Candace Cameron Bure ChannelHallmark Channel recently shared a cheeky video on its Instagram page showcasing its latest business partnership with DaySpring. There’s always something new to see for the 44-year-old Full House star.

Candace Cameron Bure, a well-known entrepreneur, or MOMpreneur as she likes to call herself, enters the beauty products market.

Candice Cameron Bure shows her funny side

Candice showed off her humorous side with a fun promotional video to talk about her latest business partnership with DaySpring. In a short Instagram video, Cameron wears a cute outfit while showing off different products from the alliance. The 44-year-old businesswoman then danced to the beginning of Shania Twain’s popular 90s song, Man! I feel like a woman.

The video ends with Hallmark’s Cameron making eye contact with the camera lens before leaving the stage and doing a shoulder dance. The video went viral for a while when it was uploaded Thursday morning, further increasing his popularity on Instagram. Good job, Cameron.

Cinema Star seal of approval Channel partnership with DaySpring

Cameron comes from a background that takes seriously the question of relationship with God. She often talked about how her relationship with God helped her steer her life in the right direction. To share her products with people who share her faith, she partnered with DaySpring, a Christianity-inspired gift company.

Cameron, who is a mother of three beautiful babies, has teamed up with DaySpring to develop products that are very popular with fans. The products have even been delivered to QVC several times this year. Last week on QVC she promoted some of her recently released products, such as the One Step Closer to the Bible kit and the Love Over All T. Not bad for a win, right?

Candice Cameron’s New Business Bure

Some have wondered what the blonde celebrity has been up to these past few months. Due to the global coronavirus pandemic, Cameron has had to spend a lot of time caring for his children. But that doesn’t mean she didn’t find time to finish it this year. Recently, the famous entrepreneur has been involved in various activities.

Hallmark Chain News: Candice Cameron Bure has something to say about Erin Krakoff’s hair….. songs://

– SOS/CTS/HH (@SoapOperaSpy) 13. February 2021

She began her career as a social media and fashion influencer, which has brought her much success. This has worked to her advantage in her business alliance with cosmetics giant Lancer. As part of the agreement, it also offers skin care products to the cosmetics company.

The only venture that has attracted attention is his role in a Hallmark Christmas movie called If Only I Had Christmas. The film celebrated its 20th anniversary. The film premiered in theaters last December. This is not the first time she has starred in a Christmas movie, as she has previously starred in another Hallmark Christmas movie.

So Candice Cameron Bure is busier than ever despite the KOVID-19 pandemic. Looking forward to more dance moves in your next ad Cameron.  Check back here for more Hallmark Channel news and updates.

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