It’s been many months since Part 2 of Lupin Returns, and it’s time for Part 3.

What happens when the world’s largest heist is in the process of being pulled off? Well, as a rule of thumb, everything goes wrong and things come to a really bad end. Lupin the 3rd: The Gentleman Thief’s Return from USA-JAPAN is the third film in the Lupin the 3rd franchise and the only one to feature the titular character in the leading role. The film is a sequel to the 1990 film, Lupin III: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine and is a direct sequel to the 2014 film, Lupin III: Part 5.

In the recent film, Lupin the Third: The Castle of Cagliostro , Lupin the Third (Eiji Odagiri) does many of the same things that he did in the first two films, which is to steal rare and expensive items from the rich people. However, Lupin does not use a briefcase to carry his stolen goods, he instead uses a large case with wheels to transport the items.. Read more about lupin netflix season 2 and let us know what you think.

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Lupin has become one of Netflix’s most popular series. The series consists of ten episodes divided into two parts. The second part was published on the 11th. June 2021 was released, and the third part was announced shortly after. The third installment of the series should bring the same excitement to fans who are eagerly awaiting the release of the next installment.

Lupin, the thief’s favorite fan

Lupin has become one of Netflix’s most watched and popular non-English original series this year. It has enticed many fans of suspenseful thrillers. In the third episode of the series, viewers will experience the same mystery. The release dates are still a mystery to us all.

Source – GoogleAlthough the release date has not been confirmed yet, we are happy to announce that the third part will be available soon. Lead actor Omar Sy also confirmed the series’ renewal in a tweet, expressing his excitement along with Netflix’s announcement. With the relaunch of the third volume, fans are ready for Assane’s new adventures.

What has been done?

The series started in January 2012 with the first five episodes. It attracted a large number of viewers due to its mystery and drama theme. The first five episodes on Netflix showed us Assane Diop trying to avenge Hubert Pellegrini for the death of his father.

Hubert Pellegrini falsely accused his employee Babarkar Diop, Assane’s father, of stealing a valuable necklace. This leads to Babarkar committing suicide in prison. Assane plans to destroy Pellegrini and bring his truth to the world. Unfortunately, he also steals the necklace that caused his father’s death. He plans to commit a robbery in the style of Arsène Lupin, the fictional thief from the book Arsène Lupin : Mr. Burglar. The book had been given to him by his father, who passed it on to his son.

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He follows the stories of Arsène Lupin to learn his methods of theft and robbery. A detective named Youssef realizes that Assane’s actions are like stories. Assane reveals several aspects related to this years-old case. The first part ends with Leonard, Pellegrini’s henchman, kidnapping Raul, Assan’s son, from the festival to which he has taken him and Claire.

However, the second part answers our questions from the first part, but leaves some of our own unanswered. It starts with Raul’s kidnapping, where it ended earlier. The second part of the show follows the same theme as the first, moving from the past to the present to understand how the past frames current events. He wants to save his son and capture Pellegrini.

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Thanks to a well-planned mission, Assane discovers the whole truth about Hubert Pellegrini and the corruption, murders and other crimes he fled from. At the end of the second part, he is arrested. Assane had avenged the death of his father and ensured that his name and that of his father were cleared of the theft and murder of Leonard, who had been murdered by Hubert Pellegrini.

But the twist comes when Assan faces new charges and has to flee from the police. The final episode of part two ends with Assan movingly and warmly saying goodbye to Claire and his son Raul and running from the police who are chasing him. The cliffhanger left fans wondering where Assan will go and where we will see him next season.

In the third installment of the mystery series, Lupin will learn more about Assan Diop’s plans. Although he has now got Pellegrini’s revenge for his father, he is not yet free from the accusations against him, and of course Assane may face new problems in part three.

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Assana has more than one Arsene Lupin pad for her. At least we know Pellegrini can return to create more problems in Assane’s life. He can ask for help from any member of the police force, as he did earlier with Dumont. Perhaps there are others among his followers or associates who would be willing to help me out of this situation. We’re sure the third part will bring even more conflict and complexity to Assana.

Besides Omar Saye playing the lead role of Assan Diop, we can expect Ludivine Sanje in the role of Claire, Assan’s ex-girlfriend, and Ethan Simon as their son.

We can also expect Shirin Boutella as Lieutenant Sophia Belkasem and Sufian Gerrab as Detective Youssef, who played both roles. We also see Fargass Assande, who plays Babarkar Diop, in the new flashbacks, as well as a young Assan.

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And of course the members of the Pellegrini family, Giulietta Pellegrini and Anna Pellegrini. Hubert Pellegrini can come back to throw more stones in Assane’s path. But we’re pretty sure Adame Niane, who played Hubert’s sidekick Leonard, won’t be back. Therefore, we may see the return of other secondary characters in the third part.

The first two episodes of the series were filmed simultaneously, so the second episode was released six months after the first. Fans expect the show to be released later this year. There is also no confirmed news about the start of production of the third batch, which could be the reason for the delay in the release dates of the third batch or even the announcement of these dates.

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However, we can speculate that it could come out next year, which is 2022, as it is unusual for Netflix to release more than one season of a TV series in the same year. The third part is expected in early 2022. Netflix could be announcing release dates soon, but the dates themselves could still be a long way off. Fans may have to wait longer than for part two.The Gentleman Thief Returns: In an unexpected adventure, the good Lupin plans to abandon his job of stealing from the rich and give it to the poor as a common thief.. Read more about lupin actor and let us know what you think.

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