AIYAI tells the story of a neighborhood plagued by mysterious tragedies. A young man becomes the guide of an unknown spirit who lures victims to their gruesome fate.

AYAI: The film Angry Soul was shot in Brisbane and Dalby, Queensland, directed by Kanesha Mohan Sundaram. The film was released in Singapore, Qatar, UAE, Bahrain and Oman in March 2020. Last year AIYAI was very well received at various international film festivals on all continents with over 24 official selections including 14 winners. Because of this recognition, the film was often aired on social media. AIYAI is currently airing worldwide and will be available on all platforms.

Statement by the Executive Director
AYAI: Angry Soul (pronounced eye-eye) was born from an idea inspired by the name itself, an ancient Indian word that describes the destitute homeless who live on the margins of our world. As for the script, we clearly avoided the clichés of horror movies and mixed real events with unique elements, focusing on the main characters. The purpose of the AYAI: Wrathful Soul, a psychological thriller with supernatural overtones, needed to create characters who lived a familiar, grounded and realistic life to give the audience a sense of an authentic story they could easily and organically connect with. The concept and themes are specifically designed to appeal to a demanding international audience and provide an enhanced viewing experience that goes far beyond a typical supernatural thriller.

Our protagonist, Kirane, is an international student facing adversity. Fish out of water, and if that wasn’t enough, he is soon forced to join a vengeful spirit that may actually reflect his own growing confusion and animosity with his personal situation and the situations he finds himself in. As the story unfolds, we learn that not everything is as it seems, and when the horrific events that foreshadowed it all are revealed at the crucial end, the audience comes to know exactly what led our hero to take such a terrible path. With ultimate satisfaction and tragic resolution, we learn that there is indeed a great moral basis for the events of this history.

Distributor Instruction:
Film Regions International has been working to help sell the film in some of the available areas of the world hampered by the pandemic. However, when I first heard about this film, I was struck by the fact that it reminded me of The Exorcist and The Hard Man, but there’s something those two films don’t have: Authentic Australian taste and style. I honestly thought it was one of the most effective and terrifying supernatural thrillers I’ve seen in years, and I think there’s an audience for a film as twisted and terrifying as this one – John R. Blythe, President of International Film Regions

The AIYAI theme will air in the Asian subcontinent this April and at Easter in the UK, US and Europe on all VOD platforms.

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