No, we’re not talking about the battle of the fittest between the two main characters of the show Lucifer and Michael, but the real battle that is being fought out in a court room right now. The legal battle, which is happening right now, is between two companies who are suing each other for trademark infringement because of similarities in their logos.

One of the most popular debates on Youtube is that of Lucifer vs Michael, who is the better villain. The arguments for both sides are extensive and endless, and in this article we will try to present a balanced view of the two characters, and show that they have much in common.

One of TV’s most anticipated debuts this fall arrives as Fox’s Lucifer, a new series from the minds of the departed Mindy Kaling and the equally sharp-tongued and wickedly talented Tom Welling, stars the devil himself, who goes by the name of Lucifer Morningstar. And while the concept is intriguing, the question remains: should you watch the show? (Spoiler alert: if you look at the title of this blog post, you already know the answer.). Read more about lucifer and michael vs the presence and let us know what you think.


Whether you are a fan of Lucifer, Supernatural, or just like the fights of mythical beings such as angels, there is something for everyone. In this post, we’ve compiled all of the information we could uncover to give you the definitive answer to the question: who would win?

Lucifer is the winner. Because he was outmanned throughout the collapse, it was simple to dismiss him as unworthy of combat. Lucifer, on the other hand, has a big presence today, whether as a Christian demon or a TV villain. Michael, on the other hand, simply demonstrates strength and devotion, both of which are subjective.

Read everything about Lucifer and Michael below to find out how we choose our winner!

The Powers of Lucifer 


DC Comics

Unlike the other Fallen Angels, Lucifer retained his holy and near-omnipotent abilities, owing to his Archangel rank. Lucifer has the power to manipulate any external factor in order to accomplish his desired outcome. 

He can’t create anything out of nothing; he’ll need his brother Michael’s Demiurgic energy, and then his niece Elaine’s. When Michael and Lucifer work together, they can create everything from living beings to whole multiverses. 

Lucifer is even more strong than the Endless, and Michael and the Presence are the only known beings capable of fighting with and exceeding his strength.


When God ordered all angels to bend down to mankind, Lucifer resisted out of jealously and wounded pride at being forced to kneel down to what he regarded as a broken, imperfect, and violent race, and no longer believing he was God’s favorite creation. 

He is one of the Universe’s oldest and most powerful beings, as well as one of the Universe’s oldest and most powerful entities in all of existence, as the second-born Archangel. Because he cannot possess a person by force, Lucifer, like all other angels, need the permission of a strong enough human to act as his vessel. 

As an archangel, Lucifer possesses much more power than any angel, pagan god, demon, or monster worshipped by the Winchesters, making him one of the most powerful beings they’ve ever encountered.


Lucifer, being one of the most powerful and well-known angels, is very strong and has both talents and limits. Even Amenadiel acknowledged that Lucifer was once the greatest of God’s angels, with Lucifer outperforming his older brother’s might when he actually wanted to fight him in order to defeat him, and Lucifer proving to be more compelling than his brother even after Michael had formed himself as God’s right-hand. 

Lucifer has extraordinary magical abilities as well as the capacity to handle Celestial items or weapons that humans are unable to control, such as his Pentecostal Coin and the Flaming Sword. 

Lucifer, like other angels, has an incredibly tough body that can withstand a lot of physical abuse; as a consequence, Lucifer cannot be harmed in any manner that humans can. Bullets and knives bounce ineffectively off of his body, as witnessed many times during the series. 

Despite convincing his opponents not to fight him, Lucifer is often shown to be a very skilled and seasoned fighter. When dealing with humans, Lucifer enjoys playing games with them, turning their movements against one another and effortlessly annihilating many individuals at once, but when he stops playing, he can be deadly effective, as shown in his last fight with Cain.

Michael’s Abilities 


DC Comics

Michael Demiurgos is a fictional character who mostly appears in the DC comics series Lucifer. He was modeled on the archangel Michael, who originally appeared in an early linked series called The Sandman, and was created by Neil Gaiman and John Bolton. As an archangel, Michael Demiurgos led God’s troops against Lucifer during his rebellion in Heaven, but he failed.

Michael’s might is only exceeded by God and challenged by his brother Lucifer. His greatest strength is the Demiurgic power he has, which allows him to create anything out of nothing. Following his rebellion, Michael was able to defeat his brother Lucifer and banish him from Heaven using it. The sole limitation of this skill is Michael’s inability to shape it, which prevents him from creating. He’ll need the help of his brother, the Archangel Lucifer, to do so.

