A sensual and completely positive exploration of contemporary relationships, presented in four anthologies taking place in Melbourne, Berlin, Malta and New York. In Corpore, the grey areas of relationships are explored and the implications of love and lust, fidelity and infidelity, traditional expectations and self-gratification are revealed. We talked to actress Clara Francesca about her leading role in the film.

It’s time for independent films, which can be seen in every house this year. Has the decision to release In Corpore now and worldwide been made because of all the blockages?

It’s definitely the year of the drink! And that’s a plus for independent films. We’re grateful to be part of this deal.  Frankly, we had hoped to present the film live within the four walls of New York City in May 2020, but when the pandemic struck, it became a challenge. The release of In Corpore was actually a good plan B!

How long has she been with you? When was the movie ready?

The work really brought me closer after my emigration to New York and the main producers, Sarah, Ivan and I discussed different relationships and personal experiences. At the time, we’d all made a few films together and we wanted to keep working together. We had the luxury of meeting all three of us at the Cannes Film Festival later in the year, and In Corpore took shape. We asked the question: How do relationships break down if communication fails? Shooting began in Melbourne, Malta, New York and then Berlin in 2017, and post-production ended in 2020, when the film was fully completed and ready for release!

It’s a relationship film, but not when Harry met Sally. How did you describe him to the others?

Haha! Yeah, it certainly isn’t when Harry meets Sally! I describe it as a film that investigates the fear that white women of all three sexes in the CIS have of identifying themselves because they do not meet the norm; these women are surrounded by skeptics who believe that their peculiarities are just a phase. This leads to women not revealing themselves fully, probably out of fear. These omissions lead to unpleasant side effects: Julia (whom I play) is fired in a desperate attempt to distract her pain from a failed attempt – Anna (Naomi Said) is cheated because she hides her family planning decisions from her husband – Milana (Kelsey Gillis) is fundamentally faced with a choice between her love life and her job. It’s unpleasant to watch.

This perpetuates the cycle of interrupted communication. It’s sometimes rude and ugly to look at. The spectator meets our characters in the middle of this rawness. In Corpore, the public challenges us to change the way we approve of relationships. When we judge and fear the attitude of others, it can be almost impossible to find a solution (whether that solution consists of making progress or finding a compromise or otherwise) ….. In Corpore it is suggested that when we impose a relational agenda on others, we end up on a hamster wheel of gross hidden failures and no one on either side of the aisle seems very happy or satisfied.


How much research did you do before you started the project?

This film has been the subject of much research by all directors and actors. Many articles have been read. Numerous contemporary peer-reviewed films with similar themes were watched. Most importantly, there was a lot of anecdotal evidence of face-to-face conversations, visits to private places that promote these types of relationships, viewing blog posts and online forums. We have learned that there is no solution for both types of relationships. We have learned that, universally, any form of relationship can collapse when parties live in fear and avoid communication.

Did you have a story for your character, if not on paper?

I had a story about my character that wasn’t on paper. Actually, it’s a very personal thing. Julia is often invited into polygamous and flowing spaces, but she doesn’t quite understand how she can be present in these spaces when her first known community of more monogamous spaces looks deeply angry with her. She doesn’t know how to communicate with herself and is deeply confused. In order not to seem confused, she distracts herself a lot. She has moments of insight, then moments of loss.

Did the movie open doors for you?

We did it!

In 2021 you can play any superhero on screen – who do you play?

Hahaha! I love it! I would like to play a newly created superhero, inspired by the goddess Kali Ma (for her great and fierce protection) and the archangel Chamuel (for his unconditional love) …… What do you call this superhero? Queen of Integrity? Knife lover? Loveblaster? Lol

In CORPORA now available on request.

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