(PCM) Morley, Hollywood’s favorite brand of counterfeit cigarettes, has a pretty fascinating history. The brand first appeared on the big screen in Alfred Hitchcock’s film Psycho in 1960, and since then Hollywood has paid tribute to it with countless references throughout the history of television and film.

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Morley’s has appeared in several television shows, movies and video games that have nothing to do with anything other than the use of the trademark. Morley’s was modeled after Marlboro cigarettes and was even nicknamed Marlboro cigarettes.

The famous brand is mentioned in the first episodes of The Dick Van Dyke Show and The Twilight Zone, as well as in later series such as Friends, The X-Files and The Walking Dead.

In The X-Files, Morleys are the villain’s favorite brand in the series The Cigarette Smoking Man and in The Walking Dead they are mentioned several times as Dale’s cigarette choice (RIP), Carol finds a pack of Morleys on a dead walker in Alexandria and a pack of Morley Lights is found by Daryl in an abandoned office building.

Morley’s is also featured in Buffy The Vampire Slayer as the cigarette brand of choice for the Spike Vampire Network. Among the many series with a horror theme, Morleys can also be seen in episodes of the successful American series Burn Notice, in which the protagonist Michael Weston and his mother both smoke Morleys. They are used by George Costanza in an episode of Seinfeld and even appear in an episode of Friends in which it is revealed that Rachel used to smoke. There is also a connection with Malcolm in Medium and Breaking Bad.

Other series included ER, Prison Break, Beverly Hills 90210, Heroes, The ’70s Show, Weeds and American Horror Story, to name a few. They also played prominent roles in Mission Impossible, Platoon, Prozac Nation and Robbery.

Hollywood has used a lot of fake brands and companies over the course of the year, but we didn’t find one that came close to the number of mentions of Morley cigarettes in pop culture.

The folks at Cultfaction.com have compiled an amazing list of numerous appearances of the Morley cigarette in the history of television and film, see below :

