Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grand) General Hospital (GH) spoilers indicate that Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grand) will mourn Julian Jerome (William DeVry). After all, Julian and Alexis were once married and Julian is the father of their daughter, Samantha McCall (Kelly Monaco). Alexis is currently in custody after Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot) framed Alexis for DUI. Alexis wasn’t really driving, but Tracy manipulated the situation to make it look like it. We don’t know yet how Alexis is going to do it, but it’s unlikely she won’t think about her life with Julian when she finds out he’s gone.

Hospital Spoilers – Will Julian Jerome die for nothing?

The last time Alexis saw Julian, she noticed it looked like goodbye. It turned out to be exactly that. Julian died trying to escape Sonny Corinth (Maurice Bernard) and Keir Renaud (Jeff Kober). Sonny, however, caught up with Julian, and unfortunately Julian died after he was shot by Sonny and the gangway they walked on was recorded. Alexis will certainly feel uncomfortable.

SpoilerGH – Your luck has changed!

Julian and Alexis were once happy together. That is, until he was forced to stick a knife down her throat. He was blackmailed, but he decided to take action against Alexis anyway. They broke up, and Julian went to jail for a while. But Alexis finally helped Julian out of jail. After that Alexis and Julian never romantically came together again, but stayed in each other’s lives. Alexis will undoubtedly be affected by Julian’s death, but in the end she will mourn the man she loved. Maybe that’s why she stopped drinking. Maybe the sight of someone with so much potential will convince Alexis to get the best out of her life. And that would be the end of his current alcoholic excesses.

Spoiler from hospital– But Lucas Jones and Sam McCall cannot be forgiven.

But Julian’s two grown-up children may not want to mourn a father who disappoints them over and over again. The explosion of the floating rib nearly killed Sam’s son, Danny Morgan (Porter Fasullo). And Julian married Nell Benson (Chloe Lanier), the woman behind the children’s exchange who ruined the life of Lucas Jones (Matt Trudeau). None of them can be used to mourn their father. They may be sad for the man he could have been, but through his actions he destroyed any love that existed between them.

Spoiler and wrap-up Monday 21. December – Jason comes back without his son, Julian’s body is discovered, Maxi has a girlfriend

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SpoilerGH – What’s going on?

Will Alexis take time off to drink and mourn Julian? Will Sam or Lucas even shed a tear when they hear his father’s death? Times are tough in Port Charles, so stay tuned to the General Hospital, which is broadcast weekly on ABC. And don’t forget to come back regularly to see all the news, information and spoilers of the General Hospital!

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