Bruce Gordon (born September 5, 1962) is an actor who has made a number of appearances in film and television. Gordon is best know for his role as the villain Eclipso on the television series “Justice League Unlimited” and “Justice League Unlimited: The Flashpoint Paradox”. He has also starred in several other television shows such as “Criminal Minds”, “The Unit”, and “NCIS: LA”, and the movies “The Matrix Reloaded” and “The Matrix Revolutions”.

Bruce Gordon (Eclipso) is a prolific actor who has appeared in dozens of feature films, television shows, and documentaries. He is best known for his role as ‘Eclipso’ in the movie ‘Superman II’ (1980), in which he played the evil alien nemesis to Christopher Reeve’s character ‘Superman’. He also starred in ‘Halloween III: Season of the Witch’ (1982) as ‘J.B.’, as ‘Paul’ in ‘Lethal Weapon 2’ (1987), which was directed by Richard Donner (director of ‘The Goonies’, ‘Lethal Weapon’, and ‘Superman’), as ‘Eclipso’ in ‘Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

How do you know if you’re an Eclipso? Well, if you’re like me you see the trailer for “Eclipso”, think “Huh, that looked pretty cool but I’ve never heard of it before” and then inevitably see the movie and realize that the poster looks cool but you have no idea who the actor is. Well, that was my first thought when I saw this movie.

Bruce-Gordon-Eclipso-%E2%80%93-Whos-WhoStargirl made a triumphant return to our screens, with the opening episode, Summer School: Chapter One, setting a chilling tone. In a flashback, we witness Dr. Mid-daughter, Nite’s Rebecca McNider, getting “tempted” by another child until he persuades her to defy her mother and take… He murders her by utilizing the darkness created by her little transgressions. Of course, the child isn’t just any kid: he’s Bruce Gordon, the demon Eclipso’s main host in the comics, and even as played by the angelic Milo Stein, he’s quite scary. Let’s hope the program maintains this frightening tone when it deals with Eclipso, and in the meanwhile, let’s look at Bruce, the unfriendly neighbor.

Bruce Gordon was one of the most accomplished scientists on Earth, expert in several fields, but choosing to specialize in the research on solar energy, sure that the future of mankind was in harnessing the power of the sun. Along with his colleague, Dr. Simon Bennett, he allowed humanity’s knowledge over solar energy to advance decades in months, and was on the verge of a world-changing discovery… until he chose to travel to the South Pacific, on Diablo Island, for an expedition. A solar eclipse, in fact, would 1629264545_954_Bruce-Gordon-Eclipso-%E2%80%93-Whos-Whohave been perfectly observable from the island, and Gordon wanted to collect the final data for his research. While he was there, however, the witch doctor of a local sun-worshiping tribe, Mophir, attacked him, sure that the man was there to steal their sacred stone hosting their Sun God. Gordon was no fighter, and Ophir was a strong man, but during the struggle the witch doctor tripped, and fell from a cliff: curious, Gordon picked up the stone he had left behind… and as soon as the eclipse began, his psyche split, and he became the villainous Eclipso. At first, Bruce Gordon was sure that Eclipso was an alternate personality, some kind of “dark side” of his mind that emerged only when a solar or lunar eclipse occurred, but the reality was much, much worse: Eclipso was an ancient and powerful demon, who had chosen him to be his new host in order to prevent him from furthering his research, as the light of the sun was his only weakness in the material world. In the following years, Bruce Gordon did his best to prevent Eclipso from emerging, but the demon always managed to trick both his host and Dr. Bennett and to break free, only to be stopped by the combined efforts of Gordon, Bennett and the latter’s daughter, Mona, who eventually became Bruce’s fiance. From time to time, Eclipso also clashed with some of Earth’s heroes, always been cast into Bruce Gordon’s body again.

The main plan of Eclipso seemed to work, as Bruce Gordon was now too busy and preoccupied with what he believed was his personal curse to continue his work, and his progresses were stalled indefinitely. Gordon, however, was quite resourceful, and with the help of the Bennetts he learnt to control some of Eclipso’s powers without letting the demon take control of his body, as long as he kept himself free from any kind of rage or dark impulse. The situation started to get dangerous to Eclipso, who in turn began to see Gordon’s body as a prison, and repeatedly tried to kill him, alone Bruce-Gordon-Eclipso-%E2%80%93-Whos-Whoor with the help of evil allies. Once, Queen Bee and her CYCLOPS criminal group freed Eclipso from Gordon’s body, allowing him to wreak havoc in Gotham City. As soon as he knew where his “evil half” was, however, Bruce Gordon rushed to Gotham, accompanied by Mona and Dr. Bennett, and teamed-up with Batman to defeat Eclipso, and to trap him back into his own body. During his time within Gordon’s body, however, Eclipso had had the chance to meet several incredible beings: Earth was now filled with extremely powerful beings, so-called superheroes who possessed the powers of gods… and they were ripe for the taking. Tricking Bruce Gordon in believing he had managed to free himself from his “evil half”, Eclipso abandoned his body and hid on the Dark Side of the Moon, where he managed to possess one of Earth’s mightiest heroes, Lar Gand. After that, he started targeting several other superheroes, obtaining an army of super-hosts with Wonder Woman, The Flash, even Superman… but he had neglected his oldest and most determined foe: Bruce Gordon, always accompanied by Mona, had no intention of letting his old pal run free and complete his master plan, and he started organizing an army of heroes with light-based superpowers or with scientific minds to equal his own, such as Dr. Light, Kilowog, Lex Luthor, Doc Magnus, Blue Beetle and others, and organized them in an anti-Eclipso army, all equipped with solar-energy weapons. The time for the final showdown between Gordon and his tormentor had finally come…

Bruce Gordon is a bright guy who is motivated by a genuine desire to improve human existence on the planet, as well as a natural curiosity that has enabled him to broaden his knowledge and skills across a variety of scientific disciplines. Gordon is an expert in solar energy and has extensive knowledge of physics, engineering, biochemistry, astrophysics, astronomy, and many other fields, but he was forced to become a man of action by necessity: even without his old superhuman abilities (flight, superhuman strength and durability, energy manipulation), he is now a warrior with a mission, and he personally wields his solar guns and his solar shield. Bruce Gordon has been tormented for years, his life ruined, and he is determined to kill the demon who has been tormenting his entire existence, and he will not rest until Eclipso’s menace has been removed from the cosmos.

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The year is 2016 and the world is in peril, and only Superman can save it. Eclipso, the most powerful spirit of darkness, has been manipulating the minds of the world leaders, and he is losing his grip on his powers. Superman has been watching the world fall apart and he has decided to send the only other person with the power to stop Eclipso, Bruce Gordon (Eclipso). You have been chosen to stop Eclipso, but first you must prove your loyalty to Superman.. Read more about dc calypso and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eclipso?

Eclipso is a fictional character from the DC comics universe.

Who is stronger eclipso or the Spectre?

The Spectre is stronger than the Eclipso.

Whos the strongest DC character?

Superman is the strongest DC character.

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