In the fourth episode of Tandav, youth policy overlaps with national policy.

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In episode four, Tandav had a clear path. After Shiva Shekhar gained fame with his viral video, there was no doubt that he would end up in the big bad world of politics. This finally happened when Shiva took the bait, fulfilled his calling and, in a scene reminiscent of Anil Kapoor’s lead role, Nayaka finally entered the world of politics, albeit at the student level. Samar Pratap is obviously elated, knowing that it’s only a matter of time before the left-wing liberal becomes a right-wing conservative if he sucks.

The road to this point was well paved, but not without some predictability. We rarely see a true Shiva torn between the decision to take the CPSU exams and the decision to enter politics. And family is often a big pawn in politics, but in Shiva’s case we haven’t seen it yet. What would they say? Are they alive? University politics may not be a big deal, and we’ll see how he wrestles with these issues once he really gets into the world of Samara.

Meanwhile, Samar continued to take punches to the fingers from Anuradha Dimple Kapadia. Today, thanks to Samar’s support, Anuradha is a candidate for Chief Minister, Samar is a member of the Youth Affairs Committee and her confidant Aditi is a member of the Women’s Affairs Committee. Saif is trying to play a decent defensive guard, but he’s doing better in terms of execution skills. None of this suits Samar, of course, and he seeks revenge; having not spared his father, he has little reason to feel sorry for his stepmother.

Incidentally, we bring back Tigmansha Dhulia for a flashback with Saif and Sunil Grover. This scene is meant to lay the groundwork for Samar’s philosophy that power is mostly in politics, including relationships. It’s totally simplistic that this one moment alone defines life’s philosophy, but TV shows and movies don’t have much time. It was great to read these anecdotes and realize that it was digitized with special effects; it was perhaps the first attempt to make Indian cinema with this technology. The performance was clean, reasonably clean, and consisted mostly of smoothing out wrinkles. Different hairstyles and looks would have been more convincing; at least we had a more casual hairstyle for Gurpal.

Tandav Episode 4 Always 4

What is fascinating about Imran’s liberation is that the glory of Shiva ultimately liberated him. The two corrupt cops who arrested him were nowhere to be seen, but it was only natural that his viral video was causing quite a stir, so he was afraid to play with it. Notoriety certainly has its benefits and in this case, given the nature of the video and the repercussions it threatened, she was able to help Shiva successfully release her friend Imran. The pressure she later applied to the books seemed a bit old-fashioned, but it paved the way for Shiva’s eventual entry into politics.

I was also fascinated by Saurabh Chauhan’s brief performance as Mr. Shekhawat who spoke about his dedication and how he lost his son in the process. It had a big impact despite the fairly muted reactions of Saif and Sarah Jane Diaz, and at least served to remind Samar of his rash decision, over which he had no control. I am also convinced at this stage that Samar and Aditi are having some sort of affair; Aisha’s look at her husband Samar and Gurpal’s look at Samar and Aditi were enough to raise suspicion.

It was also nice to see more Jigar-Dino-Morea, and I finally got the Saif-Dino pair I mentioned in a previous article (this is the fulfillment of a wish). Both symbols were studied at UNV, with another thread connecting them to the university. Jigar’s open admission to Sandhya was quite blatant and came all too suddenly, making Kritika Sana de Kamra look like an idiot for sleeping with a 40-year-old man (and probably rightly so). It is still unclear how Samar needs Jigar to play his game – perhaps his relationship with Sana, who in turn is close to Shiva, is the connective tissue that helps Samar manipulate Shiva. But it’s a long road.

If Tandav follows the traditional political path, he now has to focus on how Shiva gets sucked into the ugly world of politics and how his life gets turned upside down. In the end he may or may not triumph, but in Samar’s hands he will play the role of pawn for a long time to come.

Tandav Season 1 Episode 4 Rating: 7.5 out of 10

I will be doing reviews of individual episodes of season one of Tandav. These reviews will contain spoilers until the episode is reviewed. Read on and let me know what you think of these different reviews in the comments below.

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