Dirt and cobblestone bricks get destroyed very easily in Minecraft, so it’s important to know how to see durability in Minecraft!

The popularity of Minecraft has exploded in recent years, due to its intuitive gameplay, innovative applications of the game, and the way it has changed how millions of people play games. The fact remains that Minecraft is a game that children can play all day without getting bored, and once you’ve played it for a certain period of time, it’s easy to see why. What’s not so obvious is how this game can be so difficult to beat. How do you survive the harsh terrain and hostile mobs until you can finally claim the vast treasures that lie in the caves below?

In recent years, Minecraft has become a game that kids love to play, but it is important to know that not all parts of the game are created equally. While there are many different types of blocks in the game, some of which are fragile and break easily while others are more difficult to break, it is possible to see how durable the blocks are by using a few different tools and methods.


Minecraft is one of the few games that requires a significant amount of effort from players. Throughout the game, your attention and focus are required. To improve as a player, you may utilize a variety of useful tools, weapons, and armors in Minecraft. With time, these products lose their effectiveness. It would be ideal if Minecraft had this feature as well. To begin, you must first understand how to see durability in Minecraft. 

To begin, locate the item symbol on your screen. A tiny bar will appear underneath this symbol. This bar will allow you to check the status of your item. The color of the bar would be one of three options: red (poor), green (good), or yellow (excellent) (medium). To get the precise durability statistics, press the F3 and “H” buttons together. To discover the exact amount, move your mouse to that bar. 

It’s critical to keep a watch on your Minecraft item’s efficiency, functionality, durability, and performance. Otherwise, your goods will deteriorate with time. You can make your tools last longer and be more efficient by evaluating their durability. I’ll explain how to verify an item’s durability in this article. 

How Do I Check An Item’s Durability In Minecraft?


To defend oneself against their opponents, Minecraft players utilize a variety of tools, weapons, and armors. It’s ideal if they maintain themselves informed on the state of their instruments. Otherwise, their Minecraft goods will begin to deteriorate. 

The durability of Minecraft objects indicates how long the item’s characteristics will last. It also informs you when your equipment will become obsolete as a result of your gaming. It’s ideal if you keep an eye on the longevity of your Minecraft goods. To do so, follow these steps:

  • You’ll see the object symbol and get a sense of how good or bad your thing is. 
  • Its colored bar will be very useful in this respect. 
  • The “F3” and “H” keys will tell you how long your item will last. 

If your item’s durability is poor, you may still improve it using the following methods:

  • The finest enchantment for increasing the durability of an object in Minecraft is Mending Enchantment. It may also be boosted by combining two damaged items. 
  • As a consequence, the durability of both damaged things will rise, and the new item’s durability will improve. 

The ability to obtain durability data differs depending on the Minecraft platform you’re using. I’ll show you how to check an item’s durability on some of the most popular Minecraft platforms. 

In Minecraft Java, how do you check an item’s durability?

Minecraft Java Edition enables you to monitor the performance of your Minecraft objects. For your Minecraft goods, there is a suitable system of checks and balances. This technique will be used to determine the durability. 

  1. On your Minecraft server screen, you’ll see an item icon.
  2. Place your mouse on the icon. 
  3. A colorful bar would appear underneath the item icon. 
  4. That bar will tell you how your item is doing. 
  5. The precise durability may also be found in numeric form.  
  6. You may view the durability of an item in numeric form by pressing F3+H at the same time. 
  7. It will inform you of the number of times you may use your item. It also shows you how many damages your object can sustain during a game of Minecraft. 

How Do I Check An Item’s Durability In Minecraft Bedrock?

You won’t be able to see the precise durability numbers of your object in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. The colorful bar indicates the condition of your item’s durability. It will tell you how long your thing will last and how long it will last.

Always double-check a used item’s durability. In Minecraft, you can’t determine the durability of an unused object. 

How Can I Tell If An Item Is Durable In Minecraft Survival?

You’ll learn exactly how long your item will last in this section. The same method is available in Minecraft Survival Edition for determining the durability of your item.

You must hold down the “H” key while pressing the “F3” key. 

How Do I Check An Item’s Durability On A Minecraft Server?

In a Minecraft server, determining an item’s durability is simple. You may also use “F3+H” here. You must hold down the “H” key while pressing the “F3” key. 

How Do I Check An Item’s Durability In Minecraft Realms?

To verify the durability of your goods, you’ll follow the technique described above. Minecraft Realms uses the same method as the original Minecraft server to determine the durability of your items. 

How Do I Check An Item’s Durability In Minecraft Windows 10?


The following are the greatest methods to demonstrate endurance in Windows 10:

  • If you’re using a Windows PC, use F3+H to check an item’s durability. 
  • In Minecraft Vanilla, press FN+F3+H to view an item’s durability. 

Armors, tools, and weapons for Minecraft

The longevity of Minecraft armor, tools, and weapons varies depending on their kind and substance. The above-mentioned items’ durability reduces by one point for every four damages. As a result, it is essential to monitor the goods’ durability over time. You’ll lose your armor, tools, and weapons if you don’t.

The same technique will be used to determine the item’s durability. But how would you know whether these things in Minecraft are durable?

  • To verify the durability, you don’t have to access your inventory. 
  • You’ll choose your item from the object icon. 
  • Then press F3 & H keys at the same time.
  • On your Minecraft screen, you will see the precise value of your item’s durability. 

There is one issue about which you must be concerned. In Minecraft, you’ll examine the durability of each piece of armor individually. 

One of the most popular games of all time, Minecraft has found itself at the forefront of the mobile gaming craze. With its endless creativity and endless possibilities, the game is easily one of the best. However, some players have discovered a hidden feature in the game that shows how durable their creations are and if they’re worth their weight.. Read more about how to show durability in minecraft xbox and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you check weapon durability?

The best way to check your weapons durability is by looking at the blade. If you see that it has a lot of scratches, then it will likely be low on durability.

How do you check item ID and durability in Minecraft?

You can use the /item command in-game to check item IDs and durability.

How do you see what is left in Minecraft?

I see what is left in Minecraft by looking at the map.

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