The average age of a video game character is 30 years old, with an average height of 5’9. This has led to some people saying that the industry is too young for its own good. Although there are many older characters in games, they are few and far between.

genshin impact character ages is a tool that can be used to find out the age, height, birthday and abilities of every character in the anime Genshin Impact.

Danganronpa is a Japanese text-based adventure game based on a mystery graphic novel. It also has an anime version, which has garnered popularity because to its diverse cast of characters, each with their own set of powers that allow them to control people and circumstances.

Here are the ages, heights, birthdays, and abilities of some of Danganronpa’s most renowned and noteworthy characters.

Makoto Naegi, No. 1


19 years old


5th of February is my birthday.

‘Ultimate Lucky Student/Ultimate Hope’ is one of her abilities.

Makoto’s talent enables him to rescue himself from hazardous circumstances, making him the ideal Lucky Student. But, unlike other characters who have the luck ability, Makoto’s luck is unique in that it follows a strange pattern that even Junko, who possesses the Ultimate Analytical ability, can’t figure out.

This skill, on the other hand, is used in the story’s final moments. Having saying that, Makoto’s luck is one of Junko’s flaws, since she finds it difficult to oppose Makoto.

Makoto’s second power, the Ultimate Hope, acted as immunity against Junko’s Ultimate Misery, as he has an unwavering optimism despite Junko’s wicked intent to destroy their spirits and bring them despair.

This ability enables him to spread his optimism and restore hope to his friends, even if they have already given up hope in defeating Junko.

2. Junko Enoshima (Junko Enoshima)


· Age: 19 


24th of December is my birthday.

Ultimate Analytical & Ultimate Despair are two of his abilities.

Junko’s Ultimate Analytical talent allows her to study her environment with extraordinary speed and accuracy, enabling her to acquire new abilities just by looking at them for the first time.

With her Ultimate Analytical talent, she can easily influence people by creating a fool-proof strategy in a short amount of time. It also enables her to foresee what the other person will do next.

Junko is fascinated with misery, and she can use her talent, the Ultimate Analytical, to make anybody despair. She exploits and uses people’s vulnerabilities to get them to follow her pleasures.

Kyoko Kirigiri is number three on the list.


· Age: 19


6th of October is my birthday.

‘Ultimate Detective’ is a skill.

It’s a talent that allows Kyoko to unravel even the most challenging riddles. Allowing her to reach an accurate conclusion after performing a comprehensive investigation into the case she has solved.

Kyoko’s Ultimate Detective heightened her analytical abilities and awareness of her environment, making her adept at discovering crucial pieces of evidence to the crime, similar to Junko’s Analytical proficiency. She is a superb detective because she can identify changes in speech and behavior patterns.

Mukuro Ikusaba is number four.


· Age: 19


24th of December is my birthday.

‘Ultimate Soldier’ is an ability.

Mukuro Ikusaba was skilled with a variety of weaponry, including basic melee weapons, several kinds of handguns, rifles, sniper rifles, RPGs, and other military weapons. 

Mukuro possesses a wide understanding of military tactics, such as the art of infiltration, medical skills, and the ability to mimic other people’s speech patterns and mannerisms, and she can blend in with any type of people, much like espionage, thanks to her abilities as the Ultimate Soldier. 

Of course, Mukuro excelled in a variety of hand-to-hand combat, and if she hits a physical limit, she enters a fight trance in which her reflexes immediately increase to a superhuman level, doubling the handicap for anybody attempting to hurt her due to her Ultimate Soldier talent.

Celestia Ludenberg, No. 5


· Age: 19


23rd of November is my birthday.

Ability: Keen Intellect & Ultimate Gambler

Celestia has the ability to persuade people to do what she wants. After all, she has the ability to compel others to follow her orders since her falsehoods are credible because she can lie with a straight face. Celestia is able to manage and manipulate any circumstance to her benefit at will as a result of this. 

Celestia, a natural gambler, has acute intellect and fast thinking, allowing her to turn every bet in her advantage. She also has good emotional control, which leaves everyone perplexed about her motivations, making her unpredictable.