  • 200 cigarettes: Lucy (Courtney Love) gives Kevin (Paul Rudd) a carton of Morley cigarettes.
  • 24: Episode 8×06, Jack Bauer poses as a German customer and smokes a light Morley cigarette.
  • Afroman: (Because I had a very positive remix) Sitting on a motorized bench, we see a man smoking and holding a pack of Morley before smoking a joint, dropping the cigarette behind him and dropping the pack because he is high.
  • American Horror Story: Pansy’s (Taissa Farmiga) birth is seen at the kitchen table with a pack of Morley lights.
  • Becker: Episode 2×12 “Santa on Ice” Becker smokes a light Morley cigarette.
  • Breaking Bad: Several characters were smoked out in the final season of Morleys.
  • Beverly Hills, 90210: Brenda Walsh returns from Paris with a tobacco addiction. Her parents found out when a pack of Morleys fell out of her purse.
  • Broken Saints: Raimi’s character buys a pack of Morley cigarettes in this online cartoon. William B. Davis of The X-Files is part of the cast, but Brooke Burgess, creator of Broken Saints, confirmed that the Morley cigarettes in the original series were “WELL drawn for Bill – but he liked the wink just as much.”
  • Brooklyn Rules: three boys find a dead body in a convertible at the film’s 5-minute point; one of the boys steals a pack of Morleys from the car’s dashboard.”
  • Buffy Vampire Slayer: Spike (James Marsters) smokes Morley cigarettes.
  • Burn Notice: In season 2 episode 5, “Scatter Point,” the main character Michael scatters cigarette butts outside a door on the roof and puts an empty pack of Morley’s in the doorframe of the roof door. He also hits the Morley’s pack in season 3 episode 4 of Fearless Leader. In season 4 episode 11, Maddie throws the Morley’s box in her suitcase while preparing for her trip. In episode BN505, “Square 1,” Jesse and Fiona, posing as criminals, squeeze the Morley’s box out of the bodega, along with the surveillance tapes.
  • California: Hank (David Duchovny) often smokes Morley cigarettes, and this is evident in many episodes, including the fourth episode of season 2 (“Raw and Cooked”), where they are on the patio table at the end of the episode. They can also be seen in season 5, episode 4 at the beginning next to the smartphone. This is an internal joke referring to Duchovny’s time on The X-Files, where the smoker smoked this brand.
  • Cold Case: In the episode “The Plan” of this CBS series, Jerry smokes Morleys, and the pack is seen during the interrogation scene in which Detective Nick Vera takes the cigarette from Jerry’s hand, which is burned to his fingers. In addition, in the episode “Sleepover,” Tiffany smokes Morleys (a light brown pack instead of the traditional red one) during the interrogation scene of Detective Valens.
  • Criminal Minds: In the episode “North Mammon,” a pack of Morley’s cigarette butts led the FBI team to suspect Morley, a smoking soccer coach, of stalking one of his star players because his DNA was on the butts. After analyzing the footage, it turns out that the pack of cigarettes the coach is holding is actually a pack of Marlboro and not Morley’s fictional pack.
  • CSI: New York: In the episode “Boo” (Season 4, Episode 6), a smoked Morley cigarette is found at the crime scene in a voodoo doll.
  • In any case, it’s possible: In 1992, Will Hayes (Ryan Reynolds) bought the Morleys for $3.20 when he arrived in New York and complained that they cost $2.60 in Wisconsin.
  • Epicentre (2000): At the beginning of the film, Nick Constantine’s character has a packet of Morleys in his briefcase. ER: In the episode “After the Fix,” Dr. Mark Green (Anthony Edwards) discovers a packet of Morleys with a condom inside while searching Rachel’s daughter’s room.
  • Everybody Hates Chris: Episode 1×20 The Morleys Box is sold in the back of the car.
  • Freddie is furious: Gord (Tom Green) is seen in a scene smoking a pack of Morley’s.
  • Bebe takes a pack of Morleys out of her bag and asks Frasier if he doesn’t mind.
  • Friends: Chandler is seen with a pack of those cigarettes in the episode “Where Rachel Smokes”.
  • Homecoming. The bag is on the top shelf in Sam’s locker.
  • Gan Shai: During a meeting between police officers, a pack of Morley cigarettes is placed on the meeting table in front of Charlie’s silhouette.
  • Hero: In episode 3×03, “One of Us, One of Them,” Meredith, Claire Bennet’s biological mother, tries to set Morley on fire in the Bennet home before Sandra Bennet asks her not to smoke in the house.
  • House on Greenple Road (1970): The hero steals a pack of Morley cigarettes from a table at the police station.
