New request from Fire Hedgehog regarding missing characters in two Kick-Ass movies Let’s start with the first movie and one of the main characters : Big Daddy, the first superhero, was Nicholas Cage. His real name is Damon Makridi (his name is never revealed in the comics), he is the father of the deadly Mindy and trains her to be a lethal avenger by accompanying her on missions against the Mafia, wearing armour similar to Batman’s and a speaker pattern reminiscent of Adam West. In comics, the costume of the Great Pope is very different from what we see in the film, and the context of the film (he was framed by Frank D’Amico for drug trafficking, his pregnant wife took his life, he spent five years in prison…) is actually fake, staged by his comic colleague to mask the real one, less impressive. Well, let’s see.

Makridi, a possible name for Damon, was once a famous New York policeman whose honesty and competence was celebrated by his colleagues, but who was known to organised crime. New York’s top Mafia boss, John Genovese, soon got tired of being approached by an agent he could neither buy nor win. So he staged an attack on him, but the only victim was his wife Kathleen. Out of a desire for revenge, Damon fled the city with his criminals and corrupt footsteps and took his little girl Mindy with him. In his plans for revenge, he turned himself into a deadly and ruthless avenger, the Big Daddy, and taught his daughter—Whos-Who – Who’s Who. One of the world’s greatest assassins, Hit-Girl: Together they formed an unstoppable duo in the fight against crime, which Damon pursued with more unconventional but even more effective means; they traveled from city to city, accommodating various fake personalities, gathering their experience and skills and looking forward to their final meeting with John Genovese. A good story, but completely wrong, that Damon took from one of his favorite cartoon characters, The Punisher. In fact, Damon Macready was both an accountant and an avid reader and collector of comic books. Insane and pretty crazy, Damon finally decided that his little Mindy deserved a more interesting and exciting life than his own, so he kidnapped her and left his wife Kathleen behind. As a survivor, he trained his little girl in martial arts, street fighting, acrobatics, handling all kinds of weapons, both fire and knife; he even shot her in the chest while she was wearing a bulletproof vest, so she would know the effect before she saw it for the first time on the battlefield. When he thought Mindy was ready, Big Daddy finally led Hit-Girl on a mission and realized that his superhero was a fantasy he unleashed against a group of attackers: He covered her sniper rifle run, drove her to the slaughterhouse and made her his daughter’s killer. She would certainly have led a much more exciting life than hers, a good price to pay for her childhood.

This fantasy lasted for years, Damon filled Mindy’s mind with stories of revenge and criminals chasing them… when the only ones really chasing them were the cops sent by Kathleen who wanted her daughter back. He financed his war on crime by selling his old comic books and buying a real arsenal with the money he earned. Something finally happened: In New York City a new superhero has appeared who calls himself Kick-Ass and who apparently had the courage to do the right thing with the criminals of the city… well, not - Whos-Who.jpg is exactly what he needed, because unlike Big Pope and Hit Girl, he followed strict rules not to kill. Something an experienced leadership duo of real superheroes could use the remedy against. Eventually it was time for Big Daddy and Hit Girl to return to the Big Apple and they followed Kickpot into the den of some drug dealers where he was actually beaten to death by local thugs. Using the usual strategy, Big Dad eliminated the dealers from a distance, while Hit-Girl killed them with his Katans, killing civilian passers-by who made the mistake of playing in competition with dealers, such as the gang leader’s girlfriend. The duo of unstoppable criminals then came to Kick-Ass and offered a partnership to improve their effectiveness in the fight against criminals, especially John Genovese and his men. But Big Dad made it clear from the start that if he wanted to work with them, Kick-Ass would leave his non-lethal shit behind and prepare for the real war. Kick-Ass accepted the offer, although he still didn’t want to kill anyone, and shortly after he brought a friend, another avenger named Red Mist, who apparently compensated for his lack of skills with economic means. But it all turned out to be a trap, because the Red Fog was actually Chris Genovese, John’s son, who warned his father about the superhero plans and helped him catch them. In the ensuing battle Hit-Hearl was shot and fell through the window, apparently until his death. The great pope then gave up and confessed in tears that he was just a comic nerd and that his war with Genovese had only come about because he and his daughter needed a villain for their story. It was clearly not a good idea to bring Mindy into this life after all.

Damon Macready is a deeply disturbed man, a madman who wants to indulge his superhero fantasy, and he does so by brainwashing his little girl to become a terribly capable killer. As a Big Dad, he is incredibly gifted in crime fighting, urban warfare and survival skills, and he owns a number of firearms, including a sniper pistol, his modified M1911 Colt gun and his modified M16. Cheeky, unscrupulous, unscrupulous against all criminals, all kinds of criminals, from professional gangsters to pickpockets, Big Daddy is a psychopath and a murderer, but he is also a caring and loving father to his daughter: he is a dysfunctional family, but still a family, and they will do everything in a row… even if it means shooting his daughter in the chest to make her strong, or throwing her into the sea in handcuffs to teach her to escape justice.

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