Für jeden Teil der Filmindustrie müssen wir mehr tun: unsere Drehbücher schreiben, in Theaterstücken mitspielen, Regisseure, Schauspieler, Models, Fotografen und Designer werden. Wir müssen all das Wissen, das wir im Unterricht gelernt haben, in die Praxis umsetzen, um immer bessere Ergebnisse zu erzielen.

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Life is so full of the ups and downs, sometimes we can have a great idea and then we go off track. It’s easy to get disheartened and to give up, but guess what? It’s never too late to start again! Find something that you love and you can’t give up!


Your goal is to locate a young actress with a good attitude who lives in Oklahoma and is ready to volunteer for a Star Trek fan film. She also has to be of Native American descent.

You have two days to complete your task.

You’re paying for a get-it-done mentality and a proven track record when you contribute to the AVALON UNIVERSE Star Trek fan production. I’ve given you three good reasons to donate to this hardworking fan production team in the last several weeks: Jakande Lives, Do It for Pixi, and The Team. I’ve left the best for last this week—the most compelling reason to contribute to their GoFundMe campaign, which can be found at this link:


These people never, ever quit up! Showrunner JOSHUA IRWIN and his crew will always find a way to complete their fan film(s) no matter what difficulties God, the gods, fate, the Universe, and/or the Flying Spaghetti Monster throw their way.

In less than three years, Avalon Universe has produced SEVEN high-quality fan films (two of which were two-parters with 30-plus minute runs). They’re already hard at work on a fourth fan film, AGENT OF NEW WORLDS, while they attempt to crowdfund three more projects.

And therein is the story…

Josh learned early this year that he would be going from his home in Fayetteville, Arkansas to Phoenix, Arizona for a professional shoot in late May… White Tank Mountain Regional Park, in particular. Despite the fact that the shoot had nothing to do with Avalon, Josh had the notion to film an episode set mostly on an extraterrestrial planet with a desert landscape—a setting he doesn’t often get to shoot in his highly forested home state.

PEXI NEREID, who was set to join the recurring cast of Avalon, was one of two local actresses slated to participate in the professional shoot in Phoenix. Josh asked the other actress who was going to the filming if she wanted to participate in the episode, and she said yes. So Josh wrote a screenplay about a wrecked shuttle and a rescue operation, with the intention of finishing the professional shot and staying in Arizona for another day or two to film the on-location sequences for this Avalon tale.

1627511281_378_NEVER-GIVE-UP-NEVER-SURRENDER-%E2%80%93Pixi Nereid in the Arizona desert in the light of a full moon

Beautiful video was captured during daytime hours as well as stunning evening images taken with high-end equipment beneath the eerie beauty of a full moon. All that was left was to shoot some final ship interior scenes at WARP 66 STUDIOS in Arkansas, as well as some sequences within a new “cave” set that Associate Producer GLEN WOLFE was building just for Avalon, and the fan film would be ready for post production.

Then terrible things started to happen.

Without getting into the gory specifics, one of the two actresses had to pull out of the project entirely, which meant she wouldn’t be available for the remaining sessions and any material recorded in Arizona with her would have to be destroyed. Pixi’s scenes searching the desert planet were the only ones that could be saved.

Another 1,200-mile/18-hour (either way!) journey from Fayetteville to Phoenix could not be justified in terms of both time and money. Josh, on the other hand, was not about to give up. Although Arkansas is lush, neighboring Oklahoma has some barren, rocky landscapes. Unfortunately, Oklahoma’s “desert” region (what little there is of it) does not begin until you reach the state’s western region. Josh, on the other hand, discovered Gloss Mountain State Park, which was just around four and a half hours (270 miles) away. It seemed to be perfect!

1627511282_92_NEVER-GIVE-UP-NEVER-SURRENDER-%E2%80%93Joshua Irwin photographed Gloss Mountain State Park.

Josh quickly contacted the park to inquire about shooting there both during the day and at night, and they sent him to the Oklahoma Film Commission, where he was able to get a permission. (Did you suppose a fan film would need a filming permission, Betcha?)