  • Jake 2.0: A terrorist disguises a powerful explosive in a pack of Morley cigarettes and demonstrates its incredible power by blowing up a swamp area in the Philippines.
  • Joy Ride 2: Dead Ahead: Rusty Nail (Mark Gibbon) smokes Morley cigarettes when he buys them at the store opening.
  • Apparently Amy: In season 3 episode 15, the teenager sues Morley’s company for causing his emphysema.
  • Justified: In an episode of the first season of Riverbrook, a group of escapees robbed a grocery store. One of them fires a shotgun into the store and blows up a shelf of cardboard boxes of Morley cigarettes.
  • Killer Instinct: In the episode “Game Over,” Morley’s cigarettes appear in the office of Lieutenant Matt Cavanaugh, played by Chi McBride.
  • Lost: In a flashback to the “Sideshow” episode “LA X” (6×01), Rose Nadler is seen on a plane while holding a magazine advertising Morley cigarettes.
  • The L-word: In the five-season episode “The Moonlight Cycle,” we see a pack of Morley cigarettes on the coffee table while Shane and Jenny are lying together on the couch.
  • Malcolm at the Center: A pack of Morley cigarettes is one of the things Malcolm’s mother finds in the first episode of season 10. And in season 4 episode 19, Malcolm plays chess with Leonard (Jason Alexander). Leonard tries to pay off his debt with a bunch of Morleys.
  • Mannix: In the episode “Around the Money Tree,” Joe Mannix opens the suitcase and discovers a pair of Morley packs in white tutus.
  • Medium: In the episode “To Have and to Hold” (season 4, episode 3), a character smokes a Morley cigarette. In the episode “First Bite is the Deepest” (season 5, episode 17), Allison Dubois brings Cynthia Keener a bag of Morley snacks, candy and cigarettes when he visits her in prison.
  • The middle: In the episode “La carte” (season 3, episode 13), Francis brings Aunt Edie a pack of Morley cigarettes.
  • Millennium: In “It’s About Time,” Peter Watts discovers Morley’s heel in the mysterious basement of the Millennium Group-a reference to the cigarette smoker from The X-Files. Chris Carter created both series.
  • Mission: Impossible: Morley appears in the original TV series, and several characters are seen with it. In an episode 2×07 of Operation Heart, the character Barbara Bain is seen pulling a bundle off a table with a handkerchief (about 20 minutes in).
  • Killing Row: Matt Helm uses a cigarette dart to take out a guard. He leaves an empty pack of Morley cigarettes on the guard, with a warning that smoking can be dangerous to your health. ….
  • Murder in the First Degree: Defense attorney James Stamphill appears smoking in Morleys as he lies down and talks into a primitive tape recorder, dictating notes about the case. The Morleys suits seen in the film have an antique design (based on the 1930s film set), as opposed to the Morleys suits, which are seen in a more modern form.
  • Naked City: Season 2, Episode 21 “Tombstone for Derelict” (April 5, 1961) begins with four young men, led by Baldwin Larne (Robert Redford), surrounding a man on the ground in a deserted street. Larn offers him a cigarette, and when the homeless man turns to get a light from one of Larne’s companions, Larn stabs the homeless man in the back and drops a pack of cigarettes on his body. Detective Flint (Paul Burke) and his colleagues arrive on the scene to investigate, and the pack of cigarettes turns out to be a reference to a brand of Morley. This first image of b/w Morley cigarettes shows a cigarette pack with the image of an Etruscan horse as the brand symbol and the initial and final letters “Morley” in lower case and the middle letter in upper case.
  • Nash Bridges: In episode 420, “Power Play,” Morlis appears on a table in the outlaw’s house.
  • New Amsterdam: In the episode “Love Hurts” (season 1, episode 8), the suspect in the interrogation room is about to set Morley on fire. John Amsterdam takes him back and tells him, “No smoking.”
  • Orange Is The New Black – Season Eleven, episode eleven “Tall Men With Feelings” * “Porno Mouth pulls morality out of his pocket and tries to set it on fire”.
  • Outer Limits: In “New Life” (season 7, episode 3), Jacob tries to smuggle two boxes of Morley on the bus. In “Shooting Star” (season 2, episode 19), Terry McCammon (a time traveler obsessed with time) throws a package of Morleys on the bed.
  • Escape: In “Big Bay” (season 2, episode 11), T-Bag retrieves Morley’s package in a bag from Geary’s apartment.
  • Prozac Nation: The heroine, played by Christina Ricci, smokes Morley cigarettes in the film adaptation of Elizabeth Wurtzel’s autobiographical work, Prozac Nation. Ricci plays a young writer who sometimes uses empty cigarette packs as scrap metal.
