In the world of “Star Wars” lore, there are several characters who are connected to the force or the time-keeping function of the galaxy. One of these characters is the astromech droid R2-D2. R2-D2 is a nickname of the character who plays a vital role in the “Star Wars” trilogy. R2-D2 is also the most famous astromech droid in “Star Wars” history. In “Star Wars”, he is the de facto owner of the Millennium Falcon and a valued friend to the Skywalker family.

This blog will be about the movie series known as Ast, Vorth, Zanth. The series has had year-long gaps in its release but has recently been released on DVD and Blu-Ray.

In the end, the three friends are forced to face the truth about their futures, and to make their own choices about being the heroes they were raised to be.. Read more about who are the time-keepers and let us know what you think.

In the latest episode ofLoki, we finally get to meet the fantastical Timekeepers in the flesh… but with a (predictable) Wizard of Oz inspired twist. In Event Nexus, Loki and Sylvie appear before the leaders and creators of the Time Alteration Authority to make a final judgment, but a series of events leads the two variants to attack the Time Guardians, played by Lauren Revard and Robert Pralgo, and discover that they are androids. It remains to be seen who actually controls TVA (I’m putting my money on Kang, but that would be too good), but for now we can take a look at the identities of the Timekeepers in the comic….. And no, they’re not androids.

The three guardians of time, known as Tak, Worth, and Zant (there was also a fourth, the Oracle of Siva, but he was exiled to ancient Egypt shortly after his birth), were created at the end of time by the One Who Remains, the final administrator of the Authority of Temporal Change. Just before the universe reached its thermal death, the one similarity of all realities in the multiverse, the Eternal created three beings as a gift for the world to come. But things didn’t go as planned, and Timekeepers was only his second attempt: His first creation were the Time Snatchers, who destroyed one reality after another in their investigation into the origins of time, until Thor and Jane Foster traveled back in time to a point before they were born and informed the Remnant of the damage his creatures would do to the timeline. However, this has created two different realities: In one, the Remainer ignored Thor and Jane’s pleas and allowed the Time Twisters to be born; in the other, he destroyed their eggs before they hatched and created Time Guardians instead. With each triad controlling time in their reality, the Timekeepers and Time Snatchers began an interdimensional war for supremacy, attempting to take control of the reality that would blossom after the heat death of the universe. While the war with the Time Lords would only end at the end of it all, the Time Guardians were busy fulfilling the mission given to them by the one who remained: to protect and control the flow of time in every reality of the multiverse, surpassing the power and authority of the Time Change Authority itself. However, the Timekeepers needed agents to do this, so they recruited powerful beings like the Guardian Ouatu, who in return was allowed to observe different variations of reality, and Immortus, the designated Guardian of the period between 3000 BC. Chr. A.D. and 4000 A.D.

Immortus proved to be a formidable agent, the only one capable of undoing the damage his previous incarnations, Rama-Tooth, Scarlet Centurion, and especially Kang the Conqueror, had inflicted on the time stream with their time travel. But Immortus was not innocent either, and even acted against the orders of the Timekeepers: When the three aliens saw a powerful Avengers team on Earth, they asked Immortus to take them out, seeing the danger they posed to many realities (and to themselves), but their most trusted agent got carried away and, after the initial skirmish, decided to watch them go. When the Avengers became embroiled in the Kree/Skrull war that altered the balance of power of entire galaxies, the Time Guardians summoned Immortus to their home reality, Earth-794282, and rebuked him for his insubordination: They showed the a series of realities in which all living things were destroyed by humans after events orchestrated by the Avengers, hoping to get him to cooperate. They also told him that if he could not prevent the appearance of these realities, they would personally destroy humanity as a whole, and with it, themselves. Things got even more complicated when the Avengers were joined by the Nexus Creature, an incredibly powerful being capable of reversing the odds and single-handedly destroying entire timelines: The Scarlet Witch. If she was powerful, her children would be even more powerful. So the Timekeepers ordered Immortus to kill her to prevent such a disaster. Immortus again disobeys and drags Scarlet into a relationship with the android Vigen, believing he would not allow her to have children….. But she magically became pregnant. Immortus restored the situation by causing a series of wounds that weakened the Scarlet Witch’s magical control over her children, Billy and Tommy, and allowed Mephisto to reclaim them as part of his soul. This time disaster was averted, but the Timekeepers decided they needed to keep their agent under better control, as such risks had to be avoided at all costs…..

Tak, Vort and Zant are incredibly powerful and wise beings who must maintain order in the chaotic multiverse. They have so much power over time that even the living Tribunal, the ultimate guardian of the cosmic balance, cannot condemn their actions. As guardians of time, they have absolute control over time, including the personal time of individual beings, which they can manipulate to age them to dust or rejuvenate them to a time before they existed; They can also manipulate cosmic energy to a degree by creating force fields and energy bursts; they are immortal and can endow other beings with enormous power; they can also increase their power through the Crystal of Eternity, with which they can create entire systems. Seemingly impartial guardians of time, the Timekeepers have in fact been forced by their fellow time wizards and rivals to pursue a different, more self-centered goal, and they now manipulate events and reality to ensure their own survival and eventual victory over their enemies… Not exactly the selfless task they profess.


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Back in the day, when movies were all black and white, there was a movie called “This Island Earth” (which came out in 1955), and the movie was about a race of humans who lived on a planet called Ast or Astra, that orbited the star system Vorth. The planet, which was rich in gold, was a beautiful but volatile world, and the people worked tres hard for their gold, and they used the gold to buy time from their god Zanth, who was in charge of time, for which they were punished by losing a year of their life. The original planet was destroyed when a meteor hit the planet, and the people on the planet fled to other planets and moons and moons. This is a. Read more about time-keepers vs thanos and let us know what you think.

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