The last character of season 3 of Smallville is in the episode Delete. Here Chloe Sullivan writes her column for the Daily Planet, which was cancelled by Lionel Luthor. She therefore contacts the editor of the newspaper, who agrees to help her through her work under a pseudonym….. under a pseudonym. Until he was brutally murdered by his secretary, provoked by Molly Griggs. The editor in chief is George Maxwell Max Taylor, played by Jim Thorburn, and he is the version of George Taylor, a small historical figure in myth. He also appeared in the Adventures of Superman series, but here he was reinvented as a hotel manager who was murdered by Macy’s cousin for the family treasure. For the first time, the version of Smallville, despite the change of name, is closer to the original, regardless of the many versions of the character: Well, let’s see.

George Taylor first appeared on Earth-Two and was a reporter for the Daily Star, a major newspaper in Metropolis, New York. He was eventually chosen to succeed him as editor-in-chief and did his best to keep the Daily Star at the level of excellence for which he was known. He had many journalists under his command who were doing great, but he pushed them, often to the point of violence, shouted at them and called them names, sometimes even dismissed, to reinstate them when they had proved themselves again. It was known as - Die-Who.jpg also rather misogynistic, as Lois Lane, author of the Lonely Hearts column, studied it at his expense: Every time she asked for a real job, he denied it was a job for girls. When the young and inexperienced reporter Clark Kent went looking for work, Taylor didn’t want anything to do with him, but when the young man gave him a well-written article about an attempted lynching, he knew he had real talent and hired him, a decision he (almost) never regretted: He sent Kent to South America as a war correspondent, helped expose the atrocious abuses of the labour camp prisoners, and generally supported him even when Kent repeatedly tried to prove the existence of Superman, a story that Taylor didn’t believe. He also fired Kent several times, once for a failed mission and once after he accused him of selling a feather out of fear, but he always took it back after admitting his mistake. Eventually, Clark Kent married Lois Lane, and Taylor was happy to attend the event. Shortly after, he resigned, but to choose his successor, he improvised a contest between two of his favorites, senior reporter Perry White and Clark Kent himself. White did solve the missing persons case assigned to him for Kent, but Taylor chose the latter because of the different methods used: White never left his desk in his investigation, while Kent was always investigating on the street, which, according to Taylor, is exactly what a good reporter should do. When he chose Clark Kent, George Taylor knew he was leaving his Daily Star in good hands.

Despite his retirement, George Taylor didn’t lose his grip and, shortly after his retirement, accidentally discovered that Clark Kent was actually Superman, and even filmed his replacement turning into the Man of Steel. He told Clark what he saw, but he also swore he would never tell anyone, because he always had on his back… Unfortunately, he was quickly killed by a criminal who heard the call and wanted to get his hands on the tape. While George Taylor was killed on Earth-Two, his story continued on Earth-One: He was always a reporter, but this time for another newspaper, The Daily Planet. He worked under Morton’s editor-in-chief for many years until he was elected to replace him and take over the newspaper itself. In this reality, he had a son, George Taylor Jr., with whom he shared a passion for journalism: George Jr. followed in his father’s footsteps by moving to Star City and founding the Daily Star, trying to apply the same standards of honesty and integrity as his father. Meanwhile, George Taylor Sr. had come to the end of his career and had appointed veteran journalist Perry White as his successor, knowing that he would follow the same ethical principles that had led him to lead the Planet. Many other versions of George appeared in the Multiverse, and he was editor of the Daily Star on Earth-1938, Earth-3839, and even New Earth, the universe that (for a time) replaced the destroyed Multiverse; in the latter he ran the Daily Star as a business rival to Perry White and his Daily Planet, fighting with him for the attention of the people of Metropolis. He also appears in a new reality from the space crisis, Prime Earth, redirected by the Daily Star, and on his first job he hires another young reporter, Clark Kent, a young man who means more to him than he could have imagined.

George Taylor is a man of integrity, a journalist distinguished by his courage, loyalty, courage… …but also the tantrums that are notorious among his colleagues. Taylor prefers to go to jail or worse, cuts off the source, does everything he can to protect his reporters, cuts off his hand before he writes anything, but he expects the same from his reporters and takes all his anger out on them if they don’t live up to his expectations. George Taylor is a man who fully defines himself through his work. He is both the best and the worst possible boss, an excellent reporter and editor who recognizes nothing less than the excellence of his team.


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