Sometimes you have a crazy idea in your head and you just have to make it happen. It was one of those times…

One. In February, a group of talented and enthusiastic Trekkies from the Czech Republic (with the help of a CGI guy from the UK) released the first part of their impressive SQUADRON WWII Dominion fan film. Six days later the second part was published. In two or three weeks, the two parts (separately and combined into one) have been viewed over 100,000 times on YouTube – an amazing feat when you consider that the entire film is spoken in Czech and those who don’t know the language will have to watch it with subtitles to follow the story. But even without the translation, the film looks absolutely fantastic.

If you haven’t seen it yet, visit …..


I’ve been following the efforts of these Czech tours closely since they began planning the launch of their Indiegogo campaign about a year ago. So I was very happy to record an international interview with them for . And to make the event even better, I called on an incredible SIX Czech fan filmmakers from Zoom! In fact, it was my first Zoom interview for this blog (I usually do audio or text interviews). So I wanted to make it even more awesome!

The squadron designers gave me 90 minutes, but I wanted to make it a little more exciting. Since it was going to be an actual video interview, I wanted it to be more visually interesting than watching seven talking heads at the Brady Bunch for an hour and a half. So I went looking for footage of the big fan film in two parts to view on the zoom screen. You can watch the full interview here to see how it went….


Anyway, since finding scenes doesn’t require listening to the fan film (and I don’t speak Czech anyway), I had music playing in the background while browsing through the recordings looking for snippets. I browsed through the iTunes catalog (as I often do) looking for lesser known songs by successful artists to buy. I was up to my ears in R, having just received an amazing (and somewhat expensive!) retrospective of the decades-long career of the late Ray Charles, and now of the greatest hits of Ray Parker, Jr. (yes, the man who famously recorded the song Ghostbusters). Ray had a few other hits in the charts, such as You Can’t Change It and A Woman Needs Love (just like you).

At one point I heard a song called The Other Woman that I hadn’t heard since 1982…. just as I started playing markers in the squadron looking for VFX footage. While I was acting, I was going from stage to stage playing music, and then I realized that most of the actors in the season were women. And then I got the crazy idea to buy the song…. buy (never hack it!) and download it and then make a music video with clips of the squadron. Why not? English-speaking viewers don’t even need subtitles!

It took me about a week to clear my schedule for editing. But once I started the process, it went surprisingly fast, a few hours at most. I shared the resulting video with Czech film fans, and they loved it. So, with his permission, I’m making the YouTube link public so the rest of you can benefit from my crazy idea.

Let me know what you think….


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