That said, the new character will make me reach back for at least two others that I’ve overlooked in the past, but as the multiverse becomes more prominent in the MCU, both with the current WandaVision and with the upcoming Doctor Strange and Multiverse Madness, it’s safe to say that more alternate versions of familiar characters will appear. Let’s start with last week’s episode of All-New Halloween Spooktacular, in which it turns out that Pietro not only knows a little more about what his sister Wanda did in Westview, but that he’s actually still dead, In one scene, we see him as an animated corpse riddled with bullets, exactly as we left him (well, not exactly the X-Men version of Evan Petter, but rather the MCU version of Aaron Taylor-Johnson) in Avengers: Age of Ultron. This creepy zombie version already exists in the Marvel universe, and she’s not evil at all. Werfen wir gemeinsam einen Blick auf unseren ersten Charakter von Erde-2149, aka Erde-Z.

Apparently the life of Pietro Maximoff, aka Serpentine, on Earth-2149 was much like that of Earth-616, at least until Sentinel arrived from another dimension, Earth-91126, with a deadly disease that turned several superheroes into flesh-eating zombies. The infection was taking place in New York City at the time, and Quicksilver was called by Nick Fury to the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, where he joined the resistance against the undead. Ironically, it was Quicksilver’s presence that made everything that happened a point of no return and brought mischief all over the world. After assessing the situation as seriously as possible, Fury organized the other heroes to both kill as many zombies as possible and search for the cure to contain the outbreak as effectively as possible: Quicksilver was sent to the surface, and there he did his best to stop the undead when he saw them. But then he saw the zombie Black Cat approaching his sister Scarlet Witch, who stood helplessly before her. Without losing a moment to think, Pietro rescued his sister and rushed to her safety….. But alas, the Scarlet Witch was actually a mystical zombie who bit him on the neck while he was still running. From that moment on, the epidemic was unstoppable: Zombie Quicksilver crossed borders, oceans, mountains, biting and devouring at impossible speeds, moving faster than Fury and his resistance could imagine. While the heroes and authorities initially contained the spread of the plague in New York, the presence of Quicksilver’s zombies undid their work and the plague became a global threat: Those who were not yet infected became food for the undead, who were hunted down and devoured all over the planet.

Soon, fresh meat became a rarity on Earth, and the zombie Quicksilver, along with the rest of the undead, became restless and instinctively went after the few remaining living creatures, including his own father Magneto, who had protected what little humanity there was until now. Magneto helped the Fantastic Four out of an alternate reality, Earth-1610, and managed to send a few people before the pursuing Marvel zombies managed to devour them . Then the Silver Surfer, the most coveted newcomer, arrived on the planet. Several undead have tried to absorb it, including Quicksilver’s zombies, but only a few of them, Iron Man, Colonel America, Luke Cage, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Giant Man, and the Hulk, have succeeded, acquiring space powers in the process… and tested them on their fellow undead before leaving the planet to explore first space and then other realities. With his speed, Quicksilver manages to dodge the cosmic energy bolts and continues to roam the planet, finding food here and there and joining his sister, who is now the zombie witch Scarlet Witch. The Maximoff twins have finally found a comfortable job with Zombie Kingpin, who has been favored by many super-powered undead in exchange for a seemingly endless supply of living flesh. Kingpin’s secret was his monopoly on barrel cloning, which he used to pay his minions by duplicating the hopelessly small number of people living on the planet. Under the guidance of his new master, the zombie Quicksilver fights, runs and eats until a new enemy emerges who is not quite alive and therefore immune to the plague: Machine Man, who is from Earth-616 and managed to destroy Zombie Kingpin’s clone tanks. The man-machine tries to escape on his motorcycle, but no one can escape from the zombie Quicksilver, because he will soon discover…..

Pietro Maximov was many things: impulsive, heroic, arrogant, determined, stubborn, a restless warrior and a good brother, a brave defender of humanity and even an hereditary prince….. But now there is only hunger, and it follows him wherever he goes. As a zombie quicksilver, he has the speed and matching skills of his Earth 616 counterpart, but because he is undead, he is also impervious to even mortal injury until his brain is destroyed and he must consume human flesh to keep from perishing. The Quicksilver zombie, a lightning fast monster, is the main reason why the epidemic on the planet has gotten out of control. It is a harbinger of death that can reduce an adult to a bloody skeleton in an instant.


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Are Peter Maximoff and Pietro Maximoff the same person?

Everyone knew this Peter was actually Pietro/Quicksilver, or at least a franchise version of him. But there’s a catch: These two actors played the same character and a completely different character. … In Wanda’s eyes, he looks away: Instead, she remembers growing up with Aaron-Pietro.

Son of Pietro Magneto?

Pietro Lensherr, alias Pietro Lensherr. Quicksilver, son of the supremacist mutant Magneto and twin brother Wanda. Magneto left his human mother when the twins were still small and took them with him when he founded the Brotherhood of Mutants with Carl Xavier, whom the children considered an uncle.

Who are Pietro and Wanda Maximoff?

Pietro is Wanda’s twin brother. You were born in Sokovia, a small fictional country in Eastern Europe. When they were 10 years old, their parents were murdered with Stark’s guns, which created in them a deep hatred for Tony Stark.

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