“When nothing else makes sense, you are forced to choose.

Gatecrash is a 2020 British psychological thriller that follows a couple embroiled in a hit-and-run situation. Evidence suggests it was not an accident.

It is directed by Lawrence Gough (Salvation) to a script co-written by Terry Hughes and Alan Pattison and based on Hughes’ play “Life is a Disaster.” The Goldfinch-BirdBox Entertainment production stars Olivia Bonami, Ben Kura, Anton Lesser and Samuel West.


Far from home and trapped in an abusive relationship, Frenchwoman Nicole (Olivia Bonami) is involved in a heinous crime and then forced to keep it a secret by her husband Steve (Ben Kura), who abuses and controls her.

But more is at stake when she makes a life-changing discovery that leaves her no choice but to continue her deception. As her feelings of isolation and fear increase and her reality begins to crack, she is visited by two mysterious strangers who will not rest until the truth is revealed – at any cost. ….

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“The dialogue between Sid, Nicole and Steve is engaging at first, but it feels like they’re going in circles before any dramatic action finally happens. The dragging dialogue is without a doubt Gatecrash’s biggest flaw, and this is certainly due to its theatrical origins.” CineChat

“Full of guts, blood and work, here’s a version of Gatecrash that suits him in both spirit and substance…. If Anton Lesser’s writing and mesmerizing performance are a guarantee of fun, then you can’t help but think that there’s much more to come on stage.” Individual

“The elements here suggest the horror of twisting people into doing very bad things, a sub-genre of Stuck, A Simple Plan or Shallow Grave, but the bizarre, deliberately unnatural transformation of character-based expectations into an almost surreal nightmare brings the work into the territory of Harold Pinter…” Kim Newman’s website

It is here that the dramatic descent of “Gatecrash” becomes most apparent, bypassing the old adage about dialogue in cinema, but theatrical communication always involves a third person in the audience: here it is fierce. The door slam ends in visceral hostility, though less than that of the wily natives of his characters, whose language is full of threats and blackmail.” The Waffle Movie.

“All four actors deliver solid performances, though many scenes are dull – and though necessary, the climax still offers enough action to satisfy some fans of this kind of nighttime thriller.” Images that say

“…Powerfully filmed, from the hand-held cameras that follow Steve and Nicole through a maze of hallways to the shots of cars racing by in the middle of the night in the film’s third act. With a limited package and budget, Gough creates an uneasy atmosphere and a few chills”. Central filing

“Lawrence Gough’s second feature film (after Salvation in 2009) is unusual in that it is discreet. Gatecrash is a film that takes you on a painful journey and despite the limited plot in a time of fascination with a remarkable story. A must-see for 2021”. on screen.

“Gatecrash” is a solid, well-made film that doesn’t answer all the questions, but actually more than enough to keep the viewer engaged for ninety minutes. It certainly deviates from the predictable…” Distorted Perspective


Date of publication :

Gatecrash was launched in the UK by Moonlight Pictures on digital and VOD media on February 22, 2021.

Technical details :

86 minutes


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