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The first season of Destiny Patrol left much to be desired for the future. How does everyone get back to normal if they are shrunk to fight Mr. B.? Nobody in the picture to fight? Will Rita be able to master her unique anatomy? How can the team forgive the chief after his dark secret is revealed? Although personal, the anticipation of what Dorothy looks like killed me. In the final episode of season 1, Dorothy was only seen from behind. Her mother looked like a hairy caveman and Niles like a normal human, so she could be anywhere and everywhere in between. It took a while for me to get attached to the characters, but in the first season I was able to empathize with them well. With that in mind, I went into Doom Patrol season 2 with moderate expectations. Let’s see.

At the beginning of season 2 of the Doom Patrol, the team (with the exception of Larry) is kicked out after a fight with Mr. Doom. Tiny Nick. Jane uses drugs to make ends meet, Cliff beats the rats in the mansion and Vic trains Rita to control her powers. Niles and Larry’s attempts to remedy the team’s small size through scientific means fail, and Rita suggests they try a magical solution. The chief reluctantly hands over the necklace that grants eternal life to Willoughby Kipling’s enraged group, so everyone can go back to normal. This causes problems because Niles has no time without him, and the team is not happy about having to watch Dorothy the rest of the time. Meanwhile, Jane’s other personalities are tired of her being the boss. Rita, Cliff and Jane are looking for a man named Dr. Time who may have the answer to Niles’ problem. A mysterious creature from Niles’ past returns to haunt him, Rita and Larry. Jane accompanies Cliff to his daughter’s house to put things right, but things go wrong. The Dennisens arrive at the Doom Mansion to throw a party to resuscitate Danny after an accident. Dorothy and Baby Doll become friends, but their games turn deadly. Niles believes modernization will allow Cliff to regain some of his lost humanity. Rita joins Larry on a trip to see his son. Dorothy runs away and Cliff and the Chief go looking for her. Jane is trying to prove she can be useful on the subway. The boss takes Dorothy for one last memorable day together, while she hides a potentially endless secret from him. To save Dorothy and the Chief, the entire team must face the demons of their past.

Destiny Patrol season 2 has all the craziness of season 1 without as much padding. I’m not sure why season 2 is so much shorter (9 episodes) than season 15 of season 1 (I think it has to do with COVID), but I think it works in the series’ favor. I liked season 1 enough to continue the series (obviously), but it really took a while to get there. The first season contains a lot of filler, and I thought they went too deep into flashbacks and backstories for the first season. Another major improvement is that Niles Calder’s Timothy Dalton has more to do. He was absent for most of the first season and only appeared sporadically when the group was looking for him. It’s hard to say I like the Chief, given everything we and the other characters know now. However, Timothy Dalton is one of the main reasons I started watching the series, and his on-screen presence is undeniable. The Chief is one of the most complex characters on the show, and I love that I can’t decide if I like him or not. Usually when I like a character, it’s pretty dry, so it’s a nice surprise to find myself constantly arguing about them. Jane’s shifting personalities remain irritating throughout season 2 and even get worse, especially near the end. I grew to love Jane as a character, but I wish we didn’t have to deal with her other personalities. I know it would undermine the character and she wouldn’t work without it. But I’m tired of characters like Hammerhead and Scarlet Hooker.

That said, I like how Doom Patrol season 2 builds on the family theme of season 1. This time we get to see more of the family of the improvised leader, Dorothy, and the people who are both his creations and victims. The show is also about the real families of the team. Season 1 had already explored Vic’s complicated relationship with his scientific father, and played with similar storylines for the rest of the Chief’s monsters. But this time Cliff gets a second chance with his daughter, Rita faces her own problems with her mother, the Chief prepares to say goodbye to his only biological child, Larry tries to reconnect with his son, and Jane looks to the past. I really like the bond that develops between Jane and Cliff. He sees her as a stand-in for his daughter and wants to protect her, even though things don’t always end well. Larry and Rita are the closest of the group, they have been together the longest and act like siblings. I also loved the plot where Vic drags Rita along. Dorothy’s story is probably my favorite of the season; this girl’s life is a constant chain of ups and downs, and it’s impossible not to feel sorry for her. Her father does not want her to grow up, and while there is a real and practical reason for that, it is understandable that it can cause tension. Her imaginary friends are all creepy and cool, and I love how the show sets them apart from Jane’s personalities. They could easily go together as two very similar things; Dorothy even comments on this at one point in the series. The whole team ends up loving Dorothy and helping her instead of blaming her for the unfortunate circumstances around her. I hope they find a way to extend the leader’s life in the third season, though they might make it a lesson in what immortality really means.

The cast of this season is excellent, and I would say a little better than the first season. All the actors surprisingly click a little better here, and I already thought they were pretty good. Diana Guerrero amazes Jane and all her personalities, no matter how annoying. April Bowlby plays Rita with as much fun as ever, and Timothy Dalton has plenty of scenes to showcase his proven talent. Cyborgs storyline is not my favorite this season, but Joyvan Wade continues to be very good in the role. Matt Bomer as Larry and Brendan Fraser as Cliff especially shine in scenes with people from their past, such as John and Cliff’s daughter.

Season 2 of Destiny Patrol is much better than season 1. The story is more concise, the chef has more to do, and Dorothy’s story is endlessly engaging. The ending is a bit rushed, and I still don’t like Jane’s alters, but overall it’s a great season.

Location – 9
Action – 10
Progression – 7
Production design – 10
Themes and character development – 9



Season 2 of Destiny Patrol is much better than season 1. The story is more concise, the chef has more to do, and Dorothy’s story is endlessly engaging. The ending is a bit rushed, and I still don’t like Jane’s alters, but overall it’s a great season.

frequently asked questions

Will there be a deadly patrol in season 2?

Doom Patrol season 2 will air on HBO Max and DC Universe.

What happened to the second season of Patrol Rock?

But in the finale of the second season of Doom Patrol, we learn how Miranda died – and, more shockingly, that she’s actually still dead, even though she’s standing in for Jane. After Miranda pushes Jane into the mental pit of Kay’s trauma, Jane sees how the former main character ultimately met her fate.

Why is Doom Patrol season 2 only 9 episodes long?

Destiny Patrol was supposed to conclude season two with episode ten, but an interruption in filming caused by the coronavirus pandemic forced the crew to re-record episode nine to act as an impromptu season finale and give fans a sense of closure to the series episodes.


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