If you’re looking for a little inspiration to inspire your cooking this week, this week’s addition of stars to the Cooking with Paris series just might do the trick! This week’s edition features the lovely actress, Cate Blanchett; the talented singer, Sade; and the iconic filmmaker, Jean-Luc Godard.

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Culinary with Paris is a cooking program presented by Paris Hilton, an American celebrity. The six-episode culinary program is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Hilton is not a professional chef and has no intention of becoming one. Rather, the program is a lighthearted parody of the dead serious culinary shows. 

Food and culinary shows are strong magnets that attract viewers right away. Because of the epidemic and the ensuing lockdown, we’ve had to accomplish things we never had time to do before. Cooking is one of the qualities that has been studied the most. At this moment, Hilton’s cooking program begins, taking us on a whole new gastronomic adventure. 

Read on to see what happens when Paris Hilton, one of the most well-known and talked-about celebrities of all time, takes on the task of creating delectable meals. Is Paris going to get it right? How will she deal with it? Who will accompany her on her journey?  

We have all the answers in our post and are ready to tell you everything. 

How it all began 


When Paris Hilton posted a video on YouTube showing how to make lasagna, it became the talk of the town. It was a lot of pleasure to see the video. It has received almost 5 million views. 

What was it about the video that made it so well-known? 

paris hilton in cooking with parisCooking with Paris star Paris Hilton is featured.

Hilton, as previously said, is neither a chef or even a good cook. She’s the kind of person who loves to cook but is overwhelmed by the complexities of the process. Many beginner cooking lovers who want to cook but aren’t sure where to begin appreciated her straightforward, straightforward approach to cooking. 

Paris, on the other hand, keeps things simple. So, if you want to learn how to make lasagna, you may do so. She piques the attention of the audience by recounting her childhood culinary experiences and freely admitting that she is inept in the kitchen. 

From YouTube to Netflix, there is something for everyone. 

Many people were moved by her candor, and she went on to host a culinary program on Netflix. Hilton, Aaron Saidman, Eli Holzman, and Rebecca Hertz serve as executive producers for the show. The Intellectual Property Corporation, which also produces the celebrity culinary program “Selena + Chef” on HBO Max, is behind the project. Hilton previously collaborated with the same production firm on the YouTube originals “This is Paris.”

Who assists Hilton when it comes to cooking in Paris? 

Hilton’s struggle as she attempts to make her way in a kitchen is chronicled in this series. She is not, however, alone. Her pals arrive to assist her. Paris will be aided by Kim Kardashian, Demi Lovato, Nicki Glasser, and Sweetie. 

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In Cooking with Paris, Paris and Kim K cook together.

kim kadarshian along with paris hilton in cooking with parisCooking with Paris – Kim Kadarshian joins Paris Hilton on stage!

Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian have been friends since they were children. They were closest friends for years and grew up together. They did have a long-running feud, but it is now history. 

The return of old acquaintances was a wonderful sight to see. Kim K appeared to know what she was doing as they prepared Bacon Frittata. It was fascinating to see the two go on their gastronomic excursions.

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Demi Lovato has finally arrived! 

demi lovato and tina mongeau attend cooking with parisTina Mongeau and Demi Lovato are seen at Paris Hilton’s Cooking with Paris!

Demi Lovato visits Paris Hilton to cook in another episode of the program. They spend a lot of time together and have a lot of fun. They create (well, not really) Cannoli in this episode. 

The episode begins as a genuine effort, but it is fair to conclude that it does not finish that way. With the passage of time, the two pals find it more difficult to do even the most basic of tasks correct! Instead, the incident becomes a hilarious cautionary tale about what not to do. The kitchen quickly devolves into a shambles. 

Remember when we were youngsters and had our hearts set on being chefs? That is something that the Lovato Hilton incident will undoubtedly remind you of. It’s a total disaster, and you’ll adore it. 

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Cooking using Parisian ingredients This item is available on 

The show may be found on Netflix.

When will Cooking with Paris be released?

On August 4, 2021, the series began.


In the last several years, a lot has changed in the world of culinary programs. Cooking aficionados, it seems, strive to get everything just perfect by imitating professional chefs. Cooking programs and contests have an aura of seriousness about them. 

Cooking With Parish in Paris becomes a new trend in this city. Paris isn’t very good at cooking, and she doesn’t try to disguise it. It’s like taking a deep breath of fresh air. 

Please leave your thoughts in the comments area below to let us know how you feel about it.

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