Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical In The Heights will be making its big screen debut this weekend, and it doesn’t look like Miranda is going to be singing at all. The movie is a concert film of Miranda’s hit Broadway show and stars the entire original cast. It’s not known how much Miranda will sing in the film, but those who saw him on Broadway might get a pretty good idea as to how many (if any) songs he’ll say.

The Broadway musical In the Heights is based on the Broadway musical of the same name by Lin-Manuel Miranda. In the Heights is a coming-of-age story set in the Washington Heights neighborhood of New York City in the summer of 2000. The musical opens with Usnavi, a bright and ambitious high school freshman who is about to learn that life is much more difficult than he imagined.

Lin-Manuel Miranda is one of my favorite musicians. I love the musical In the Heights, and I have been a fan of his since I first heard the song “Almost Like Praying”. I decided to see the movie in theaters, and I loved it. I actually loved it so much that I had to see it again (no, I’m not that obsessed with the movie).. Read more about in the heights movie and let us know what you think.


Core team: Anthony Ramos, Cory Hawkins.

Director: John M. Chu.

Cherry Jones is in town and this weekend we recorded the first episode of my new yacht restoration show for the VickiTube streaming service, Cherry’s Fiery Yachts.  We took impressive photos of the flames engulfing the teak panels in the master suite, and the chintz curtains in my boudoir looked very pretty as they spewed little sparks as they went up.  Unfortunately, not all team members were equally accurate with the army flamethrowers we had purchased at wholesale prices from a local store.  Several fires went beyond what was originally planned and nearly engulfed the engine room, but Captain Drew and the yacht’s crew quickly got the situation under control with their fire extinguishers and some help from the fireboat in port.  Miss Jones’ dress (Bombalurina from my personal stash of GlamourPuss haute couture – haute couture based on Cats’ costumes) was almost intact, although her makeup was a bit spotty, requiring her to be redone a few times in the studio.  We have more footage of the fire than we need for the show, which gave me a brilliant idea: I’m going to have my people contact John Malkovich to see if he wants to reprise his role as Pale in Burn It Up with Cherry.  This gives us a place to use all of our imagery.  I believe that the film should not be lost.

Singing the Candyman by Sammy Davis Jr, I could be persuaded to take the part.

As this project progresses, I need to find something that will allow me to work in front of the camera again instead of as a producer.  Every day Kondo Man gets emails from my fans asking when they can see me in a new musical.  The proliferation of streaming services creates a demand for content, so I get sent scripts all the time, but I refuse to take on any project. Everything I do should be done with taste, showcase my talents and make the world a better place.  Playing an alien dancer in a show called Mandalorian, whose script was last accepted, doesn’t suit him. I also made a rule to never play in a movie named after a medieval stringed instrument. That’s why I turned down the lead role in Song of the Lute on Broadway a few years ago.  A girl named Mary Martin got the part.  There’s another script on my desk, a musical version of Candyman, which I’ll discuss later this week.  If they want me to take this movie seriously, they better give me the theme song, sung by Sammy Davis Jr.

I finished a little early tonight, so I decided to go to the movies.  My local movie theater on Santa Monica Boulevard has reopened and gotten a liquor license, so I went there, grabbed a bottle of rosé from the restaurant, and bought a ticket to the new movie version of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Broadway hit On High, which recently opened.  I haven’t seen the stage version of the play, but I heard some of the music about ten years ago when I was in negotiations to play Vanessa in a national tour.  I eventually gave up on the game because there wasn’t enough tap to make it worthwhile.  So I went there with a vague idea of what the film was about, with an idea of the musical language, but without understanding the details.

In the end, I was very pleasantly surprised by the film In the Heights and its depiction of Latin American/Caribbean culture in early 21st century New York. The century.  In the original play, Miranda played the central role of Usnavi, but a generation later he retired from the role and passed it on to Anthony Ramos (from Hamilton’s original cast).  Sir, I want to thank you for your support. Miranda always keeps an eye on his neighborhood, even though he occasionally plays the role of piraguero.

