This week, as I was flipping through the channels, I decided to watch the new John Krasinski film, The Quiet Place. I was immediately intrigued when I heard that Krasinski was directing the new film because I loved his previous films, such as The Office and A Quiet Place. The film centered around a family living in the woods, and as the noise of their everyday activities echoes through the woods, the family must stay quiet to keep from being discovered. But if they don’t make any noises, how can they survive?

The second “A Quiet Place” movie is coming out and I am excited because I love this movie. I have seen the original movie and I cried like a baby and I won’t say anything more about that because I don’t want to spoil it.

After the long-lasting impressions of the first movie, fans were left in shock by the kind of environment A Quite Place had created. Because of the monstrous surroundings, humans had to adapt to a new kind of normal. If you make even the slightest of sounds, then those creatures will find you and skin you alive till death. It has really been amazing to wait for the second part of the movie. And now, that the second part is finally here, it is safe to say, this movie outdone and exceeded expectations! Just like the first one, the sequel ceased to amaze! As a director, John Krasinski is now emerging to be one of the finest of our times. His storyline idea and directing techniques have certainly put him on the map for this movie series.

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Ever since its release, people have been waiting for the monsters to come back. The journey only got harder for the Abbott family after Lee sacrificed himself in the finale of the first movie. Although it was for saving his children in the dire situation from the monsters, it was still something none could process. In the second movie, it was thought that Krasinski wouldn’t even be in the frame. But to find out some shocking revelations, let us look at what the second movie had to offer. But before we continue, for those who haven’t watched, there are major spoilers ahead. So please read at your own risk!

Cillian Murphy as Emmett

One of the biggest takebacks of the movie was the fact that we had a fan favorite in the cast and crew. That’s right! Peaky Blinders Cillian Murphy became a part of the A Quiet Place family in the second movie. His role as Emmett stood out from many others.

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At the start of the movie, when everything appears to be expected, Emmett is then introduced. It is life before the monsters emerged, and everyone was living in a happy and sane town. Only after Emmett had to bear the loss of his wife and children and then become a reclusive survivor against the hostile creatures, while he was out on the hunt for his protection, he came across the Abbott family. They were on the run from the monsters that were out in the open. When Marcus got his leg trapped in a small cage, that is when Emmett jumped in for the rescue of the family. He took them to a safe hideout where the monsters were unable to detect any loud noises.

At the start of the movie, Emmett was reluctant at the thought of being hopeless against this fight. He told all of them constantly to leave him alone as he did not have enough supplies to provide for them. But as the family pushed through the hardship, so did he. And soon enough, he survived along with the family for the greater good and the love of their newborn baby.

A life to live without Lee…

After the demise of Lee in the first movie, it was not easy to move on for the fans. Although, there was a big surprise in the second movie. We once again got to see John Krasinski in the frame. He came in the form of an opening flashback sequence which explained the emergence of the monsters.

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Of course, at the time, he was trying to get his family away from the evil of the monsters, but little did he know the kind of instant and intense killing nature they possessed. In the movie, John runs around the entire city and his daughter whilst separated from his wife and son. The flashback ends on a note where the town sheriff tries to kill the creature, but then, the animal responds, as we know.

This movie was undoubtedly the brainchild of Mr. Krasinski as his efforts to put up another show made everyone happy. The monsters only got more intense this time, and this time everything in the frame felt so emotionally heartbreaking yet surprised the audience. If there is another movie planned for the series, then it would be pretty sure that John will not be making any appearance of any kind. Or what if he does? We can only wait and find out to see if there is another surprise from his end!

The kids rise as the true warriors!

In the sequel, it was pretty evident that the Abbott family’s kids were the real winners. In the fight against the monsters, they searched for ways to escape or kill them, and they certainly did it right.

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Child actors Noah Jupe and Millicent Simmonds as Marcus and Regan came back in the best way possible. While Regan was trying to find ways to get out of the present neighborhood and find a place safe enough to live, she went on alone on a crusade without telling her mother. Marcus tried to stop her, but she went with her peace of mind. While all this happened, Evelyn sent Emmett to look for Regan, making sure to bring her back safe and sound. Emmett accepted this request with a big rock on his heart and risked his life out there. Soon enough, Emmett teamed up alongside Regan, and together they found an island “Beyond the Sea”.

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As for Marcus, he was brave in his good way. He protected the newborn baby while his mother was gone for finding some oxygen supply. And when the time came for the monsters, Noah defended his family with great bravery by using reckless noises to disturb and kill them. So, the statement stands, the kids were the true winners for this sequel. Big hats off to Regan and Marcus, the real warriors of the Abbott family!

The third movie in motion?

This is now the question that revolves around our heads. Will there be a third party to this series? Because after what just happened, it is time to end this fight against these creatures once and for all. The way they took over the human race, the humans now have to fight back for their sanity. It has been confirmed that Paramount Pictures has hired Jeff Nichols to take on a sequel for the movie, which will serve as a spin-off. This movie will be based on an original idea from John Krasinski, who will also serve as the movie’s producer.

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Cillian Murphy, Emily Blunt, Noah Jupe, and Millicent Simmonds should once again come back to fight these forces and make sure that this is gone for good. With the help of these reckless creatures, John Krasinski has really created an everlasting horror and thriller masterpiece. And not to forget the crazy work on the sound effects. Without the sound, this movie was not worth the watch. With all this said and done, enjoy the second part! It is time to wait for the next chapter of the Abbott family.

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