Netflix’s new show Ganglands is a gritty, violent drama about the Italian mafia. The show has been met with mixed reviews, but what do fans have to say after watching it?

Ganglands is a series that has been highly anticipated and it was finally released on Netflix. It is an American crime drama television series created by David Simon and George Pelecanos.

Robbery, drug selling, love, and a variety of other daring subjects are all covered in this program. People who have already seen the program may have their own theories about what occurred.

The Story’s Structure

The story of a man who attempts to defend his family from a powerful drug-dealing Lord is told in this French criminal thriller. To fight this brutal and deadly battle, assembles a professional thief and an experienced gang of thieves. Shainez and Liana are lovers who steal narcotics from drug traffickers to earn money, but they had no clue their small crime would develop into a catastrophe.

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It really belongs to Saber, who kidnaps Mehdi’s niece Shainez in the end. Mehdi would go to any length to defend his family, and Liana joins him in the effort to rescue their loved ones. The storyline is initially interesting, and the performances of Liana and Mehdi will entice you to the screens. Liana never imagined that committing a little offense would land her in such a precarious position. The narrative progresses to depict Sabir’s life, in which his father and cousin Sofia never imagined he could manage a company. 

Since the first episode of this drama, the show’s producers have worked with a variety of performances that featured action and gun sequences. It’s full of action till the very end of the drama, and it’s still on top of the picture. It had everything in a neat, well-presented package, as well as some fantastic action sequences along the way. Liana’s metamorphosis is also portrayed in an incredible location where she transforms into a person she would never have imagined after overcoming all of her difficulties in life.

Date of Publication

The drama includes a total of 6 episodes, each of which is 44 minutes long. IMDb gives it a 6.9 out of 10 rating, which is a good score for the narrative and depiction. Netflix has already made it available. The program premiered on Netflix in India on September 24, 2021, and has since received a fantastic reaction from fans. The drama’s trailer has also been published, so you may view it before coming to the program.

Last Thoughts on the Gangland Scandal

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This gangster thriller from France has all a suspense drama should have to offer. Drugs, fighting, betrayal, friendship, rivalries, weapons, killing, and violence were all shown in the film. Even though they did a fantastic job in this criminal thriller, there are certain sections of the film where the characters are not very presentable in terms of their feelings; emotions linking the people and characters are absent in various parts of the film.

Despite the fact that the film’s central theme is family and love, certain aspects of the narrative between the characters are lacking. The tale ended on a cliffhanger, implying that there is more to come towards the conclusion. People are speculating if all six episodes would focus only on weapons and rivalries, since they had hoped for more.

The gangland season 2 is a new series on Netflix that has been causing quite the stir. Fans have been sharing their thoughts about the show, and how it’s affected them.

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