Celestia seems indestructible with her ability, but what makes it even more powerful is that Ultimate Gambler enables her to have excellent decision-making abilities, allowing her to accept a high-risk scenario that may end in her earning a large reward. As the saying goes, “high risk, high return.”

Byakuya Togami, No. 6


· Age: 20


5th of May is my birthday.

Ultimate Affluent Progeny is an ability.

It’s a skill that allows the person who has it to succeed in all areas of life. Byakuya may use this talent to tackle any hazardous or life-threatening situation in Hope Peak Academy. Byakuya develops an unrivaled ego as a consequence of his capacity to understand even the idea of loss. 

His hubris, in which he declared winning to be his god-given right, became the driving factor behind his capacity to remain alive and solve the crimes. Although Byakuya’s greatest strength is his unwavering attitude and firm conviction that he was born to triumph over whatever obstacle he faces.

7. Hajime Hinata (Japanese: Hinata Hajime


· Age: 20


1st of January is my birthday.

Ability: Ultimate Hope, Ultimate Analyst, Ultimate Soldier, Ultimate Gymnast, Ultimate Martial Artist, Therapy, Neurology, Programming, and other related abilities. 

Izuru’s ability to utilize all known Ultimate abilities that have been studied at Hope’s Peak Academy is available to Hajime. Hajime may use the Ultimate Analyst, Ultimate Soldier, Ultimate Gymnast, Ultimate Martial Artist, and other abilities. 

He possesses the physical strength and speed of a superhuman due to his talent. Whether he is talented or not, he can easily defeat anybody in a flash. He demonstrated his superhuman strength by effortlessly bending metal and ripping a human-sized hole in a solid wall.

Unlike other individuals with the Ultimate Analyst ability, Hajime is able to sense other people’s emotions, and he is also very clever, to the point that he can anticipate what other people are attempting to accomplish. 

With his enormous quantity of luck, he even matched Nagito Komaeda’s luck, and because of his powerful and divine powers, he is regarded as the Ultimate Hope, similar to Makoto Naegi.

To reawaken his comatose pals, he may use therapy, neurology, and programming. He also developed the World Destroyer, an Artificial Intelligence that can correct mental disorders inside the Neo World Program.

8. Nagito Komaeda is a Japanese actor.


· Age: 21


28th of April is my birthday.

Ultimate Lucky Student is an ability.

The Ultimate Lucky Student, Nagito Komeda, relied on the power of chance to sway the results of choices in his favor. The Ultimate Fortunate Student is inherently lucky, unlike other Ultimate powers that need active activation. 

They may use their inherent luck to manifest their Ultimate talent without exerting any conscious effort. It can’t be prevented by another ability, though, since luck isn’t something you can control. When utilized properly, the Ultimate Lucky Student ability is very powerful.

Despite possessing a beneficial talent, the Ultimate Lucky Student’s drawback is that their luck may be offset by someone with even more luck. Nagito’s luck was wiped out when he faced someone with equal or better luck.

9. Kazuichi Soda (Kazuichi Soda)


· Age: 22


29th of June is my birthday.

Ultimate Mechanic is an ability.

He’s a brilliant mechanic who can tinker with and analyze any machine, repairing or innovating it for new use. As the Ultimate Mechanic, he has the power to repair anything and master all of the tools he need. 

Kazuichi has the ability to create a world-class innovation. As a mechanic, he possesses excellent calculating abilities and is very educated in his profession, allowing him to build virtually any contraption you can imagine.

Tsumugi Shirogane (Tsumugi Shirogane) (Tsumugi Shirogan


· Age: 20


15th of August is my birthday.

‘Ultimate Cosplayer’ is a skill.

It is the capacity to design and utilize any fictitious character’s costume. At first glance, it seems to be a mediocre skill with little practical use. The ability, on the other hand, proved to be much more powerful.

The Ultimate Cosplayer was able to replicate not just the character’s look, but also his skills and demeanor. This skill enabled the user to take on the role of the cosplayer. The Ultimate Cosplayer has a variety of personas to select from to react to any circumstance by adopting the characteristics and skills of people being cosplayed. 

