This week’s episode of Superman and Lois features a couple of other characters from the comic, both of which are very different from the original. The first is lois’ new boss: As in Legacy, the journalist leaves the Daily Planet after Morgan Edge rewrites the article she wrote against him and his maneuvers, and is immediately hired by the Smallville Gazette, much to the delight of their editor-in-chief and only overzealous reporter, Chrissy Beppo. A portrait of Sophia Hasmik. Beppo is a version of the eponymous comic book character who has long been an ally of Superman… but who looks nothing like the shy daughter of a publisher. After all, Beppo, who has already been seen in the role of Peppy in Superman’s adventures, is known as the Superboy for a reason. Well, let’s see.

Beppo was born on the planet Krypton and lived as a wild ape in one of the many jungles. At some point in its life, this animal was captured by the Kryptonian scientist Jor-El, who brought it to his laboratory to be used as a guinea pig. Fortunately for Beppo, Jor-El didn’t like vivisection, but he needed a monkey to test his latest invention, an otherworldly rocket he planned to use to save his son Kal-El from the impending destruction of Krypton. Beppo was the first to fly a rocket, and because he survived the experiment, Jor-El deemed the technology safe enough for his own son. The monkey was visibly delighted with the ride, for while Jor-El and his wife Lara prepared the rocket for their child and said a tearful goodbye to the collapsing planet around them, Beppo escaped unseen with the rocket – something that even saved his life. The beast came to Earth with the baby Kal-El. After an emergency landing on the alien planet, she quickly exited the rocket, avoiding hitting Jonathan and Martha Kent, whose attention was focused on the (apparently) human baby in the crashed spaceship. Thanks to a fortuitous coincidental evolution, the Kryptonian ape looked exactly like an Earth ape, so Beppo went largely unnoticed: He settled in one of the jungles of the new planet and, thanks to the amazing abilities he developed under the radiation of Earth’s yellow sun, was able to survive easily in his new environment. Many months passed before Beppo, with his telescopic vision, discovered the little Kal-El, renamed by Clark Kent into a human family and in possession of a power equal to his own: Having finally found someone who looks like her, Beppo flies to Kansas, happy to have made a new friend…. …and ready to cause a lot of trouble.

Beppo Super-Monkey made his debut as an invisible villain who caused a lot of trouble, mainly by imitating Baby Clark by demolishing cars and houses during the game. At first Jonathan and Martha thought their little Clark was responsible for all the mischief, but eventually they managed to find the monkey. They rightly feared that the Beppo games would jeopardize their efforts to keep Clark’s true identity a secret, but Super Monkey wasn’t ready to solve this on its own: He was in trouble as usual, he wanted the fireworks on the 4th. July, which Jonathan kept in his garage, did not ignite, and the sudden explosions frightened him. Swiftly Super Monkey flew into the open space to get away from the burning substance, but here he found a comet which he mistook for another large firecracker attacking him. Even more frightened, Beppo flew further away from the earth, and when the Kents did not see him return, they supposed that he was lost in the unimaginable vastness of the universe and would never see him again. But Super Monkey eventually finds his way back and happily stays close to Clark. The turning point in his curious and boring life came when he met Clark’s cousin, Supergirl, who in turn introduced him to Streaky the super-cat and Krypto the super-dog. Inspired by their human masters, the three animals have joined forces with the Cometta Super-Horse and the Shifter from the future Prototype II to form the Legion of Superanimals : In their first adventure, the superanimals defeated the evil Brainballs, mind-controlling aliens who controlled the Kryptonians and the Legion of Superheroes. Eventually, even Beppo found a productive way to use his inexhaustible energy.

Beppo is a curious and boring monkey, an over-enthusiastic troublemaker who knows no limits in the use of his skills. As a super monkey, he has incredible strength, durability, speed, endurance and agility, he can fly, he has sharp senses, he can see X-rays and see heat, he is invulnerable and probably has other traits typical of Kryptonians; he is also much smarter than the average monkey. Beppo, the superman, has a natural gift for causing chaos. He plays with everything and everyone without realizing how much misery he causes with his innocent games: He’s actually a happy, playful tornado.


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