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37 years of production

Grizzly II: Revenge – an American horror film from 1983 about a giant killer who terrorizes visitors to a rock concert.

Directed by André Szöts based on the screenplays of Ross Massbaum (The Incredible 2-Headed Transplant; Motorpsycho!), Joan McCall (actress in the film Project: Murder; Act of Revenge; Devil Five) and David Sheldon (Lady Samurai; Favourite But Deadly; Evil; Project: Kill). It is conceived as a continuation of Grizzly (1976).

The GBGB world movie includes Steve Inwood, Deborah Ruffin (Scanners II; Sentinel; God told me), John Rhys-Davis (Anaconda 3; The Unnamable and its sequel; Waxwork), Louise Fletcher (Shadowzone; Mars Invaders; Exorcist II) and Deborah Foreman (Lobster Man from Mars; Waxwork; April Fool’s Day).

Production in Hungary started at the end of 1982, but was never completed. It seems that the Hungarian Government has seized most of the production facilities for non-payment of bills. The post-production was never completed.

In 1987 the Cannon Group bought the footage and planned to release the film, but in 1988 the company ran into financial difficulties and fell into oblivion. In 2007 a working copy appeared on the internet and copies of DVD-Rs were distributed to horror fans.

In early 2020 we heard that producer Suzanne Nagy had finally finished the film. Grizzly II stands out because of the little performances of Laura Dern, George Clooney and Charlie Sheen before they became famous, so they now have a spot on the bill!


Hell breaks loose when a 10-foot grizzly bear responds to the death of his cub by poachers, seeking revenge and killing anyone who stands in his way. Three days before the big concert, a big grizzly bear brutally attacked tourists, poachers and forest rangers. The terror doesn’t end with a giant grizzly finding his way to a concert hall to kill…


Grizzly II: The Revenge will be released on the 8th by Gravitas Ventures on request and with a limited theatrical release. January 2021.

Nick Royak spoke on behalf of the company:

Grizzly II is one of those real diamond projects. It’s a gem from another moment in film history, and we couldn’t be more excited to be part of the ongoing journey through decades of culture. We recommend our hats to Suzanne K. Nadia, who did what any good producer would have done and brought this film to the finish.

Distribution and symbols (in order) :

Steve Inwood… Nick Hollister-Deborah Ruffin… Samantha OwensJohn Reece… Davis… Bouchard-Louise Fletcher… Eileen Dreygon-Deborah Foreman. Chrissy Hollister-Dick Anthony Williams… Charlie Jack Starrett… Daddy Charles figures… Steve Mark Alaimo… LukeLaura Dern… Tina… Barbie Wilde… Predatory robot drummer Ian McNeese… BernieCharles Young… DrewBilly Boyle… Barry George Clooney’s manager… Ron Nigel Dolman… Barry Edward Mix… Pit Charlie Sheen… Launch

Shooting locations:


Alternative names:

Grizzly II: Predator Grizzly II : concert

That’s what it looks like:

GRIZZLES magazine (1976)

The trailer:

Here is a trailer from Grizzly (1976):

Here we go:

Like the download…


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