In the Heights is a valentine to the Latino and Caribbean communities of Upper Manhattan in the Washington Heights neighborhood.  In this magical land lives a young man named Usnavi, who runs a local winery with his young cousin Sonny (Gregory Diaz IV).  He is in love with beautiful Vanessa (Melissa Barrera) who works in Daniela’s (Daphne Rubin-Vega) salon, but dreams of escaping the city and becoming a famous fashion designer.  Usnavi has his own dreams, mainly to return to the Dominican Republic and restore the beach bar his father owned before they emigrated.

Meanwhile, Nina Rosario (Leslie Grace), a bright young girl admitted to Stanford, returns with her troubles to her father’s (Jimmy Smits) taxi company, where Benny, her dispatcher and best friend Usnavi (Corey Hawkins), has a crush on her.  All this is watched by the neighbors’ beloved matriarch, Abuela Claudia (Olga Merediz), who watches the boys with the wisdom of old people who have seen everything in their lives.

The plot of On High is relatively unimportant.  Each of our directors has their own dream, some for themselves, some for others.  They chase those dreams and find themselves in an immigrant community whose members have always dreamed of settling in America – of a better life for themselves and their children – and some of those dreams come true, but not always in the way one would expect.  Through it all, the characters and the audience take a journey about the meaning of family, community, mutual support and love.

Many film adaptations of musicals seem clumsy and theatrical rather than cinematic.  Writer Ciara Alegria Hudes and director John M. Chu (Crazy Rich Asians) avoid this with a kind of chemistry.  There is not a single moment or song in In the Heights that is not cinematic.  The film unfolds with an ease that allows the viewer to swim along and fully empathize with his magical world where neighbors of all shapes, sizes and colors begin hip-hoping together on the street or imitating Esther Williams in a public pool.  The film achieves this through an abundance of background detail, both in setting and presentation.  There is always someone or something in the picture that may not be central to the story or the main characters, but fills this hyper-realistic world.  However, this leads to the only downside of the film.  There’s so much in the film that it runs about 15 minutes longer than it should, and there are a number of moments that drag on.

Anthony Ramos plays the role of Heights with ease; he’s handsome, but in a quirky way, with his freckles and big ears making him rather attractive, and he has a lot of charisma that makes you worry about how things will end up with him.  Another brilliant representative of the ensemble is Olga Merediz.  Her great song Paciencia y Fe te elfder ure is the most memorable moment in the film, both because of the staging and because of the emotional content Ms. Merediz gives it.  Most of the other energetic young actors play their roles well, but they don’t have a moment like this, although Benny and Nina’s duet, When the Sun Goes Down, is a magical moment brought to life by imaginative direction and cinematic tricks, and a little Fred and Ginger on the wall of the wheelhouse.

There aren’t many live musicals these days that work as both entertainment and film, so On High is definitely worth seeing, even for the nightly price.

A tropical beach.  Wasted milk. Mark Anthony free. The winning lottery ticket. Container diving. The art of graffiti. Pool Noodle Choreography. Lore Transsexual Lounge. The drivers of the train to Havana. The joy of the hydrant.

To learn more about Ms. Norman Maine, please take a look at our introduction

Originally from Seattle, Washington, the land of fog, coffee and flying salmon, Ms. Benson is a member of the National Academy of Sciences. Norman Maine at a difficult time in his life, shortly after moving to Alabama, when Athena pops out of Andy’s head.Lin-Manuel Miranda’s hit musical In the Heights is the perfect musical to celebrate the anniversary of the passing of the first lady of the United States. In the Heights is a musical that chronicles the lives of a group of friends in one of the poorest sections of the city of New York. The musical revolves around the life of a family of immigrants living in the Washington Heights section of Manhattan.. Read more about in the heights canada and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is in the Heights based on Lin-Manuel Miranda?


How can I see the movie in the Heights?

The Heights Theater is located at 1811 Heights Boulevard.

Can I watch in the Heights on Netflix?

Yes, you can watch in the Heights on Netflix.

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