Marlo Chandler’s acting credits include films such as “Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son” and “The Substitute”, while her voice work includes shows such as “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody” and “Dora the Explorer”. Marlo has also appeared on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”.

Marlo Chandler is a feature film actress best known for her roles in The Notebook, This is 40, and the new upcoming movie, The Best of Me.

Marlo Chandler was born in Los Angeles, California. Marlo grew up in the San Fernando Valley. Having lived in the Valley all her life, Marlo had the good fortune to have gone to a few of the best schools in the Valley, including Van Nuys High School, Reseda High School, and The New School High School. She went on to achieve her Bachelors Degree from UCLA, and then went on to receive her Masters Degree in Education from Loyola Marymount University.. Read more about adam chandler and let us know what you think.

Marlo-Chandler-%E2%80%93-Whos-WhoThanks for the heads-up, essexdane! Betty Ross is seen in The Incredible Hulk having coffee with a lady identified simply as “Colleague,” played by Tamsen McDonough. However, in the novelization of the film, the Culver University professor is revealed to be Marlo Chandler, a well-known figure among comic book fans who has been a part of the character’s history and mythos since the 1980s. Marlo, on the other hand, is not a professor in the comics, but she does have more superheroic experience than most: let’s have a look.

Born in Reno, Nevada, Marlo Chandler was the daughter of Elsa Chandler, the only other woman in the family, that was composed of an unknown father, and of Marlo’s older brothers Ray and Keith. As an adult, she moved to Las Vegas, where she started working as a swimming and aerobics instructor. While she was there, she got a crush for a huge man working as security detail for a casino, Mr. Joe Fixit, who however didn’t seem to be interested in her the least. Somehow, however, the two started a romantic relationship, but that Marlo-Chandler-%E2%80%93-Whos-Whoended abruptly when Marlo witnessed Fixit kill a guy with his bare hands. She obviously escaped in fear, but when Joe reached out for her and had a chance to explain himself, the two reconciled, and even if this didn’t mean they would have rekindled their relationship, they at least parted amicably. Things went on more or less the same as always for Marlo for a while, until a new “superstar” came to Vegas on his tour to promote his book of memoirs, Sidekick: Rick Jones, the boy who had been the sidekick to The Hulk, to Quasar, to Captain Marvel, to Captain America, and to many other superheroes. Marlo and Rick fell in love and started dating, and soon after Rick introduced her to his friends, first of all Bruce Banner: it was by this time that Marlo learnt that Fixit was an alternate personality of the Hulk, and that Banner was the Hulk himself… something that put her at odds with Betty Ross, Banner’s wife, who was kind of jealous of her for her previous relation with her husband. Marlo managed to convince her that Joe Fixit and Bruce Banner were completely different personas, and that Bruce had always been faithful to her, and eventually the two women became friends. This came in handy when Betty temporarily left Bruce, transformed into yet another version of the Hulk, and moved in with Marlo.

Marlo and Betty lived as friends and roommates for a while, but being a part of Rick Jones’ world meant also to be part of the many, many weird and dangerous adventures he always was involved with. One day, a woman named Jackie Shorr came to Marlo and Betty, claiming to be Rick’s biological mother: the two women were skeptical at first, but Jackie had all sort of proofs to support 1626845029_248_Marlo-Chandler-%E2%80%93-Whos-Whoher claim. Wanting the best for her boyfriend, Marlo introduced the woman to Rick… but unfortunately she was simply a deranged orphanage worker who had grown an obsession with the young man, and who kidnapped him and locked him in her basement. Feeling guilty, Marlo went for the rescue, but Jackie stabbed her, killing her in front of Rick’s eyes. As she would have soon learnt, however, death was not a permanent situation when dealing with superheroes: The Leader had accidentally created a psychic link with Rick, and he was feeling the boy’s overwhelming pain and grief. Wanting to put an end to it, the Leader retrieved Marlo’s body and resurrected her… but the process was interrupted, and albeit the woman’s body was alive, her mind was still absent. Doc Samson tried to examine her, but could do nothing apart from diagnosing a sort of vegetative coma. Finally, Marlo’s family showed up, and her brothers tried to take her away, but Rick wasn’t willing to give up to the woman he loved, and angrily sent them away, spending all his time by her side. Eventually, even Captain America intervened to try to put some sense into his friend, but he found the Hulk with Rick, and a fight between the two ensued. Right when the situation seemed desperate, Marlo finally awoke, fully herself again: she had come back to the man she loved, and just in time to say “yes” to his proposal. Of course, theirs wouldn’t have been a normal marriage at all.

Marlo Chandler is a competent and happy lady who, to put it mildly, welcomes life’s strangeness and unexpected occurrences with an open mind and flexible attitude. Marlo was born without powers, but she was exposed to so much cosmic energy that she occasionally has bursts of super strength or even shoots energy bolts from her eyes, and she even became a living host for Lady Death, the embodiment of death itself, with the ability to tap into her limitless powers on occasion… Her talents, on the other hand, have been sporadic at best, and she has little to no control over them. Marlo is an exceptional woman in an extraordinary position. She has become an essential part of her husband’s universe of heroes, monsters, gods, and aliens, and she adjusts to it with a positive attitude and a variety of unexpected resources that enable her to live regularly in unusual circumstances.

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