In the fourth episode of season 5, a new inmate takes over Lino’s cell and sets up his own operation. The dildo-wielding criminal quickly becomes the most powerful person in prison after he taunts two guards to attack each other. He uses this leverage to take control of all aspects of life inside San Lorenzo Maximum Security Prison—including an extensive drug trade with Luca Brasi himself providing protection for “his place in heaven.”

Money Heist is a Spanish TV series that was created by Jordi Monés. It premiered on Netflix in 2017 and has been met with critical acclaim. In the season five finale, “Your Place In Heaven”, the team finally makes it to the money vault. Read more in detail here: money heist season 5.

Please accept our apologies for stating that this would be a nice journey too soon… Our stress levels have risen by a factor of 10! Sergio Marquina may be back in the game, but guiding his squad through an actual conflict is a very other story.

WARNING: There will be major spoilers coming!

Helsinki sustains an injury.

The fourth episode of this season begins with the revelation that the explosion at the conclusion of the previous episode caused the roof to collapse and a statue to crush Helsinki’s leg, leaving him in serious condition. While his destiny is still unknown, things aren’t looking bright for him right now.

I’m hoping for a miracle! Let’s hope the creators of the program are just teasing us. No one wants to see this lovely person pass away.


Isn’t it true that you can’t get enough of flashbacks?

Of course, after Sergio is back in charge of the operation, the authors decide that the first 14 minutes after the opener should be dedicated to Berlin and his son’s first theft together. Is it necessary for me to repeat it again: BORING!


Nobody. No one, in fact.

There isn’t a single soul.


Seriously, no one gives a damn. Please simply give us the major storyline.

However, one thing we noticed that is extremely intriguing is that this flashback theft underlines the significant gap between half brothers Berlin and Sergio. Berlin steals because he believes he has the right to take other people’s belongings, as he tells his kid. Sergio, on the other hand, does not steal – instead, he has his team print their own money from the bank — the first time to commemorate his departed father, who carried out several heists to help Sergio pay for his medical costs, and the second time to rescue Rio.

Then there was a flashback sequence of Tokyo and Nairobi debating whether or not there is an afterlife (foreshadowing the end of the episode). We don’t want to come out as insensitive, but we don’t want to see Nairobi shown again. We have lost respect for Nairobi when she asked Sergio to be her sperm donor in the previous season, knowing full well that he is in a relationship with Raquel Murillo.


Sergio has returned to the game!

Sergio is back in action, and we can’t explain how happy we are! It’s really nice to see him converse with and issue commands to his crew once again – not to mention being a complete boss by blackmailing Tamayo with a tape of him threatening to make everyone think Sergio’s gang is killers.

Sergio warns Tamayo that if he goes forward with the second attempt, he will be able to show that Tamayo framed Alicia Sierra and authorized money transfers from reserve funds. Sergio also threatens to pay over ten million euros to a company in the Netherlands Antilles under Tamayo’s name, tying him to Sergio.

Despite the fact that Tamayo listens to Sergio and requests that the soldiers leave, the army ignores him and attacks the bank once again. We’re hoping Sergio delivers and demonstrates that he and his staff are not to be trifled with.

At the very least, Sergio made his reappearance when he did, otherwise the group would have been completely screwed!


Sergio and Raquel have a special moment.

You’re the most beautiful lady on the planet, yet I admire you for your intellect.

Sergio’s statements to Raquel when she informs him she bugged the governor’s handcuffs (which recorded the tape of Tamayo) will remain on in our thoughts for the rest of our lives. Serquel fans, like us, have been without romance moments for a long time. This is the first time they’ve spent a sweet little moment together since the previous season.

This adorable exchange has filled our Serquel shipper hearts. We’re crossing our fingers that the pair will be reunited in person as soon as possible!

Is Tokyo doomed?

Tokyo and his comrades take shelter in the last moment as Ganda and his soldiers fire at them. Ganda taunts Tokyo as he approaches, exclaiming, “Tokyo!” Nairobi is saving you a spot in paradise, according to a small bird.” This is most likely why the title of this episode is “Your Place in Heaven.”

Is this a hint that Tokyo will die in the upcoming episode and be reunited in the afterlife with Nairobi and her departed lover? While this isn’t totally out of the realm of possibility, given that the program has previously murdered off members of Sergio’s crew, we’re still skeptical, especially because she’s also the narrator of the narrative, which is told in the past tense (unless she’s a ghost narrator?).

We don’t worry too much about her destiny since she isn’t one of our favorites and hasn’t gone through much development or growth as a character.

What do you believe will happen at the end of the first season’s part? Tell us in the comments section or on Twitter @TheSeriesRegs!


“Money Heist” is a TV show that airs on the Canal+ network in France. The series is about a group of people who rob banks and then try to escape with the money. In episode 4, “Your Place In Heaven,” we see how one of these characters ends up in heaven while another doesn’t. Reference: money heist season 5 episode 5.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens in Season 5 Episode 4 of Money Heist?

A: The following episode will air on Sunday, December 16th at 11 pm.

What happens in Season 5 Episode 5 of Money Heist?

A: In the fifth episode, a man who has been hiding in a bunker for years emerges. He does not have any recollection of his life before then and only knows that he needs to find someone named Bill Gates.

Is part 5 of Money Heist last?

A: Part 5 of Money Heist is not yet released.

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