Jophiel (Arabic: جواهيـــــــل‎‎, born Joseph diGenova, March 13, 1944) is an angel. He is the angel of the presence. He is a Seraph, and is one of the ruling angels. He is one of the twenty-five angels who are appointed over the twenty-five letters of the Hebrew alphabet. According to some sources, he also has the powers of a prophet. He is the chief of the Seraphim.

Jophiel is a movie about a young girl named Chavela who is going through a rough time in her life. As she goes to visit her uncle to tell him about her problems, she is suddenly whisked away to another place. She wakes up and finds she is in a strange place where she is considered “an angel”. She soon meets other “angels” who appear to be her natural “sisters” who also feel lonely and abandoned. Chavela soon learns that this place is called “Jophiel”, which means “Angel”. This is a place where no one is judged for who they are, as the angels have no memory of who they used to be before finding their place here.

Jophiel is an all-star cast of people that you may or may not recognize, but we guarantee you’ll be glad you did. Whether they are the best actors in Hollywood or the most overlooked, we’ve gathered them together in a place where we can all stop and think about who they are.

They made us wait much longer than expected, but the second half of Lucifer season 5 is finally out, and while it’s not particularly good, it does introduce a bunch of new characters from the comics, albeit still with a twist (they’ll take names rather than anything else…). Is this really the end? ! Lucifer is desperately fighting for the throne of the universe, and one of the first angels he meets is Jothiel, played by Miles Burris. Jophiel, an angel of wisdom in the Judeo-Christian tradition, is portrayed as a brash brother-boy, which is a bit odd because in the original he is one of the few female angels in the Kabbalistic tradition. In any case, there is virtually no reference to religious texts in the series version, nor in the comic book version, which is also male, albeit African-American in human form: Let’s see.

Jothiel, sometimes spelled Zophylus, was created before the beginning of history, he was God’s creation, born to worship and serve Him: he was a cherub, one of the angels who had the privilege of helping God directly. He always remained faithful to his Creator and did not participate in the rebellion of Samael against Him. Early in human history, Jothiel did what his role required and, though never directly, his presence in human history is also confirmed in the Bible. When Abraham was asked to sacrifice his only son Isaac as a sign of faithfulness, Jothiel was sent to withhold his hand at the last moment. He praised the man’s faith and his willingness to do what was required of him, even if it was against his own heart, and provided a lamb to sacrifice in place of the child. It was he who, when Pharaoh Rameses refused to deliver Moses and his people from slavery in Egypt, brought the final and most terrible plague upon the land by killing the firstborn in their sleep….. The king of the land had a number of angels who undertook this task, although the exact attribution is still debatable. When Jesus was born, Josephiel was an angel who sang to him at bedtime, and the Son of God was the first human baby he held in his arms. Even after biblical times, Jothiel touched the minds and souls of many mortals, and some of them, like the poet John Milton, loved him very much and dedicated poems and hymns to him. In time, as humanity began to drift away from the sacred and mysterious, Jophiel was given a new mission, a fundamental mission that led him to a new realm of habitation: A dream in which all dreams, nightmares, visions and fantasies live under the power of the dream of infinity.

By dreaming, Jophiel was better able to accomplish his new mission: He had dreams that inspired mortals on a spiritual journey and led them to become saints, preachers and mystics. For thousands of years that was all he did, using the cooperation of the dream that gave him more and more nightmares for the task at hand. When the dream role of Morpheus was passed to Daniel Hall, the collaboration resumed and everything went smoothly: St. Joseph created visions of salvation in the midst of terrifying nightmares, which made the dreamer think about eternity and spiritual matters, and awakened in him the desire to follow the path destined for him. One night, however, everything went terribly wrong: The dream provided Jofiel with a newly created nightmare, Ruin, to help him. Ruin, even too young for a nightmare, had been instructed on where he was, what he was, and what he was to do just moments before the vision began, and he had failed spectacularly. Doom was supposed to frighten the seer Benedict into turning his soul to eternity, but when the boy witnessed the martyrdom of Saint Joan in a nightmare, he suddenly fell in love with her, even though he wasn’t supposed to feel anything : Ruin had wanted to turn the vision into something beautiful and comforting, but he was a nightmare after all, and he managed to turn the horrible vision into a vision of horror that so disturbed Ben that he never wanted to think about spiritual things again in his life. The plan was ruined, Benedict never became the spiritual leader he should have been, and all who were touched by his calling will never be reached: The failure landed on the shoulders of Jophiel, who was banished from the dream world to Earth Prime, where he assumed human form and was sentenced to a simple, ordinary life in Old Branch, New Jersey. La situation ne pouvait pas être pire, car il a été rapidement rattrapé par Ruin, qui, pour une raison quelconque, habitait maintenant le corps d’une femme mortelle…..

Jothiel is a proud and obedient angel, who has done his job impeccably for centuries, but now must live in shame and failure for the mistakes of others. Like a cherub, he is immortal and can even fly between dimensions. In its original form, it is a fierce lion-headed creature with six wings and a flaming sword. A servant of the present, so dedicated that he accepts his punishment even though he feels he doesn’t deserve it, Jofiel is now forced to experience firsthand the mortal existence he has observed since the beginning of time… and then also a mortal existence in New Jersey.


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Jophiel is a new character in the upcoming live action Disney movie, Independence Day: Resurgence. We were lucky enough to get some exclusive images of her to show you here.. Read more about is jophiel a male or female and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the 7 guardian angels?

The 7 guardian angels are: Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael, Remiel, Anael and Cassiel.

Who are the 7 Fallen Angels names?

Lucifer, Satan, Beelzebub, Asmodeus, Leviathan, Belial and Astaroth.

Who is the angel of knowledge?

The angel of knowledge is the angel who is in charge of knowledge.

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