VERIFICATION: Ghost in the shell: BAG_2045 (2020) * WITHOUT SPOILER*

Netflix has added a new CGI chapter after the famous Ghost in the Shell: the Autonomous Complex. Is it worth it?


A bit late because of COVID-19 – just like this review was nine months late – Netflix gave us another entry into the concept of Ghost in the Shell : SAC_2045. This is a direct consequence of initiative 2. Series in continuity with the Alone Complex Stand – and produced by a large part of the original production team – in CGI format with character sketches by the popular Russian illustrator Ilya Kushivnov. Unfortunately I don’t find them very easy to translate into 3D graphics, but they are useful; don’t be intimidated by my first impression. I must mention that in some scenes this CGI version shines in a way that the original SAC could never do because of the lack of visuals.

A ghost story in hell: SAC_2045 is pretty good and really works as an extension of SAC: 2 gigs, and I would put them at the same level of quality. This is definitely a must for Ghost in the Shell fans. It’s interesting to note that this view of GitS is very fresh, as we see another facet of the dystopian future of cyberpunk for which franchising is known, as we see the Section 9 team doing some kind of free work and moving away from the structural bureaucracy under which we usually see it. I dare say it is certainly better and much more interesting than Ghost in the Shell: The Get Up series, but not so pretty.

What I didn’t like about Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 is the theme song, which sounds terrible and irrelevant, like a report song from SoundCloud, and how neat the show is (the story settings don’t help). I love my GitS – big, dilapidated, alive. I also have prejudices about the appearance of the original anime, but this is not blasphemy. Like I said, it’s in good shape. It can grow (if you like CGI).

Netflix has also confirmed that a new 12-episode season is underway. What they unfortunately did not do is obtain the broadcasting rights for the second match mentioned. The Stand Alone concert should be covered for most regions, which is more than just a mistake. The announcement that they took the trouble, but that they couldn’t make it legal, would generate a lot of publicity for those who like this anime, and would probably win a few points with opponents who only like the original 1995 animation by Mamoru Oshii.

I would like to take this opportunity to address the person called Ghost in the Shell, who hasn’t even read the original manga and doesn’t know that the 1995 movie had a sequel (Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence, not such a good movie, to be honest). I keep seeing people telling me that the live-action movie is bad because it’s not like the original movie – it’s a great movie, but it’s also not a faithful adaptation of the manga. Shell’s own creator, Masamune Shirow, has stated that there is no such thing as a real GitS weapon. Stories in different media (including video games) are their own business because they represent different ways of interpreting ideas about the future. There’s no right answer. You may not like the live-action film, or Arise, or SAC_2045, for whatever reason, but to say it’s all bad because they deviated from the first animated film lets everyone know you have no idea what it’s about, or how many tickets you get for this franchise.

Sorry to say it, but I’ve noticed that many fans even say ridiculous things, such as the fact that the new versions of GitS have forgotten the Eastern spiritual philosophy of the story, that there is no iteration that has ever existed in the franchise. It is strongly based on western cyberpunk themes from the beginning, and the manga is notoriously difficult to read because it explains futuristic and technological concepts in detail.

The new Netflix Ghost from the Shell series is worth seeing as it complements the Stand Alone Complex series with a very original version that does not reveal the anime it is a sequel to.

Am I crazy to think that? Is this revision too disappointing? You’ve seen Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045? Let your friends at Geeks +Gamers know what you think below.

Package – 8.5

Animation – 7.5

Production – 8

Music/sound – 6.5

Share – 8.5



A decent entrance to the stand-alone complex in the sequel to the famous cyberpunk franchise.

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