Venom is a Marvel Comics character who has been featured in Spider-Man comics since the late 1980s. He is an antihero who made his debut as a villain, but later became an antihero and even eventually joined the Avengers.

Venom is a villain in the Marvel Comics universe. He is an alien Symbiote who bonds with Spider-Man to become one of his greatest enemies. Read more in detail here: carnage.

One of Marvel’s most fascinating and engaging characters is the Venom Symbiote. Venom has piqued the interest of fans who have desired more of the character since his introduction as Spider-(in)famous Man’s ‘Black Suit,’ particularly when he connected with damaged journalist Eddie Brock. Venom has changed a lot throughout the years, and his demeanor has altered on many times. That’s why we decided to look into Venom’s character and determine if he’s a villain or a hero.

Venom began as a villain, but he has since developed and found his heroic side, but he has never fully realized his potential as a hero. He’s an antihero in the vein of Wolverine, although a little scarier. Venom’s heroism isn’t much more pronounced, but he doesn’t always act like a hero.

To properly comprehend Venom’s personality, we must examine the character’s past and the evolution of his connection with Eddie Brock. That is, in some ways, necessary for us to see why he is the way he is today, and how he progressed from a genuine villain to a lovable antihero.

Venom’s Development

Venom was created by a fictitious race of extraterrestrial amorphous parasites known as symbiotes. The Venom Symbiote was first thought to be insane and banished to the Battleworld since he was not as vicious and merciless as his fellow Symbiotes.

When the Beyonder planned the Secret Wars, he selected the planet where the symbiote had been banished as a battlefield, and when Spider-Man destroyed his suit, he was taken to a chamber where a machine to duplicate it was accidentally released, allowing the symbiote to join him as if it were a costume.

Spider-physical Man’s abilities were enhanced by the alien costume, which provided him with invulnerability, a more effective healing factor, the ability to create tentacles in the event of need, and the ability to produce and cast cobwebs without the use of his old web launchers, making Wall Climbing practically unbeatable.


Spider-Man eventually returned to Earth, carrying the symbiote with him. Spider-Man started to notice his excessively “advanced” powers and a shift in his attitude shortly after returning to his former life. Thanks to Reed Richards, Peter was able to get rid of the alien outfit.

The symbiote managed to elude capture by attempting to reconnect with its host, so it disguised itself as one of Peter’s usual habits and rejoined him. The symbiote is resistant to the spider-sense as a consequence of combining with Peter’s mind, thus it cannot be detected.

Peter started a battle with the alien after realizing the symbiont’s deceit, and as he approached a church’s bell tower, he used the tolling of the bells to successfully remove the symbiote from himself.

The alien stayed in the chapel like a refugee, hating Spider-Man and plotting his vengeance. There, he encountered Eddie Brock, a journalist who despises Spider-Man and accuses him of destroying his life.

Eddie Brock’s hate and the revelation of the symbiote’s abilities enabled a fusion without the constraints imposed by Peter Parker’s conscience, and Venom, a very deadly creature, was created.

Eddie’s personality is the result of a difficult upbringing and adolescence. Eddie did all he could to win his father’s confidence and attention, and after graduating from university, he went to New York and worked as a reporter for the Daily Globe, where he met and married Anne Weying.

Eddie felt he’d discovered the scoop of his life when he casually assumed he’d managed to contact the infamous serial murderer Sin-Eater: due to his stories, Eddie’s reputation as a journalist increased, but the news was false, as Spider-Man handed the actual Sin-Eater to the police.

Brock was fired as a result of this, and he lost his job, his wife, and his life. The symbiote, still connected to Spider-Man, became more aggressive and murderous, feeding Brock’s rage; the alien also disclosed Spider-true Man’s nature to him.

The officials were unable to separate Brock from the symbiote, and he fled. The preoccupation with Spider-Man led to a confrontation that concluded with Venom’s defeat and his imprisonment; however, the police were unable to separate Brock from the symbiote, and he escaped. Brock then constructed a warped ethic around his hate for Spider-Man by citing stories in which he was portrayed as an outlaw.


During a subsequent jail break, a piece of the alien separated from his body and implanted itself in Eddie’s cellmate, serial murderer Cletus Kassady, giving birth to Carnage, a more wicked and powerful version of Venom.

Venom took the position of defender of the innocent by administering very harsh and unimaginable penalties on offenders, motivated by a twisted moral system. Eddie eventually chose to give up the symbiote since he was dying of cancer and sold it at a criminal auction a few years later.

The two would eventually reconcile, but the Symbiote was also involved in the creation of Anti Venom, who collaborated with the government after fusing with Flash Thompson.

Is Venom a hero or a villain?

Now that we’ve covered all of the important details, we can make a final judgment on Venom’s real character. Specifically, you’ve seen how the Venom Symbiote developed, and that development must be considered when evaluating the character in any manner.

We began with the evil Venom, who, after being repeatedly rejected by Spider-Man, returned to Earth and vowed vengeance on the Crimson Arachnid. Venom was a beast at the moment, totally unfamiliar with Earth’s morality, and all he wanted was to feed his hunger.


That’s why he chose Eddie Brock, a great journalist whose career was destroyed by a compulsive liar, as his ideal host. Brock’s demise was the consequence of a series of terrible circumstances, but now lost and on the brink of suicide, he sought solace in God and his hate for Spider-Man, whom he blamed for everything, despite Spider-lack Man’s of involvement.

Venom and Eddie bonded immediately after sharing that trait, and they went on to become an evil team that tormented New York City. The Venom Symbiote transformed with Eddie after many confrontations with Spider-Man and Eddie’s moral rehabilitation.

He was fully aware of the threats posed by Carnage and Toxin, as well as the Life Foundation’s Symbiotes. On many instances, he worked alongside Spider-Man, and although the Venom Symbiote did battle Eddie on several times due to its feral nature, a rehabilitated Eddie Brock would always calm Venom down.


Eddie Brock eventually created his own moral code, which, although flawed, tended more toward the positive than anything else. He ceased to be a villain, without a doubt, but he never really became a hero, despite coming “dangerously” near.

This is why Venom is classified as an antihero. In that regard, he is quite similar to Wolverine in that he performs most of the heroic things, but in a slightly different way. Venom is a fascinating antihero who is neither a villain nor a hero.

The venom heroes wiki is a website that discusses the different views of the character. Venom has been seen in many different ways in comics, movies, and games.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Venom considered a villain?

Venom is a villain, but he is not the only one.

Is Venom a good guy or bad guy in the new movie?

Venom is the main antagonist in the new movie, so he is considered to be a bad guy.

Is Agent Venom a hero?

Yes, Agent Venom is a hero.

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