. Let’s start.

We’ll start with a recap of Wrestling #11 from last week: We had a great night of wrestling last night. The main event was our main roster guys, Ricky Steamboat and Ric Flair! We had a wonderful match with no mistakes, and no dropped spots. Ricky Steamboat really showed up, and Ric Flair was awesome! We also had a great chance for some NXT talent to get some shine. Our next shot at the NXT title is with Lars Sullivan taking on Vince McMahon in a match for the WWE world title!

The WWE is a sport that has evolved to its current state from the old-school way of pro wrestling matches. There is a long history of pro wrestling as a spectacle, and that is a big part of what drew me to the WWE.. Read more about wrestling with the week and let us know what you think.

Another Wrestling Week #11 (19th July 2021)




Thank you for coming along with me! I’ll be mouthing off on a Monday about other wrestling events that grab my attention, in addition to giving you That’s Not Wrestling every Thursday and raving about PPVs on YouTube. This is Another Week of Wrestling, and I’m Danny Damage, writing for Geeks + Gamers.

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The 2021 WWE Money in the Bank PPV took place last night. Click here for a summary of the findings. Check out PUTTING IT BLUNTLY: WWE Money in the Bank 2021 for a more in-depth look at the event (Review).

WWE, Money in the Bank, wrestling, AEW, John Cena

In summary, it’s worth seeing and definitely not the worst wrestling pay-per-view in recent memory. The majority of the action was enjoyable, and the live audience provided a welcome change of pace. The overdone, car-crash type bouts are entertaining, but you can only repeat the TLC oldies so many times before they become forgettable. The fact that there are two MITB Ladder Matches on the program doesn’t help WWE in this regard.

Live audiences have returned to town after the WWE ThunderDome was hurled back down to the lowest tier of hell from whence it came. I stated in That’s Not Wrestling 11 that AEW looks better simply because it has a live audience. It was equally pleasant for WWE fans to return, despite the possibility of idiots being there.

John Cena has returned from Taiwan, China, and is searching for a battle. I said this a few weeks ago, just before he went all Super-Sorry Cena while shooting Fast and Furious 9, and again a week later. John has a lot to give the WWE, the rest of the roster, and the fans, but will he be welcomed back after what happened?

WWE, Money in the Bank, wrestling, AEW, John Cena

It seems to be the case! Especially if the booze he drank at Money in the Bank is any indication. Edge’s music may get a strong response from the audience, but Cena’s pop is louder and lasts longer. People seemed to be genuinely pleased to see him. My question is simple, and I apologize for my lack of foreign policy knowledge, but wouldn’t Cena constitute a national security concern or something? With all that his allegiance/apology video had to convey, he was certain to have some questions. Anyway, let’s see where this goes; he may be on his way to breaking that title-holding record or not.

Mickie James contacted Deonna Purrazzo at the conclusion of Impact’s Slammiversary 2021 and asked her to NWA Enpowerrr, which I previously reported. Purrazzo had just beaten a surprise opponent in Thunder Rosa, and he didn’t seem in the mood to honor the lately future-favored veteran. She politely refused and mocked James for having her things packed and sent to her by WWE, only to be kicked in the face by Mickie.

WWE, Money in the Bank, wrestling, AEW, John Cena, Mickie James, Deonna Purrazzo

Despite the fact that this seems to be building to a match between the two ladies, Purrazzo is expected to meet Melina at NWA Empowerrr instead. Purrazzo and James will meet at a later time. When these two do meet, I hope it takes place on a platform that is appropriate for them. With all due respect to Melina, she isn’t Mickie James. Mickie vs. Deonna, in my view, is where the greatest work will be displayed.

For those unfamiliar, TV soap operas have gossip mags, politicians have spinsters, and professional wrestling has Dave Meltzer. Dave has had a close connection with AEW since 1983, when he started his own wildly successful Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Despite the fact that he would never disclose how much “intimacy” Tony Khan pays him in exchange for telling the world that AEW is the greatest thing since sliced bread, he isn’t one to keep his mouth shut in other situations. Dave often uses Twitter to defend AEW and their constant fuck-ups and lies, in addition to more recent podcasts and his newsletter.

WWE, Money in the Bank, wrestling, AEW, John Cena, Dave Meltzer

Since “back in the day” of WWE, Vince and the talent understood how to feed disinformation Dave’s way, and he’d be excessively eager to publish anything in his magazine, I’ve always regarded Meltzer’s comments with a grain of salt. But things are different today, and there aren’t any sly little opportunists lurking about to take advantage, right? Dave, after all, aspired to be a great celebrity in his own right and make friends. I’m confident no one would exploit that for personal benefit!

Uncle Dave, on the other hand, has a tip that a major star is on the way to AEW in the near future. It took me a long time to get that line lined up!

Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Brock Lesnar, and even Ric Flair have all been mentioned. To begin with, as sad as it pains to say it, I believe CM Punk is finished with wrestling. I accepted this a long time ago, and trying to persuade yourself otherwise would be stupid. If anything does change, that’s a plus. I could imagine Bryan and Lesnar teaming up, Bryan for the freedom to do anything he wants, and Lesnar to give Tony Khan’s bank account a nice workout. Flair is the same way; if he’s legally able to do so and someone pays him, I’m sure he’ll at least pay a visit.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the “huge” surprise hint turned out to be Braun Strowman, in addition to these safe guesses (yeah, I realize I’m playing into a stupid hype-train game). Ric Flair shows there, and Charlotte appears from behind him, according to an extra-risky bet. I’m not sure how much longer she has on her contract, but she’d be a game-changer for Kenny Omega’s AEW women’s division.

AEW will not need to import any more stars from abroad, regardless of how things turn out. They already have a roster full of ex-WWE talent, and they shouldn’t be adding to it. Especially when AEW fans are allowed to complain at Jim Ross for mistakingly believing he’s at a WWE show when he looks around at the talent on hand, the events/angles mimicked, and the overall atmosphere.

That concludes this week’s activities. Think about it and talk about it! Remember to keep an eye out for “That’s Not Wrestling!” every Thursday on GeeksandGamers.com. Take care, and I’ll see you on Monday to talk about #AnotherWeekOfWrestling!

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I’m back with a new update to say that Wakanda is on the way! MissCoreywoods wants to make sure you know that this isn’t the same as the last two updates that I have put up. This is the one where I have actually got to go and film the movie in Wakanda. I can’t wait to share my experiences, but until then I’ll post a few more stills from the sets. Remember, this is a work in progress, and stuff changes, so be sure to check back on the blog to see if there’s anything new.. Read more about wrestling news and let us know what you think.

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