  • Psycho : At the end of the film, psychiatrist Dr Fred Richman, played by Simon Oakland, tells what really happened and shakes a cigarette out of Morley’s pack. The film was released on June 16, 1960, making it the first known appearance of the Morley brand.
  • Pushing Daisies: In season 2 episode “Bad Habits,” the Morley box is seen in a closet full of contraband in Sister Maria Christina’s bedroom.
  • The Grim Reaper: In the second season finale of The Devil and Sam Oliver, bank teller Mary Pat holds up a pack of Morleys before going outside to smoke next to the LPG tanks.
  • S. The boy is wearing Morley’s tutu in the left sleeve.
  • Saving Grace: In the second episode of the “It’s Fierce, White, Mighty Love” season, protagonist Grace Morley gets a suspect while investigating him.
  • Shameless: Fiona throws Lipa a box of Morleys in season 2, episode 3.
  • Sherbet : The eponymous detective Sherbet Lock from the American comic strip “Sherbet” reveals in the new “Milk” that she and missing child Belinda Darwin both prefer Morley brand cigarettes.
  • Seinfeld: In the seventh season finale of “The Invitations,” George smokes Costanza Morley to show up at the home of his fiancée Susan Ross in hopes that she will cancel their upcoming wedding.
  • Dirty Lives: Series: In the first episode of Pills, Poison and Penises, Morley brand cigarettes are advertised on a billboard in the grocery store where Vera works.
  • Space: Beyond and Above: In the episode “Ray Butts,” the main character, Ray Butts, has a backpack at the beginning of the episode.
  • Special Victims Unit 2: In the episode “Grain,” a housewife is influenced by the Sandman to rob a corner store and claim all the money and a pack of Morleys.
  • Spy Game
  • Filter: In episode 11, season 1, Zach Goodweather Morley finds cigarettes on the floor of a ransacked grocery store looking for cigarettes for Mariela Martinez.
  • Shock System 2: Morley’s cigarette packs are part of the game. Essentially useless when smoked, they cause the player’s character to lose health.
  • Series 70: In the episode “Eric gets suspended,” Red Foreman tells Eric Foreman to smoke a whole pack of Morleys after being caught with a cigarette at school.
  • Tenant
  • Thirteen
  • Voyageur
  • End of the World: Gary smokes Morleys throughout the film, which is best seen after the fight scene with the twins.
  • Up All Night: In I Can’t Leave You (season 2, episode 9), Chris finds it hard to resist the urge to buy a pack of cigarettes in a supermarket where Morlis is behind the counter.
  • In “Save the Last One” (season 2, episode 3), Dale reflects on a lit cigarette on the roof of his van. In “Consumed” (season 5, episode 6), Daryl finds a box of Morley Lights softgels on the floor next to Noah, stuck under a shelf.
  • Warehouse 13: In the fourth episode of the season “Those You Love,” Mrs. Frederick and Steve Jinks enter the “library” (a secret room in the Vatican). On the table is a pack of Morley cigarettes that was left four months earlier.
  • The Weeds: In the third episode of the season, “The Brick Dance,” Conrad asks Heylia about Morley smoking, something she hasn’t done in years.
  • The X-Files: The Cigarette Smoking Man, played by William B. Davis, smokes this fictional brand, as does agent Monica Reyes. The X-Files is perhaps Morley’s most famous use of cigarettes. In Brand X, Mulder and Scully go to Morley Tobacco’s headquarters after an employee is murdered.

Frequently asked questions

Are counterfeit cigarettes used in the TV show?

The Screen Actors Guild has very strict guidelines regarding smoking in the workplace, so the cigarettes you see on screen are usually fake. (Jon Hamm once said he was only allowed to smoke 74 cigarettes in the pilot of Mad Men, so you can imagine how damaging that is to his health.

How do cigarettes work in film?

Props. In some cases, the cigarette is just used as an accessory, whether it’s herb-based or tobacco-based. You found an actor holding it, but sometimes not even smoking…. To make it look real, the cigarette was cut to the right size at various points in the film.

What do they use for cigarettes on TV?

But one of the most widely used brands is Morley. Jonathan Kuntz: Morley Cigarettes is the best known brand of fictional cigarettes and has been used in movies, TV shows and video games for 60 years. Jonathan Kuntz says they are made by a company in Sun Valley, California.

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