–-Whos-Who.jpg Then, in “The Punisher”: in a war zone, we find a good, though rather useless, guy: Detective Martin Soap, represented by Dash Mihok. In the film, he is a rather dumb psychologist turned NYPD detective, the only member of the so-called “Punisher Task Force” set up to keep him away from real police work. After chasing the Punisher away, he showed him sympathy and helped him in his crusade by giving the vigilante group information about his new targets. Of course, things get more complicated when other, more dedicated people join the task force. It’s pretty useless in comics and also usually serves as comic relief in otherwise very dark and hard stories. Let’s look at that together.

Martin Soap never had a chance in his life, quite the opposite. He was the son of a selfless alcoholic, and a few minutes after his birth a nurse dropped him on his head. He was left in the hospital and entrusted to an orphanage where everyone laughed at him and made fun of him, not only the other children, but also the priest who ran the orphanage and the guards. Somehow, even the adults who wanted to adopt him found him ridiculous or boring, and he was never cared for. Finally, when he was ten years old, he decided to run away and left the orphanage, but a police car–-Whos-Who.png stopped next to him and the drunk policeman puked on the side of the road. The policeman saw him and brought him back, but as he drove away, he told him that the police were there to protect the unfortunate and unfortunate people of the world. Inspired by the drunk’s speech, Soap decided to become a cop, especially after meeting a tyrant in high school who had the same dream: he had to become a cop, if only to make sure all cops weren’t like his tyrant. Because after he joined the NYPD and became a detective, he was still considered a loser by everyone, shunned and taunted with nicknames like “Soap” or “Martin Sbap.” His private life didn’t get any better: for some reason he trusted Kevin, the bartender at his favorite bar, Lucky’s Bar, who always gave him terrible dates. He once dated an older woman who turned out to be his biological…. mother, but not before Martin cheated on her with his daughter, who was probably his sister. While trying something new, Martin trusts Kevin again and ends up meeting a man who is actually a dangerous killer, just out of the prison he had been sent to for killing men and keeping his head in the fridge: when he tries the same trick with the soap, the poor inspector has to drop him. Apparently, nothing in Soap’s life had worked, but things seemed to change when he was put in charge of the Punisher Task Force, a team tasked with dismantling the notorious vigilante who he only cares about.

The Punisher Task Force was created under pressure from the mob boss, Ma Gnucci, and Soap was put in charge of the task force because his boss didn’t think he would do anything anyway. His only partner was Buddy Plugg, a behavioral psychologist, but when Plugg told him that what he wrote in The Punisher was just “psychobabble,” Plugg hung himself. For a time, everything went according to the commissioner’s plan, and Soap acted alone and found nothing. Finally, someone else was punished: Lieutenant Molly von Richthofen, who was sent to the task force because she refused to sleep with the commissioner. The two outcasts worked surprisingly well together, and–-Whos-Who.png Soap even fell in love with Molly, but she rejected him when she came out of the closet as a lesbian. Eventually they managed to capture the Punisher, if only by accident, but when the vigilante provided them with incriminating photos of the mayor and the commissioner, they decided to let him go. The Soap blackmailed his boss with the photos, and he managed to become police chief …..But then he went wrong when he was photographed with a prostitute and blackmailed, returning to his former rank and his Punisher task force. Increasingly depressed, rejected by everyone and even his only “friend”, the bartender Kevin, tormented by sadism, Martin contemplates suicide . But he was arrested by the Punisher himself, who offered to work with him. He used his position within the New York Police Department to provide him with information about certain criminals and help him kill them. He accepted the offer and helped the vigilante group kill over 500 people ….- something that depressed him again. He tried to commit suicide again in Lucky’s Bar, but when Kevin invited him to do it at his house so he wouldn’t have to clean up the mess, something snapped in him: he threatened Kevin and then decided to do his job properly by arresting the Punisher instead of cooperating with him. He beat up the informant, Inskeep, and found his man and shot him on the spot: when he went to arrest the Punisher, he hesitated again and started crying. The Punisher gave him some advice: if things don’t get better, “get out”, and Martin finally used the “sharpness” he had been neglecting, becoming a very popular porn star in Los Angeles thanks to his impressive hanging. Perhaps he had finally found his true calling.

Martin Soap is the epitome of bad luck, a man who desperately wants to make the world a better place, even for “losers” like him, but ends up being rejected, mocked, insulted, despised by everyone he meets, even for no reason. He’s a pretty mediocre cop, and doesn’t accomplish much, not only because of his lack of determination, but also because he’s extremely inept, to the point of ruining even his training. Detective Soap, a man without qualities (well, almost without qualities), is constantly chasing the impossible dream of being a hero, but apparently the universe has other plans for him.

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