However, the ability has a number of deadly flaws. The greatest flaw is that cosplaying is limited to fictitious characters. The Ultimate Cosplayer is unable to cosplay anybody who really lives.

The mental condition of the Ultimate Cosplayer may also influence the quality of the cosplay. Tsumugi’s ability to switch between cosplays gradually deteriorated when she was forced into a corner during a class trial.

Mikan Tsumiki (#11)


· Age: 20


12th of May is my birthday.

Ultimate Nurse is a skill that allows you to be the best nurse in the world.

Mikan offers an accurate autopsy report that includes data on the condition of the body, injuries, the cause of death, and the time of death. She also offers (sometimes unwelcome) health advice to others on occasion. She also seems to be more self-assured when breastfeeding.

She enjoys living on Jabberwock Island, unlike other pupils, since her peers recognize her and her ability makes her helpful.

Mikan’s skills as a nurse are limited, and she questioned she could keep Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu alive owing to the injuries he received during the execution of Peko Pekoyama in One Woman Army. Her powers, however, are very powerful, as she was able to effectively recover Kyoko Kirigiri after the Final Killing Game, when she was near death after taking Seiko Kimura’s medication to survive her Code Poisoning.

Ibuki Moda is number 12 on the list.


· Age: 20


27 November is my birthday.

Ultimate Musician is an ability.

This talent has the potential to defeat an army of people without them even realizing it. Ibuki went on to conduct dread-inducing concerts for the people, drowning them in sorrow, thanks to her Ultimate Musician talent.

As in the case of despair-inducing concerts or joy-inducing concerts, the Ultimate Musician was proven to have potential brainwashing capabilities. Ibuki was spotted defeating an army of people with her Ultimate Musician talent.

The sole flaw in the Ultimate Musician talent is the inability to hear. People who couldn’t hear the Ultimate Musician’s song were totally unaffected, as revealed in the Future Arc.

Sakura Ogami (age 13)


· Age: 19


13th of September is my birthday.

Ultimate Martial Artist is an ability.

Monokuma’s ability to be the Ultimate Martial Artist was matched only by Monokuma’s ability to be the Ultimate Martial Artist. Monokuma was cornered by the Ultimate Martial Artist, just as the Ultimate Detective. During the events of Danganronpa: Happy Trigger Havoc, Sakura Ogami, who holds the titles of Ultimate Martial Artist and Strongest Human Alive, was seen to battle Monokuma equally.

Sakura was discovered to have been working with Monokuma against her will, which was a major flaw. However, this flaw is more of a character flaw than a flaw with the Ultimate Martial Artist skill.

The Ultimate Martial Artist has demonstrated no significant flaws as a skill. Only Monokuma has more strength than the Ultimate Martial Artist, who was able to get up after suffering numerous head injuries.

Ryota Mitarai (14), Ryota Mitarai (14), Ryot


· Age: 22


30th of August is my birthday.

Ultimate Animator is an ability.

Ryota is able to utilize the Ultimate Animator’s ability to produce a video that inspires people all around the globe. The Ultimate Animator’s ability to not only brainwash individuals but also permanently change their personalities is one of the most significant Ultimate powers in Danganronpa. 

The Ultimate Animator’s brainwashing powers, unlike the Ultimate Confectioner’s, would not wear off after a set period of time. One of the Ultimate Animator’s users, Ryota Mitarai, was seen utilizing his powers to display a movie that hypnotized an entire army.

The Ultimate Animator was given no flaws since its videos were unstoppable and could only be undone when the Ultimate Animator voluntarily halted the effects. The Neo World Program is the sole exception, since it reversed the effects of the despair-inducing movie that caused the Ultimate Despairs.

The Neo World Program, on the other hand, required the combined might of three Ultimates to construct, and even then, the effects of the depressing film took weeks to erase.

Ruruka Ando, No. 15


· Age: 23


20 November is my birthday.

Ultimate Confectioner is a skill.

