I just saw Phastos (Ceasefire) on Friday night and I was pleasantly surprised by it’s quality and execution. A group of friends decide to make a movie about a letter, not knowing what it is exactly that makes it such a powerful historical document. They want to make a movie that captures the feeling of one of those letters, that captures the essence of an important historical event.

This is an aggregated list of people I know, loved, or have grown to like over the years.

Now in its very last days of shooting, Phastos is about to wrap up its run of six weeks of shoots, which means that the cast and crew will soon be heading home. Before they do, I am going to sit down and ask them who they think the film’s real hero is.

In the new extended trailer for Eternals, we get a glimpse of the rest of the Eternals, and the first person we see creating something by manipulating energy into matter is Fastos, played by Brian Tyree Henry. Fastos, the forger of the Eternals and their master of technology, has also undergone some changes from the comics, though his appearance is still closest to the original. In the movie we know he is gay and has a husband (male?) and a child. In the comics, his sexuality is of secondary importance, especially since even when he eventually gets a wife, it’s clear that he cares much more about things than people: Let’s see.

Fastos, one of the most enigmatic of the Eternals, was born millennia ago in the hidden city of Olympia and was a prominent member of the third generation of Eternals. Unlike his peers, he cared little for the deviant war and spent his time building and creating, looking for something that could give meaning to an existence he considered meaningless and doomed to tragedy. Despite his incurable melancholy, Fastos was always willing to help his fellow humans with his art, and not just them: For ‘s human son Icarus, his eternal companion, he created mechanical wings with which he could fly just like his father; for the eternal Japanese Kingo Sunen he forged an indestructible sword; he had compassion on the Evolutionaries, defenseless creatures destroyed by natural predators, and created for them high-tech armor with which they could survive and even increase their intelligence through nanotechnology. He made them guardians of the new species that appeared on the path of evolution, protecting them from those who would destroy them as an anomaly; he helped the polar Eternal Valkin build the Pyramid of the Winds, an impenetrable temple that stored weapons powerful enough to injure even the undead; he developed for himself a special hammer that allowed him to manipulate matter far beyond the levels and capabilities of the Eternal’s natural power. He accomplished this and many other feats, so much so that his talent rivaled that of the Greek god Hephaestus, and people often confuse them, thinking them to be one and the same person. Though he cared for his creations, Fastos did little for the living, and though he was taught by the Eternal scholar Sigmar and others, he never formed a true bond with anyone, not even Icaris, whom he had accompanied on some of his first adventures in the human world.

Always present but somewhat aloof, Fastos never actively participated in the endless war between the Eternals and the Deviants, or even in the affairs of other Eternals in general, except when forced to do so: in our time, when Zuras called upon all Eternals to form a mass united Consciousness to confront Judge Arish of the Third Celestial Herd, he participated, lost in the guise of his, but returned to his usual duties once the emergency was resolved. When most Eternals decided to leave Earth to explore the galaxies, Fastos was one of the few who chose to stay, perhaps still searching for that one thing that could help him understand the meaning of that he had been searching for centuries. After Olympia was defunct, he moved to the Ruhr area of Germany, where he continued to work quietly and undisturbed, and only his fellow Eternals knew where he was, so they could contact him in case of emergency… which they did, diverting him from his work on several occasions. At the invitation of Icaris and Thor, he built a special chamber to resurrect Viraco, the father of Icaris and the friend of Thor, as well as the most powerful Eternal of Polaria. He was summoned again when the mutant Apocalypse manipulated factions and events to start a new war against the Deviants, causing the few remaining Eternals to free themselves and retrain into superheroes: Under the name Ceasefire, he followed Sovereign to New Breed and foiled the warlord’s plans. Fastos was also one of the Eternals who had been brainwashed by Sprite, losing their memory of their true nature and past, and for a time he lived as an ordinary human, Philip Stoss. In Germany, in his human life, he had had a wife, and his deeper nature had led him to become an engineer, until Icaris and Searcy had awakened him and forced him to give up the life he had learned to love by returning to his former self. He then joined Thor in his fight against the Deviants, but finally decided to side with his old enemies, because he wanted to help them solve the problem of their fertility loss and save them from extinction. For someone who claimed not to care about people, he was certainly always willing to help those who needed his talents.

Fastos is a melancholy and gloomy man, a gruff philosopher who wonders about the meaning of existence and seeks the answer in his own profession. As an Eternal, he is virtually immortal, with superior strength, speed, durability, reflexes, senses and stamina, the ability to fly, teleport, use telepathy, and penetrate and manipulate cosmic energy. He is an ingenious inventor and has many weapons of his own making, including his hammer, which allows him to manipulate energy and matter far beyond what the other Eternals can. Fastos always sees something new and unexplored, where others see nothing. He creates, assembles, transforms, bends matter to his will and tries to find answers to his existential questions in a creative endeavour….. an impossible task, befitting a tireless worker.


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I came across the new movie “Phastos (Ceasefire)” while I was looking at a list of movies (like the IMDB page ) that have already been released on the internet. I was intrigued by the fact that the movie had been released on the internet, because I’m always interested in seeing movies that have already been released. I decided to pick up a copy to help me decide whether to continue with my quest to see every movie that has been released on the internet, or to quit.. Read more about phastos eternals actor and let us know what you think.

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