The latest film by Andy Serkis, Blue is a sci-fi thriller that follows the story of one man’s fight to save humanity.

Blue Story is a British criminal drama film with a powerful and accurate portrayal of gang life. The film is based on the same-named YouTube series from 2014. In the year 2019, it was released. Have you had a chance to view it yet? If not, then you’ve come to the right place since we’ve covered all you need to know about the Blue Story movie!


Blue Narrative has a unique way of telling its story in the form of “rap,” which is the most intriguing aspect, isn’t it? Imagine a strong gangster universe where raps are mixed together! Does this pique your interest? It most certainly did for us! Continue reading to learn more about Blue Story’s fascinating facts.

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Blue Story, which was released in 2019, was a big box office success and got positive reviews from both the public and reviewers. The film was a huge hit, and the audience appeared to like the narrative.


Rapman is the director (Andrew Onwubolu)

Rapman wrote the screenplay.

Paramount Pictures is the film’s producer.

Drama in the genre of crime

The film will be released on November 22nd, 2019.

The film Blue Story has a total running length of 91 minutes. But, before we go any further, here’s a little diversion: the Blue Story trailer!


The Blue Story Movie Cast

In the film Blue Story, there is a lot of skill. Here’s the full cast list:

  • SwitcherI is played by Eric Kofi-Abrefa.
  • Tyrone is played by Richie Campbell.
  • Hakeem is played by Kadeem Ramsay.
  • Leah is played by Karla-Simone Spence.
  • Skitzer is played by Sean Sagar.
  • Killy is played by Khali Best.
  • Ambulance Paramedic is played by Chris Wilson.
  • Marco is played by Michael Ward.
  • Rapman is a character in the film Rapman (self).
  • Timmy is played by Stephen Odubola.
  • Marco’s mother is played by Jo Martin. 


The Blue Story Movie’s Storyline

Blue Story is a sad story about two close friends, Timmy and Marco, who become street rivals in the film and utilize rap culture in their gang culture to attack one other. Rapman’s personal experiences and a few stages of his upbringing are also shown in the Blue Story film.

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Timmy and Marco are close friends until Marco is assaulted by one of Timmy’s classmates. This event is the catalyst for their never-ending rivalry, which is shown in the film, as well as a cycle of gang warfare.  

What Is the Truth About the Blue Story?

Although The Blue Story has a strong and gritty reality, it is not based on a genuine story. The film is based on a 2014 Rapman Youtube series of the same name, which is claimed to be based on real occurrences. However, the film portrays the Peckham Boys and Ghetto Boys, two real-life gangs. 

1633882692_293_Blue-Story-Movie-Review-Trending-News-BuzzKnife crime in London is highlighted in particular in Blue Story. So, even though it isn’t based on real events, it depicts them in Rapman’s own words. 

Reception of the Blue Story

The movie Blue Story was favorably welcomed by the audience, who appeared to like the plot and narrative technique. With a budget of £1.3 million, the picture made a profit of £4.7 million at the box office. 

Blue Story scored a 7/10 on Rotten Tomatoes. The film was also nominated for a number of prizes and accolades in several categories. Blue Story garnered a lot of attention and praise as Rapman’s directorial debut.

Reviews of Blue Story

Now that we’ve covered the essential facts, here are the audience and critic evaluations for your consideration. Isn’t it preferable to read the feedback from the audience?


Reviews from the audience

The film was well-received by the audience, with many people expressing favorable emotions about it. According to critics, Blue Story was brutally honest and brilliantly depicts the street culture and clouding impact of vengeance. They thought the young performers were amazing and that it was fascinating to see.

On the other side, some viewers believe that Blue Narrative has a compelling story but poor cinematography. 

1633882693_42_Blue-Story-Movie-Review-Trending-News-BuzzCritical Appraisals

The film features strong performances and a clear vision of what it wants to convey, according to critics. The film’s emphasis on a realistic portrayal of gang violence is laudable.

In general, the film Blue Story has received positive reviews.  

To summarize, it was all we had for the Blue Story film. We hope you found it useful. Leave your ideas and opinions in the comments area below. We’d be delighted to hear from you!

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