The Ultimate Confectioner seems to be a poor skill at first glance. Ruruka Ando, the only known bearer of the Ultimate Confectioner talent, was able to make delectable sweets that, while being sweets, provided many minor health advantages. The Ultimate Confectioner is powerless to accomplish anything else. The Ultimate Confectioner seemed to be a poor skill without much going for it. 

The Ultimate Confectioner’s sweets, however, were subsequently discovered to have the ability to hypnotize humans. The Ultimate Blacksmith had been indoctrinated for the rest of his life by eating the sweets. The Ultimate Boxer consumes one of the Ultimate Confectioner’s brainwashing sweets and quickly succumbs to its effects, demonstrating the power of the Ultimate Confectioner’s brainwashing sweets.

Apart from the fact that Ruruka was always safeguarded by the Ultimate Blacksmith, the Ultimate Confectioner’s main flaw was persuading people to consume the sweets in the first place.

16. Asahina Aoi


· Age: 20


April 24th is my birthday.

Ultimate Swimming Pro is an ability.

Because of her health and athleticism, Aoi can hold her own in a battle if required, as she demonstrated when she fought Juzo Sakakura. Despite being unarmed, she was able to avoid most of his blows and even pin his weapon to the ground. 

She’s also a much powerful than her tiny stature indicates, being able to sprint at maximum speed for extended periods of time while carrying Makoto Naegi’s 52kg weight on her back during the Final Killing Game. She also moved a big piece of furniture that Makoto and Ryota Mitarai couldn’t lift despite their combined power.

Aoi was also able to strengthen her resilience to illness through practicing Kanpur masatsu, a self-healing method.

Kirumi Tojo is seventeen years old.


· Age: 20


10th of May is my birthday.

Ultimate Maid is a skill that allows you to be the most powerful maid in the world.

This ability was instantly shown as very strong, since it enabled Kirumi to accomplish whatever the other Ultimates requested of her. Kirumi even mentions a time when she was asked to annihilate a whole country. Kirumi’s Ultimate Maid talent grants her fast decision-making skills and the capacity to multitask effectively. Ultimate Maid could fulfill any want, no matter how extravagant. 

The Ultimate Maid was able to fulfill the Prime Minister of Japan’s desire to make the nation great again, and even functioned as the de facto Prime Minister until she was thrown into the killing game. Others who the Ultimate Maid has previously served include individuals with significant political and financial clout.

The Ultimate Maid’s flaw was shown to be accepting only chores that could be performed. However, there is no indication that the Ultimate Maid has ever refused a job due to its complexity. Only jobs that are immoral or create undue pain for others have been proven to be rejected by the Ultimate Maid.

The Ultimate Maid’s biggest flaw is a decreased lack of free will, since even having a conversation with Kirumi without it being a request was difficult.

Gundham Tanaka, age 18


· Age: 22


14th of December is my birthday.

Ultimate Breeder is an ability.

Tanaka has the ability to tame any animal. Not only has he succeeded to save an endangered species, but he can also communicate with them. Gundham has a strong empathic bond with animals, believing that they are more trustworthy than people. He avoids interacting with cattle and other domesticated animals destined to be eaten because of his knowledge of their feelings.

For his breeds, he gives enough of exercise, high-quality food, and shelter. He’s also capable of taming wild creatures.

19. Nidai Nekomaru


· Age:


22nd of February is my birthday.

Hand-to-Hand Combat is one of her abilities.

Nekomaru was able to equal the robot’s strength by blocking its head charge with his arms. Despite the robot’s immense power, Nekomaru defeated it, demonstrating his ability to defeat regular human opponents in hand-to-hand combat.

Akane Owari (no. 20)


· Age: 20


15th of July is my birthday.

‘Ultimate Gymnast’ is a skill.

As a gymnast, Akane was born with a natural ability. Since she was a kid, her physique has grown in strength, agility, and endurance. Her father, who had seen her nimbly doing parkour around the house, persuaded her to participate in tournaments and contests.

She performed very well and has continued to win many events since then. She also demonstrates an unshakable attitude by persevering in the face of adversity.

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