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There is no gene for the human mind.

Gattaca is a 1997 dystopian science fiction thriller about a genetically inferior man who assumes the identity of a superior man – to fulfill his lifelong dream of traveling into space.

Writer-director Andrew Niccol (Anon; Good Kill; The Host), movie stars Ethan Hawke, Uma Thurman, Jude Law, Ernest Borgnine, Alan Arkin and Gore Vidal. Producer: Danny DeVito, Gail Lyon, Michael Schamberg and Stacy Sher.

New version :

Gattaca will be released by Sony Pictures on the 23rd. Released in March 2021 on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and Digital, recently restored to 4K from the original camera negative in a steel book.  Properties :

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In the not so distant future, Vincent (Ethan Hawke), an imperfect man, wants to go into space. Society classified Vincent as less able because of his genetic make-up, and he became one of the lower classes of the population, which can only be used for menial work.

To get further, he takes the identity of Jerome Morrow (Jude Law), a perfect genetic specimen paralyzed by a car accident. With professional advice Vincent learns how to cheat DNA and urine tests. While he is finally scheduled for a space mission, his program director is murdered and the police starts an investigation that jeopardizes his secrecy…

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Gattaca is a film of surprising beauty; the bizarre Scandinavian furniture, the bewildering concrete architecture and the clear modernist aspect give the film a coherent sensitivity to the emerging corporate totalitarianism. Acting is almost like being inorganic: Hawke only does adequate work of social infiltration, Uma Thurman does not generate warmth like Hawke’s amorous interest, and only the law offers depth like the bitter, broken shell of the once older man. AV Club

It’s not really a thriller, it’s all a bit cerebral. That may be true, but it’s never boring. Science fiction fans will appreciate and even appreciate this exceptionally beautiful and entertaining production. Other viewers, especially those who are not sensitive to Hawke’s bizarre character appearing on the screen, may find him completely disabled. Derek Winner.

This hypothesis would have been terrifying in 1997, but given the progress made in genetic research since then, it is now totally unexpected. This, combined with the fact that the film is not very light, certainly causes Gattaca to disappear from the list of party films. But it is undeniable that it is a beautifully directed, well acted and captivating film. List of DVDs

A modest science fiction film that is not based on original ideas, but still addresses themes that will always resonate. The story demands the viewer’s attention and those who stick to the story are rewarded at the end. Emotional, intense and to some extent realistic, the film presents good performances and an inspiring message about achieving what is considered impossible. Hedmark

Much ingenuity has been put into thinking about how law enforcement could work in such a genetic and class society, and even more ingenuity has been put into thinking about what a criminal would have to do to get around it. Stars Ethan Hawke and especially Uma Thurman seem a bit empty, but Jude Law gives a performance as a genetic wheelchair user who has a nice and caustic side. Moria


Andrew Niccol’s debut film Gattaca, set in the not so distant future, is in fact a terribly successful sequel to the current relationship. But apart from the inventiveness of his building, Gattaca also shows an interest in obsessive attention to detail. New York Times, 24. October 1997.

Filmmaker Andrew Niccol, who is making his debut here, presents a well-considered but largely engrossing science fiction drama that benefits greatly from his grim and clear imagery and production design, as well as the equally compelling performances of the various actors, the latter, with Hawke as the sympathetic protagonist, supported by an eclectic cast. Film reviews

The average thriller, even if it takes place in a distant or futuristic world, tends to offer visceral and fleeting sensations, and not much else. But while Gattaca has energy and tension compared to the best, the thought-provoking storyline and thematic intensity take it to a new level. View of the roll

Gattaca is the remarkable debut of New Zealand writer-director Andrew Niccol, whose film is not only visually stunning, but also presents an intelligent combination of images. The most important institution is the huge office where genetically superior computer programmers come to work every day and fill their long rows of desks like office slaves in the crowd of King Vidor and the Orson Welles process. RogerEbert.com.

Unfortunately, the Hawk is weak. He is adequate, not clumsy, but he doesn’t seem special enough, or motivated and apathetic enough to get us into Vincent’s dream. In fact, the film could have been better if Hawk and Jude Law, who plays Jerome, had changed roles. The law is the current opening of Gattaca. His performance has the fierceness and emotional complexity that Hawke lacks. San Francisco Chronicle

I’m not going to waste my energy talking about Niccol’s direction or the style of the film – that’s fine, but many films have perfect direction and style and fail (and many have neither and fail) …… To a certain extent, anyway). Niccol has created a situation where you can appreciate the really beautiful things that people can do for each other. Stop button

The actors and characters:

Ethan Hawke… Vincent / Jerome
Uma Thurman … Irene
Gore Vidal… Director Joseph
Xander Berkeley… Lamar
Jane Brooke… Marie
Elias Koteas… Antonio
Maya Rudolph… Nurse Birth Attendant
Una Damon has a pussy… Head Nurse
Elizabeth Dennehy… Kindergarten teacher
Blair Underwood … Genetician
Mason Gamble… Junior Vincent
Vincent Nielson … Junior Anton
Chad Christ… Junior Vincent
William Lee Scott… Junior Anton
Clarence Graham… Staff Officer
Ernest Borgnine… Caesar
Tony Shalhoub… German law
Jude… Jerome / Eugene
Alan Arkin … Detective Hugo
Carlton Bembry… Gattaca Hoover (as Carlton Benbrye)
Susan Jennifer Sullivan … Story sequence (under the name Grace Sullivan)
Ken Marino … Sequencing technician
Cynthia Martells … Cavendish
Lauren Dean… Anton
Gabriel Ries … Gattaca
Coach Ryan Doreen… Twelve pianists with disabilities
Dean Norris … Officer on patrol
Russell Milton… Gattaca Detective
George Marshall Ruge… Detective
Steve Berries was beaten… Blood control Detective
Lindsay Ginter… Mission Commander (played by Lindsay Lee Ginter)


Technical details :

106 minutes in
format: 2.39 : 1
Audio : Dolby Digital | SDDS | DTS | Dolby Atmos



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