Blue Bloods spoilers announce the end of the eleventh season, but that doesn’t mean the series is over! CBS recently revealed when the season finale of Blue Bloods will take place and speculated a bit about the two-hour episode.

spoilers Blue Bloods – Every primetime show has a short season.

As all viewers know, all primetime series have a short season this year because filming was interrupted and studios were closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The eleventh season of Blue Bloods began on the 4th. December 2020 with an episode titled Triumph Over Injury.

Detectives Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) and Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez) try to find the killer. They were locked in a basement, and Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) and Reagan’s new family member, Joe Hill (Will Hochman), were on a mission to find them.

They made it, and Danny and Maria secured the house. Joe, the newborn son of Joe Reagan’s deceased older brother (the aforementioned character), has become a bit estranged from his new family and has decided to take a break from work and weekly dinners, although he has been invited by Jamie and of course welcomed. Fans thought it was a little strange, but Joe was treated differently than before because it was found out that he was the grandson of Police Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) and the cousin of Jamie and Danny, and he didn’t want to be treated differently, so he distanced himself.

Joe’s storyline could be a big deal, but because the tenth and eleventh seasons are cut short, fans may have to wait for the twelfth. The eleventh season will take place on the 14th. There will be a two-hour season finale in May.

Blue Bloods Spoilers – Final synopsis not yet released

For now, no details about the synopsis or finale have been released and there are no spoilers or teasers. The show will be at 9 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time, instead of the usual 10 p.m., and will last two hours. Fans are hoping to see more of Joe Hill, but nothing has been hinted at yet. Blue Bloods executive producer Kevin Wade told Deadline’s Dominic Patten that they hope to tell more of Joe Hill’s story this season, but they have a very large ensemble cast and many actors who have been on the show for 11 years.

Blue Bloods spoilers: Do the titles of the two new episodes give a clue about what’s to come? #BlueBloods

– SOS/CTS/HH (@SoapOperaSpy) March 21, 2021

The series has now only been renewed for one season, and an official announcement of Blue Bloods’ renewal has yet to be made. What we do know is that there’s a lot more to it than that. For one thing, Danny has matured a lot since he unexpectedly lost his wife Linda Reagan (Amy Carlson) in a plane crash. Maybe he’s ready to take the leap and go out again, even if he hasn’t taken the first steps yet.

The family has yet to convince Joe that he needs to be more involved in the family so that a new family dynamic could emerge at work and at the dinner table. All the stars of the show have said they want a Blue Bloods sequel. Let’s hope for her and the fans that her wish comes true.

Stay tuned and check the Blue Bloods spoilers regularly to stay on top of all the news, updates and events!

frequently asked questions

Will blue blood end in 2020?

Season 11 Review Find out how Blue Bloods compares to other CBS television shows. See you on the 27th. March 2021, Blue Bloods was not cancelled and was not picked up for a 12th season.

Will there be a season 11 of Blue Bloods?

The eleventh season of Blue Bloods, the crime series from Robin Green and Mitchell Burgess, kicked off on April 4. December 2020 on CBS Premiere.

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