Michael, like the other Archangels, is immortal and has superhuman strength, speed, invulnerability, a sonic scream, the ability to fly, acidic blood, telepathy, and the ability to speak with animals.

The archangel Michael Demuirgos is the world’s second most powerful being, only surpassed by his brother Lucifer and matched by their father, the God of the Covenant. Michael was given the power of the Presence himself, the Dunamis Demiurgos. If Michael died and this holy force was unleashed through him as a conduit, it would wipe out all life in the universe and leave nothing behind.


Michael is the most powerful and oldest archangel, much as his counterpart in the main world. Lucifer, the alternative universe’s “Ranking Deity,” claims to be “much more powerful” than the normal reality counterpart of Michael. 

He is the most powerful archangel ever shown on the show; even when he isn’t completely charged, he can easily defeat Gabriel and the main reality Lucifer, slaying his own Lucifer. After possessing Dean, his true vessel, and the Michael Sword, Michael had access to his full power, which was enough to enable Dean to confront the super-charged Lucifer, with Dean’s defeat ascribed to Lucifer’s considerably better combat skills.


As an archangel, Michael has superhuman strength, speed, stamina, endurance, agility, reflexes, intellect, and senses, as well as immortality, invulnerability, indestructibility, eternal youth, dimensional travel, and a regenerative healing factor… He, too, is not without faults. 

Even Amenadiel recognizes Michael as one of the most powerful angels. Michael is very strong, capable of exerting massive amounts of superhuman physical force, and has shown incredible superhuman strength. He was capable of severing a gun, smashing a man’s head through a wall, and choking out Mazikeen quickly and easily. 

For a short period of time, he has shown to be strong enough to stand up against both Amenadiel and Lucifer. He and his twin brother Lucifer are almost equal in strength at full capacity, although Lucifer was able to get the upper hand in their battle at Lux, demonstrating that he is a better fighter than Michael.

Who Would Win in a Battle Between Lucifer and Michael? 

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Although Remiel and Michael were powerful enough to hold their own against them, they were eventually outmatched. Lucifer and Amenadiel are among the strongest angels, with Lucifer even being somewhat stronger than his brother, who is reported to be significantly stronger than Uriel. 

Lucifer is a dragon celestial, the highest kind of angel, and is much stronger, larger, and smarter than Michael on a natural level. It is possible that Christ was mentioned in the Bible prior to the New Testament. He manifested himself in many forms.

Given that Lucifer, as the Devil, is capable of testing and corrupting individuals in order to send them to hell or just to play with God, it is fair to say that he has a significant influence. Michael is not one of the creatures who is thought to be particularly powerful; he is only portrayed as such while discussing the Bible, since good must triumph over evil. Lucifer, on the other hand, emerges victorious in this fight.

DC Comics

Lucifer killed Michael in a one-on-one fight. Michael may have won, but Lucifer would always have the upper hand since Michael is the embodiment of power and Lucifer is the embodiment of will. Willpower usually wins over physical strength in comic books.


In another universe, Lucifer meets another version of Michael, who after a brief encounter and battle, imprisons him and drains much of his grace to feed a spell to create a breach to the core world, knocks him into obedience, imprisons him, and drains much of his grace to feed a spell to create a breach to the core world. When Lucifer discovers that much of his power has gone, he manages to escape to the core world just before the unstable gap closes.


Lucifer seems to have decided to sacrifice himself for Chloe, allowing Michael to ascend to the position of God. Amenadiel and Maze, on the other hand, refused to accept this, culminating in a fight amongst the angels.

Lucifer made a remarkable comeback to Earth. As he made his way to Heaven, he should have been destroyed. He had been banished, after all. Surviving thus proved that he was worthy of the position of new God.

But did he assassinate Michael? Without a doubt not. Lucifer once again proved why he was worthy of his reward. Instead of killing Michael, he slashed Michael’s wings with the flaming sword.

Last night’s episode of Lucifer looked like a round 3 of the fight between the Devil and the archangel Michael. As always, Lucifer pulled out all the stops in an attempt to win. He even resorted to trickery by manipulating the female host into turning off the cameras. But in the end, the Holy Spirit won out over the Devil.. Read more about the presence vs lucifer morningstar and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who would win Lucifer vs Michael?

Lucifer would win.

Who is stronger Michael or Lucifer supernatural?

Michael is stronger than Lucifer in the supernatural series.

How did Lucifer kill Michael?

Lucifer killed Michael by using the power of his mind.

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