Finally, the rumor surrounding the mysterious T.D.K., played by Nathan Fillion in Suicide Squad, has been confirmed in the latest trailer where we see the man in action. If you thought Starro was the most ridiculous character James Gunn pulled out of the hat, think again, because T.D.K. looks like an adaptation of Arm-Fall-Off-Boy, a (wannabe) superhero who was voted one of the most ridiculous characters in comics. …. and rightly so. If the name or photos don’t reveal his amazing abilities, read on to find out his story….. and find out why his inclusion in the Suicide Squad will likely provide some more cannon fodder.

The mighty (?) hero Arm-Val-Of-Boy has appeared in multiple realities, reincarnated in his timeline each time, and not achieved the glorious future he exactly envisioned each time. He first appeared in Pre-No-Hour, a possible twentieth-century universe patrolled by the Legion of Super-Heroes. In this reality, nothing was known about him, but he considered himself an awesome and powerful hero, thanks to his unique ability to chop off his own limbs and use them as clubs against his enemies. Matter-Eat Lad later claimed that he got his powers by dropping element 152, an anti-gravity metal, while wearing it, but this was never confirmed. For some reason he wasn’t in the Legion after all, but he figured that was just a mistake. When the Legion opened its ranks to new members, Arm-Fall-Off-Boy passed the exams with flying colors and was considered by the Legion’s founding members, Space Boy, Lightning Boy, and Saturn Girl… who, for some reason, were unimpressed with his credentials and gave Arm-Fall-Off-Boy only one privilege: to be the very first rejected member of the Legion. In the next reality, after hour zero, we learned something more about him: His real name is Floyd Belkin, and he comes from the planet Lallor, a world where an accidental nuclear fallout triggered strange abilities in some of the inhabitants. Like all budding young heroes, Floyd was banished from his world as soon as he tried to defy the dictatorship….. At the time, he was trying to join the Legion of Super-Heroes.

This time Floyd wore the more dignified fight name Splitter and did well, making the finals alongside Magno, Dreamer, Polar Boy and others…… But eventually the pressure became too much for him and during one of the events his limbs broke off on their own, making him a danger to the other participants. Splinter realized he had a lot to learn before joining the Legion, left them and eventually joined two of his fellow members, Beast Boy and Gas Girl, in the small group of Lallor Heroes. With them, he even supported the Legion against the evil Wizard Mordru… Not that their intervention made much of an impression, all things considered. When the timeline was reset, creating a post-Renaissance reality, Floyd Belkin was still Splinter, but this time he reappeared on Earth in modern times, where he became famous thanks to a viral video of him losing his hands at an amusement park. Always a member of Lallor’s heroes, this Floyd came to Earth with his whole family including such pictorial characters as legs, fall, daddy, head, finger, fall, finger, fall, finger, fall, gall. During his time on Earth, Splinter had befriended Jimmy Olsen, a strange man who was investigating a murder, his own to be exact, or rather the one on his dummy corpse. It was difficult. Jimmy was the only one who came to Splinter and his family’s aid, and in return they helped him fight when an alien warlord came to Earth to kill him and claim his new wife, Jixel Jix Mantell. It will be an uphill battle, but the heroes of Lallor never give up a fight, even against the impossible.

Floyd Belkin is the underdog who at least has his heart in the right place and is trying to do the right thing, even if his skills aren’t exactly impressive. As Arm-Fall-Off-Boy, and then Splinter, he can chop off his own limbs and use them as weapons….. That’s it. Although his character has been greatly changed by reality, from arrogant and narcissistic to shy and insecure, Arm-Val-Of-Boy wants to be a hero and tries to give up everything to help others….. Always offer a helping hand, with a full hand for the one who needs it.


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