Well, it finally happened. The end of awards season. Ugh, that was exhausting. As it does every year, the 2021 awards season ended with the highly anticipated Academy Awards. But it’s coming a little later than usual this year, and definitely a little crazier. But let’s start at the beginning.

A quick look at this year’s list of winners shows that the Academy has placed a strong emphasis on rewarding diversity and expertise. And that’s evident in most categories. However, this is most evident in the best actor categories and, of course, in the directing/best film category. A group of seasoned, experienced and Oscar-winning actors continued to receive the shiny golden statuettes. Sir Anthony Hopkins and Frances McDormand are the first to come up in these categories.

Last night there was the category for best leading actor/actress. And some will say it was really their night. But in terms of diversity, we have Chloe Zhao winning two Oscars (Best Director and Best Picture) and Yoon Yuh-jung winning Best Supporting Actress. Her performance in Minaree was awarded, but I’m not sure if it was an Oscar. Look, I’m not disputing that. She was great in Minari. But here, in this category, a well-deserved Oscar should have gone to a damn good actress.

Glenn almost did it! Can someone give the Oscar to Glenn Close? What’s next? What does this woman have to do to get it? Do I have it? Hollywood loves diversity, so it’s a surprise that a beautiful (but unknown) Asian woman won an Oscar. But honestly, Glenn is spoiled. HEARD. Even more than Chadwick Bozeman, in my humble opinion. I mean, clearly. Yes, it’s sad that Chadwick died, and at such a young age. He was an incredibly talented actor, and I blame him too. But more about Glenn, to be honest.

Let’s see, why? She’s a woman in her 70s. While actors over 70 can win Oscars for their performances, it’s a little different for actresses of the same age. And die meisten Schauspielerinnen über 70 brauchen ein echtes Wunder, um das zu schaffen. I think Anthony Hopkins won his second Oscar, at the age of 83. And not once did he give himself the Mühe, at the Zeremonie aufzutauchen. Look, I understand. He has a pandemic and he is another man at high risk of infection. It’s okay. I don’t blame him for not being able to go for his last appointment. I’m being petty now, I understand. I’m sorry.

But Glenn is an actress with 8 (so far) nominations and ZERO wins. That’s almost four decades of waiting for the Oscars, and not a statuette in those four decades. Seriously, his treatment of Oscar is embarrassing. And embarrassing and depressing and ….. Attacking. Knowing that his first Oscar nomination was in 1983. Yes. The World According to Harp was his movie at the time. And for best supporting actress. But here and now, his performance at Village Elegy is as compelling as ever. This is probably one of the best things that has happened to the film. Availability and electrical characteristics of Glenn Close.

Glenn has proven time and time again that she is one of the top three actresses of the moment, and perhaps one of the greatest actresses of all time. And I know that for an actress of her caliber, it doesn’t matter if she wins an Oscar or not. It probably means nothing to her. It’s a cannon. She is talented and has become an insane legend. And she has nothing to prove. But for her fans, it’s a little annoying that she’s been ignored for so long at the Academy. For years.

In retrospect, I think Glenn’s biggest mistake, not winning an Oscar, is the failure of the films in which she resonates with audiences. Especially in the last decade. The Wife, Albert Nobbs and The Village Elegy are modest to mediocre films. And not all of them were a success with the public and the critics. Especially the last one. So I can say Glenn is great in not so great movies.

But despite her passionate Oscar nature, I think she deserves it. And not just an Oscar for life (which will happen one day). But the real and true best actress. Will, has anyone ever given Glenn an Oscar?

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