It was 1967 and the world was changing. It was the end of the 60s and the dawn of a new era and people were doing things they never thought they would. A lot of things were starting to change in the world, and one of those things was music.

I often find myself reading story after story about an incident at a school and want to scream. The stories are so different, but the initial reactions are all the same in my opinion. As a parent of two both in high school, I want to scream and yell at the school for how they have handled a situation, yet I do not do so because I want the rest of the world to think I am a bad parent. The reason I do not yell at the school is because I am not angry at the school, I am angry at the students. I feel like if I push back, I am not doing my job as a parent.

Many people have no idea that Hollywood has a history of being very involved with the politics of their time. Sometimes, they used the power of the movie industry to influence the way people thought about the world around them. Other times, they used their power to influence the world to think about them in a way that would benefit them financially or otherwise.

The Flash finally introduced us to Bart and Nora Allen, the children of Barry and Iris Allen, our favorite superhero couple. They go back in time to assist Barry in stopping the many Godspeeds from wreaking devastation on the metropolis.

August Heart thwarted Nora and Bart’s attempts to stop him in their time, and he passed through the speed force. This is what brought them here in the first place. The group is ecstatic to see them, and we’re learning more about them as well.

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Nora is lively, cheerful, and confident in her abilities as a speedster. Her brother, like his father when Barry was just starting out, is still getting the hang of his meta talents and has a propensity to act before taking things in.


After discovering that Godspeed is Bart’s arch-nemesis, Barry seeks out any speedy who can assist him. Unfortunately, he runs out of options until Iris arrives to assist him. Deon has stabilized her in the Still Force to the point that she can come to her family’s aid.

Meanwhile, Jay Garrick has been putting in a lot of effort to go back to where he was in his own speedy adventure. He is willing to assist Barry. When the Godspeed clones come for him, though, things become complicated!

We gain a glimpse of what makes Bart wish to put an end to Godspeed. Nora understands how to get through to him, even if Iris and Barry want him to remain behind to be safe. Jay was murdered in front of Bart at some time in the future, it turns out. When his mother was killed, he felt the same sense of responsibility as Barry did.

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Nora explains why it’s critical for him to take a step back, and he grudgingly agrees. Allegra, like Bart, is dealing with some tough feelings in the aftermath of her cousin’s death.

Chester learns she is experiencing bad emotions that are affecting her powers after finding she has been utilizing ultraviolent light to charge the gadget he developed to halt the Godspeeds. She tells Chester that Esperanza is no longer alive, and she now blames herself for not being able to assist anybody.

While Chester is attempting to assist Allegra, Nora and Bart discover that their parents oppose both of them being in the field. They don’t want them to be harmed, therefore they’ll go to any length to protect them. Barry has been trying to figure out why Bart is so desperate to halt Godspeed. He and Iris agree that they must stop Godspeed in 2021 so that Bart and Nora do not have to battle him in 2049.

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In order to find out how to halt Godspeed after a fight leaves Bart unconscious, Barry devises a plan. Barry chooses to delve inside August Heart’s head to unlock the memories he has buried within his brain now that Cisco has returned to assist in the battle.

This episode was really very enjoyable, and we were delighted to see Iris, which was especially significant given the birth of their children. We also received some clues regarding the gang’s history, such as them hanging out with Grandpa Joe and maybe knowing Chester.

It was wonderful to have Barry in the spotlight, focused on both rescuing the city and protecting his family. After a season full of highs and lows, the season finale is likely to be a pleasure. Let us know what you think about Part 1 of “Heart of the Matter.”

The CW airs The Flash every Tuesday.

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