The next order of business was to locate a replacement actress for the one who had departed. Because the fresh-out-of-Starfleet-Academy character (like Chakotay) was of Native American descent, Josh decided to see if he could find an actual Native American actress for the part. He contacted a local producer in Oklahoma who is of Cherokee descent and works with a lot of Native American actors and actresses. This individual introduced Josh to an actress/model who, while not being a Star Trek enthusiast, was delighted to be cast in the film. Josh didn’t intend for the character to become a series regular—this actress was from Tulsa, Oklahoma, which isn’t close to WARP 66 in northern Arkansas—so she didn’t have to fall in love with Star Trek fan films. Josh just needed a good attitude and the ability to memorize her lines.

They shot the inside sequences at the studio first this time, in late June. The current GoFundMe effort, which began in early July, was one of the reasons. Josh was able to not only film sequences for Agent of New Worlds but also capture footage of interviews with the actors and crew with TOS sets in the backdrop for the “ask” video and other special features by bringing the team to the studio ahead of time…


Everything was in set for the “BIG” shoot in western Oklahoma by mid-July. The shooting permission had been obtained, park rangers had been notified of the plans, accommodation had been arranged at the house of a local producer, COURTNEY NIHISER, who lives just an hour away from the filming site (saving on hotel room expenses), and the cast and crew had all cleared their calendars.

And this wasn’t going to be a tiny shoot by any stretch of the imagination! There would be around a dozen individuals there. NEAL BILBE (director of photography), EARL and BECK HALE (for audio), DAVID BUTLER AGRINSONSIS (a martial artist stuntman who would be playing a Klingon), TYLER DUNIVAN and REILLY PRINCIPE (production assistants/helpers), and the producer’s son JUDE (a grip).

Even Mother Nature appeared to be on board. The moon needed for filming would be full on Friday night, allowing the crew to drive there on Friday, set up for shooting that evening, return on Saturday to shoot the daytime scenes, grab more full moon footage the next night if needed, and get everyone home by Sunday…basically just a long weekend. Even the weather seemed to cooperate, with no afternoon thunderstorms forecast (which are common in that region during the summer), and nighttime temperatures in the mid-70s…though it would still be hot during the day.

The puzzle pieces were all in place… What’s the worst that might happen?


Producer Pixi got a call from their Native American actress on Tuesday night. She’d secured a weekend modeling job in Los Angeles that would pay her well. So…um…best of luck with your Star Trek endeavor.

It would be another month until the next full moon (and it will fall on a Sunday night). And who knows how hot western Oklahoma will be by then. Delaying the release until September or October will just push the ultimate fan film’s release date back much more. Everyone’s schedules had already been cleared—David the Klingon stuntman had already booked a flight from Cleveland, and the permission was for the next weekend.

Such a last-minute setback would be almost impossible for many fan filmmakers… Especially if you were set on hiring a young Native American actress from Oklahoma, since they don’t exactly grow on trees. Josh, on the other hand, still had two and a half days to repair it!

He quickly dialed the number of the same producer who had introduced him to the first actress. Was Josh able to locate a suitable replacement in time? JENNIFER RADER, ladies and gentlemen…

1627511285_251_NEVER-GIVE-UP-NEVER-SURRENDER-%E2%80%93Jennifer Rader is a writer.

Jennifer is from Oklahoma, and she lives just an hour and a half away from the filming site. She is a member of the Wisconsin Sokaogon Chippewa tribe of Native Americans. Jennifer has already worked in cinema and television, including a commercial for Little Caesars Pizza.

Whew…crisis averted!

It was a fantastic shoot, according to Josh. They began filming on Friday afternoon, exploring sites while the sun was still shining and then beginning to shoot after the sun had set and the moon had risen. Everyone was still excited when they returned to “base camp”—Courtney’s house—a little after midnight. Surprisingly, Josh was the only one who got anything close to a good night’s sleep (he’s typically the one working on little sleep). While Josh awoke early on Saturday, the rest of the crew slept until mid-morning, so they didn’t return to the park until almost midday, when the temperature had risen to above 100 degrees. Regardless, they obtained some incredible video, including a fantastic bat’leth battle sequence in which Pixi does some very difficult acrobatics! Take a peek at this practice…

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