Poems and crimes of Etrigan

Jason Blood: Far, far away, human form! Rise, demon… Ethrigan: ETRIGAN! Once again, with words of flesh and rhyme, the Etrigan slayer arrives, just in time.

Justice League: Darkness

A group of spirits run amok in the desecrated church, attacking those who have taken refuge there. They corner a few kids and get ready to take their souls. The doors of the church open to the stop, and a man with four faces and snow-white hair appears. He says a prayer and sprinkles the spirits with holy water, causing some to flee.

The rest of the ghosts split up, half attacking the man and the rest attacking the children. He dodges the ghosts and stands in front of the children. The man growls as the flames consume him. Where there was a man, there is now a demon. An infernal inferno burns the remaining ghosts. Etrigan cast a disdainful glance at the children before returning to his human form.

Etrigan is one of the most sinister anti-heroes in DC Comics. Usually he helps save the world, but there are also many instances where he is a villain, literally a dastardly hero. So who is he? Why is a demon helping humanity? What’s his connection to the occultist Jason Blood? We’ll find out.

Sword and Sorcery: Backstage Etrigan

Etrigan: Release me, Merlin, from your custody.
My duty is done. It’s the only fair way.

Justice League Darkness

Etrigan made his debut in 1972 in Demon #1. He was created by Jack Kirby, who based the demon’s appearance on a mask worn by the comic book character Prince Valiant. Fun fact: Etrigan is an anagram of the word granite.

In the darkest hour of Camelot, Merlin summoned a demon named Etrigan to fight the forces of Morgan Le Fey. The demon channeled his powers, but Morgan escaped. With Camelot in ruins and King Arthur dead, Merlin has bound Etrigan to a knight named Sir Jason to track her down.

The demon and the knight did not work well together. Etrigan’s innate nature drew him to the corrupt and tortured people he encountered. Sir Jason himself slowly became corrupt and used the demon killings to gain wealth and fame. Anxious peasants began whispering stories about Blood Jason, who eventually became Jason Blood.

Sir Jason went mad when Etrigan unleashed a horde of demons to slaughter an army. Etrigan wiped Jason’s memory by accidentally trapping him because Jason couldn’t cast the spell to free him.

Demon Defender: The Ethrigan Story

Etrigan: You don’t know the rage of a demon.
Let the girl go or face my wrath!
The Gentleman’s Spirit: I think a girl would be safer with me than with you, bitch.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold Demon Trials (Season 1 Episode 15)

Jason Blood has spent many years traveling the world and has built a reputation as an accomplished occultist. He eventually settled in Gotham City. During the dig, Morgana led Jason to Merlin’s tomb, where he summoned Etrigan’s spell and accidentally released the demon. Etrigan immediately got into a fight with Morgan, who ran one more time to be a thorn in his side.

Etrigan resumes his chaotic antics, but is stopped by Jason, who wants to use his infernal power for good. Demin has seduced heroes, foiled villains, tried to conquer the world and was nominated for President by the DC Republicans in 1992.

Etrigan’s actions earned him a promotion to hell, elevating him to the peerage. This gave him a considerable increase in strength, for he always spoke in rhyme. As if that wasn’t enough, he has already claimed the crown of horns and rules as the de facto king of hell.

Etrigan is a loner by nature, but sometimes joins the team. In the Middle Ages, he was the leader of a group of warriors and mystics who called themselves Demonic Knights. He was recruited to replace the Justice League when it seemed to have disappeared. In modern times, Etrigan is part of the Justice League Dark, a magical branch of the main team led by John Constantine.

Heroes of Hell: Etrigan’s power and identity

Etrigan: Then Constantine calls again. Like a greedy, lazy…
Konstantin: Save the fucking rhymes and get rid of the creep!
Etrigan: Party pooper.

Justice League Darkness

Etrigan is one of the most powerful demons in the DC Universe. It has exceptional strength, durability and speed. He can breathe hellfire and knows countless spells and rituals. It has a strong healing factor and does not age, but it can be killed.

Etrigan’s most notable trait is his love of rhyme. This is part of his noble infernal position. The writers can’t agree on whether he does it all the time or if he only rhymes when he does magic. He can talk normally, but it’s hard and painful. Almost as painful as some of the rhymes that less talented writers make sound.

Jason Blood doesn’t have the raw power of Etrigan, but he’s not bad either. He is an expert swordsman and an accomplished knight. He has collected many trinkets and magic spells, giving him almost as much of a mystical repertoire as the demon.

Etrigan is a fairly normal demon. He acts on his impulses, hates most people and likes to make others suffer. There’s a little bit of good stuff in there. Jason Blood is chivalrous, world-weary, and often irritated because he has to clean up the mess a demon made.

Actors who play Etrigan

Billy Zane – The New Adventures of Batman
Michael T. Weiss – Justice League, Justice League: Unlimited
Dee Bradley Baker – Batman: Brave and the Bold, Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox
Patrick Seitz – Justice League Action
Ray Chase – Justice League Darkness, Justice League Darkness : The Apocalypse War

Do you understand everything?

The demon is very reluctant to side with the angels.

Etrigan image courtesy of DC Comics.

Jared Bunakos wrote for 2016.

frequently asked questions

Is Ethrigan the hero or the villain?

Created by Jack Kirby, Etrigan is a demon from hell who, despite his violent tendencies, generally allies himself with the forces of good, largely due to the alliance between the heroic characters of the DC Universe and Jason Blood, the man with whom Etrigan is associated.

How strong is the demon Ethrigan?

If only someone would read all the demon titles and carefully record all of Etrigan’s powers and abilities with references to them so that everyone in the database could benefit. Short answer: He’s as physically strong as Lobo and Superman.

Ethrigan can be killed?

But Merlin has been playing them from the beginning, and is believed to have killed Etrigan. The Thing That Cannot Die was upset by the [apparent] death of Jason Blood and started a fight at Etrigan’s funeral. Etrigan, who did not die, broke off the fight and ended it.

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