Of long stories with more than 16 episodes of memorable characters, nothing beats a good Korean drama. There’s nothing like the feeling of loss you feel when your favorite show ends.

Among the good, the bad and the ugly, there are some Korean dramas that stand the test of time and can be considered one of the best ever. Here we will present and celebrate our favourite fairytale offerings!

Of course, feel free to send us your comments if we have missed a noteworthy listing, and we’ll be sure to check them to see if they are listed!

TheReviewGeek’s team will undoubtedly present its choices (in random order!) for the best Korean fantasy dramas of all time.

Guard: The great and lonely God (Goblin)

Guard: The Lonely and Great God is one of the best Korean dramas ever created. The Guardian (often called Goblin) is a great journey from start to finish and a must for fanatics, with excellent cinematography, hissing lead chemistry and one of the best soundtracks in the business.

This is about Dokkaebi (Kim Shin), a 939-year-old immortal who happens to be friends with the Grim Reaper and has an apprentice named Eun Tak with a tragic past.  As fate would have it, Eun-Tak is his fiancée, destined to break Shin’s immortal curse.

The story takes many twists, but knows how to anchor every part of the production. This film raises the bar very high when it comes to the golden standard of K-drama.

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Hotel Del Luna

The Hotel Del Luna may not be the strongest drama on the list, and there is nothing remarkable about its history. However, the film is very emotional and probably surpasses all other dramas of 2018 by its soundtrack. This is another classic master class in the field of drama.

The Hotel Del Luna refers to the hotel as the bridge between the real world and the afterlife where this drama takes place. After a brilliant opening, many of the middle episodes change into an episodic format until the third act starts to swell with drama, light horror elements and emotion.

There are some really touching scenes, and the finale is definitely one of the most heartbreaking episodes on Korean television in a long time. The supernatural elements and the construction of the world are very important and also the cinematography is very impressive.

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Soon a strong women’s pipe

Both fantasy and comedy drama, the strong woman Bong Soon has no illusions about her assumptions. It’s a drama about a strong woman named Bong Sun who was born with superhuman powers. Thanks to her skills, she is hired by the CEO of a gambling company to be his bodyguard. It is a simple starting point on paper, but there is a thick layer of comedy and romance behind it.

Yes, the series includes all the usual tropics such as slow kisses and some honey-sweet dialogues, but it’s easy not to notice when the story is so fun and entertaining. As with many other films on this list, it is the chemistry between the two tracks that makes this film stand out. If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check it out when you’re in the mood for a treasure trove of classic Korean drama.

Mystic Pop-up Bar

Based on the popular webcam Ssanggabpocha, Mystic Pop-up Bar is the first Wednesday/Thursday show to be aired by JTBC this year. With an original plot and a great alchemy between the actors, this Korean drama reaches all the right notes in terms of humour, tension and construction of the world.

It also deals with many important themes related to life and death and the consequences of our actions, which gives this series a good depth.

The story mainly revolves around Wol-Ju, who runs a mystical pop-up bar at night. Because of her actions in the past, a fine of 100,000 euros has been imposed on her, otherwise she will be sent to hell. She is also supported by her manager Guibanjang who is always by her side.

Over time, Weol-Ju becomes desperate and asks for help from Han Kang-Bae, who can make people reveal their secrets just by touching them. The story follows the trio as they help each other reach their destination while revealing deep secrets and revelations along the way.

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The Chronicles of Artdal

Arthdal Chronicles, titled as a Korean throne game, relies much more on his high quality concepts and mixes them with a good dose of complex political drama.

The story is certainly rather complicated and will punish you if you don’t pay attention to every minute of the episodes.

The story takes place in the fictional land of Arfdal in antiquity and tells how a military force led by Tagon rises up and takes control of the country. Called as prophets to restore balance to the world, Eunseom and Tanya are about to die out for the Wahan tribe, a peaceful colony.

All this leads to a rather dramatic end. Now that the second season is already over, it won’t be the last time we see this Korean drama!

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You are unusual

This selfish k-drama meta-fiction presents a cleverly written plot based on the cartoon of the same name.

The main idea revolves around the idea of a comic book heroine who suddenly realizes she’s in the comic book and does her best to fix the author.

It is a funny, romantic and often surprisingly moving drama with an absolutely perfect ending. The summary does a good job, and the fantasy elements fit well with the main plot.

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Story of nine tails

The Tale of the Nine Tails is a story of infallible goblins. With Lee Dong Wook and the fantastic scene that harbours many gods, the two series certainly have a lot in common, much to the chagrin of this fantastic sacrifice.

Although A Tale or Nine Tails isn’t as productive as Goblin, it does earn a few points for the way it incorporates Korean stories and myths into its main plot. Great ideas are presented here, even if the story takes some frustrating turns.

