Jimmy “Fat Man” Jacobs was born March 1, 1929 in the East End of London, England, and is well known for being the star of many low budget British films. He was a big man, and would weigh around 500 pounds in his later years. Jacobs was the star of the ‘Fat Man’ series of films. The ‘Fat Man’ series of movies featured Jackie ‘The Jap’ Deacon, who was portrayed by Jacobs, and his side kick ‘The Baron’, played by John Abbott. The series included ‘The Baron and the Fat Man’, ‘The Baron and the Fat Man Strikes Back’, ‘The Baron and the Fat Man’s Last Escape’, ‘The Baron and the Fat Man’s Revenge’ and ‘

While many of us have heard of Jimmy “Fat Man” Jacobs, few knew he was a huge star in his own right. But in 1948 when he was playing bass in a band called the Jimmy Jacobs Trio, he was the only one who heard it. Although enough people heard it that he was given a record contract, and his own radio show. But after a few years of playing small venues, he had to give up the show as a TV and radio star.

The second character who appears in the episode The Stranger on the Sweet Tooth Train is someone Gus, Bear, and Jep met on the train mentioned in the title: Jimmy Fatty Jacobs, played by Suli Moa. Jimmy, a former football player who has suffered too many concussions to think clearly, turns out to be an old friend of Jepperd’s, and he’s the only one who can hit as hard as he does….. Which will come in handy when he decides to protect his buddy from the last humans. In the comics, Jimmy has a similar story, but he has the right brain and appears much later to help our heroes in the final days of their mission. Let’s see.

Before the crash, before the disease wiped out most of humanity by rebuilding the world, Jimmy Jacobs was a minor superstar, a professional hockey player in the Eastern League. He was nicknamed Fatty and was a defender with the Plymouth Hounds. He was considered the worst defenseman to ever skate in the league ….. skated until 2003, when his team met the Minnesota Wildcats in the semifinals and Jimmy found his rival in left defenseman Tommy Japperd, who was as tough and brutal as he was. But these are stories from another time: When Sick arrived, everything seemed to be from another planet, and Jimmy was alone, all the ‘s he knew were dead or gone somewhere. He spent all his time in the little house on the side of the road, counting down the days until the virus reached him, fending off militiamen who either wanted to recruit him or steal something from him; either way, they discovered that his strength and ferocity had not diminished in any way, even with age. Jimmy’s loneliness ended the moment he found a hybrid, slightly larger than a newborn, wandering alone in the woods: Without coming up with a name, he just called him Crow Boy, fed him, kept him with him, and adopted him, so to speak. The two men became a good pair, with the raven boy spreading his wings several times a day to act as a guard for Jimmy and warn him of approaching militiamen, so that he could prepare a bloody and very effective defense. One day, about ten years after the plague began, a truck crashed near Jimmy’s cabin. He came to look and found numerous weapons and explosives, and was almost certain that the unconscious driver was Militia, yet he looked strangely familiar.

Curious, Jimmy picks up the still unconscious man and brings him to the hut, where he ties him to a chair: As soon as he woke up, he started questioning him about his identity, but got nothing out of him. Jimmy didn’t want to kill unless he had to, and he certainly didn’t want to release him until he was sure he was safe. He was sure he had seen the stranger somewhere before ….. and when the man called him fat, he finally realized it was Tommy Japperd, the same hockey player he had met so many years earlier. Finally convinced of his identity, and for the first time in years, not feeling alone, Jimmy frees Tommy, who is as surprised as he is to meet him there, and after hearing his story, offers to help him free his friends from a dangerous madman named Haggerty, who has taken over the Evergreen Research Dam house. As in the good old days, two men rode across the river and arrived at the dam, ready to become knights in shining armor….. but Gus, Jepperd’s friend, had already figured out the situation and released everyone. Unfortunately, one of Tommy’s friends, Lucy, died of an illness as soon as they arrived, and Jimmy helped his old friend bury her in the cold, hard ground behind the dam. When the group decided to go to Alaska on a mission that Jimmy didn’t quite understand, he and Raven Boy went with them, happy to have finally found someone to spend the last days of humanity with: some were human, some hybrid, but they all seemed like good people, and Jimmy didn’t care about the rest. They rode together in Tommy’s truck, singing and joking, happier than ever: If it was the end of the world, Jimmy would be content with how things were now. …. At least until they find their target: Anchor Bay, Alaska, a ghost town that holds many secrets.

Jimmy Jacobs is a rough and tough man, but deep down he’s a gentle giant with a heart as big as his muscles, always willing to give a friend a hand and able to lift the spirits of the darkest. Formerly known as the unstoppable Fatman, he is still extremely strong, a formidable athlete who can hit, adept at fighting with his bare hands but also with his trusty axe and firearms. Jimmy Jacobs is a scary man with a heart of gold. He uses his power to protect the weak, and he can’t stand bullies who see power as the right to do whatever they want with others.


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