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Greenland – an American film in the genre of the 2020 disaster, which tells the story of a desperate attempt by a runaway family to escape the disastrous comet that has shattered the earth.

Directed by Rick Roman Waugh from a script by Chris Sparling, British-American film stars Gerard Butler, Morena Baccarin, Roger Dale Floyd and Scott Glenn.


The family fights for its survival as a comet that would destroy the planet. John Garrity (Gerard Butler), his abandoned wife Allison (Morena Bakkarin) and his grandson Nathan make a dangerous journey to their only hope for sanctuary.

Amidst terrifying news from cities around the world, chained with comet fragments, Garrity experiences the best and worst of humanity as they fight the growing panic and anarchy that surrounds them. As the countdown to the global apocalypse reaches zero, their incredible journey ends with a desperate and last-minute flight to a possible refuge.

Reviews [Click on the links for more information] :

Everything in Greenland is presented with an acidic sense of self-worth, which becomes tiring because the material has nothing essential to say. As soon as the plot finally begins to fly in the third act (Butler leads the wave of falling asteroids), I lost interest in waiting for the inevitable sweet end. Although Greenland is certainly competent, with its well-developed past, it never achieves much. Battle Royale with Cheese (BRWC)

Constantly exciting, tense and often very moving film about the disaster with a very grainy tone and an apocalyptic feeling that Greenland, apart from a few sentimental, cheeseless pieces, focuses mainly on the global chaos caused by the comet, and not on the most devastating event … Fantastic!

It may be a subtle metaphor for the white privilege, but if so, the message is in both hands, to hell with all the others. On the way to more and more devastation, although nothing in the budget and size of 2012, and the family meets the insane expectations of the War of the Worlds. Of course, it’s all getting dumber and dumber, and the more it happens, the more you wonder why? â™ Talk with pleasure â™.

… What sets Greenland apart from other countries is that what we see now doesn’t look so spectacular, but looks very much like reality – albeit with enough VFX and the Butlers sweat brand and the bravura of the stress inhibitor. Both are to be expected with this kind of average blockbuster, while for Greenland it’s mainly those moments that are nothing to do with the film …… have nothing to do with the film. Hollywood journalist

…she suffers from a few useless and boring scenes, but also from the drama, the atmosphere and an adrenaline pumping plot – that’s what really puts her above all else. Unlike other films in this genre, you take care of the characters and want them to survive, and that makes you want to see what happens to the characters, because at any time something can go wrong in a catastrophic way. Cinema discussion box

Gerard Butler, who is not a big star, especially because he continues to make these films, has a very charismatic presence that allows Greenland to function very well. And it’s not just Greenland star Gerard Butler who does most of the work. Director Rick Roman Vaud also proves to be a competent director who succeeds in concentrating tension and emotional drama in this post-apocalyptic world. Film culture

Some people may find the film slow because it throws away the usual trophies from disaster movies and prefers to focus on the practical side of surviving a disaster. In this sense, Greenland is a slowly burning, ripe and nuanced fictional event that changes and destroys life, which is all too familiar in this day and age. It is as strong as it is grainy, which makes you emotionally heavy and cinematographically satisfied. The times of India


In the United States, STX Entertainment Greenland will be present on the 18th. December 2020 as part of Premium VOD

The actors and characters:

Gerard Butler… John Garrity
Morena Baccarin. Allison Garrity
Roger Dale Floyd… Nathan Garrity
Scott Glenn. Dale
Randal Gonzalez. Bobby
Rick Pasqualon… National Anchor
Nicola Lambo … Host of the morning show
Alan Pietruszewski …
morning presenter Scott Poitress… Kenny
Claire Bronson… Debra Jones
Madison Johnson… Ellie Jones
Gary Weeks… Ed Pruitt
Tracy Bonner… Peggy Pruitt
Merrin Dunji… Major Breen
Brandon Miller… …security sergeant…

Technical details :

119 minutes
Relationship between the parties : 2.39:1

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