If you can get past it, A Tale of Nine Tails is an intriguing science fiction drama worth watching.

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Legend of the Blue Sea

The Legend of the Blue Sea is one of the best mermaid shows. Divided into 20 complete episodes, the story begins in 1598 with the new governor Dam-jong staying in an inn. There he meets a captured mermaid, Sim Chang, whom he releases into the ocean.

Let’s quickly go to the present, and we follow our protagonist Jun-Jae, who happens to be a cunning rascal while staying in a seaside resort. However, when Sim Chang is stranded on shore, she looks at Jun Jae and meets the two men.

It is a rather engaging installation that combines a good dose of humour with dazzling romance. As usual in Korean dramas, the central part of the episodes goes a bit forward, but stay with the lesson – the end is brilliant and brings it to an end.

Korean Odyssey

If you’re looking for good old-fashioned sci-fi drama, you can’t go wrong with the Korean Odyssey.

The story takes place in 2017, when Song O-Gon and Wu Ma Wan come into conflict with each other. Oh Gong is in his protective role related to a little girl named Song Mi, whom he met years earlier. After making a contract with her that gives her the right to ask for help at any time, they find themselves in a fateful battle.

The story is well written, with convincing characters who have a great alchemy to help things move forward. Like Blue Sea, it’s another 20-episode thriller worth watching.

Unusual counter

Currently released on Netflix, The Uncanny Counter takes elements from Rugal and Vagabond and mixes them together, combining the action of the latter with the superpowers of the former. The result is something that really works well to drive an action-packed thriller full of ghosts, spiritual levels and well orchestrated battles.

Another web adaptation, The Uncanny Counter, revolves around a boy named Moon who is haunted by the death of his parents years ago. Wounded and forced to use crutches, he was bullied at school until a group of noodle bar residents called the Comptoirs came forward and recruited him into their unit.

What follows is an action-packed thriller mixed with political elements and tension.

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Moon lovers: Scarlet heart Rio

Moon Lovers is a beautiful historical drama and a Korean adaptation of a Chinese drama that tells the same story. But unlike a 40-year journey through China, this K-drama compresses it all into 20 episodes.

Moon Lovers combines the usual junk of time travel with a healthy dose of romance and drama.

This fateful moment of time jumping takes place when a total solar eclipse takes place, causing a girl named Hae-soo to go back to the time of Goryeo. There she falls in love with Wang So, who makes others tremble with fear. With the usual Korean drama formula, expect all the usual suspects in the troop, including a love triangle and a hilarious drunken debauchery.

Yet Moon Lovers is a good value for lovers of fantasy drama.

Last mission of the angel: Love

Angel’s Last Mission is another science fiction drama that beautifully combines romance and light comedy.

The story revolves around Dan, who turns out to be a carefree angel who always gets into trouble. To return to heaven, he is charged with finding true love for a cold and selfish ex-ballerina named Yun Seo. But during his mission this angel accidentally falls in love with the girl.

It is certainly an intriguing accumulation that works well throughout the performance, with many tears and memorable moments.

Psychometric height

It’s not psychometric for everyone, and it’s certainly a little slow. But it is also a show that is undoubtedly exciting and of which the unique principle immediately attracts you.

The story here revolves around a man named Lee An who has special psychometric skills. All you have to do is touch a person and he or she can read his or her memories. I decided to use this power because the power of a good and beautiful Lee An is not the sharpest tool in the barn.

However, the story takes an intriguing turn when Jae-in enters, a girl with a scar on her head that she tries to hide. Together with Lee Ahn, the two men join the operation and try to solve things.

But beware, this model comes with one of those loves and hates (no spoilers here!) that will make or break your experience with this model.

49 days

49 Days is the oldest Korean drama on this list, but no less dramatic. In fact, it is one of the saddest Korean dramas ever! The series came out in 2011 and seems a bit outdated by contemporary standards, but the story is just as effective.

The drama revolves around a woman named Ji Hyun Shin who has everything: loving parents, best friends and a loving fiancée. What could go wrong? Unfortunately on the way to the wedding she collapses and falls into a coma.

The Grim Reaper, simply known as the Planner, appears before her and offers Ji Hyun a second chance. But to bring her back to life, she has to make three people cry. She throws herself into the body of Yi-kun, a woman who has lost everything, and sets off to accomplish her mission.

It really is a heartbreaking drama, so get ready to shed some serious tears!

Here it is, our list of the best Korean science-fiction dramas of all time! We will update this page regularly as we see more Korean dramas and respond to any requests you may have.

What do you think of our list? Have we considered your favorites? Or did we miss some compelling drama? We’d love to hear from you, so let us know in the comments below.

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