You might remember when Loki was frozen and brought to Asgard by Thor. Well, it would appear that the Asgardian gods are not particularly big fans of his antics in the “Nexus of All Realities” which is home to the realm of the Frost Giants.

If you have watched the Superheroes series on ABC, you may be familiar with the three main heroes of the show. The three main characters, aka Thor, The Hulk, and Iron man, have been known to have team-ups in the past, most recently in Avengers Assemble, but this time, they have been given their own show, and it is called Marvel’s Loki.

In this episode, the conniving (and yet pretty!) Mother of All Deceivers, Hela, shows up in Asgard to do her thing. And no, she doesn’t get any new powers, this time. She’s just as wild and powerful as ever. This episode also includes a cute cameo of Thor’s adopted daughter, Odinson, played by Teresa Gallagher.

CHECK : Loki – Season 1 Episode 4 Nexus Event

The universe wants to free itself, so it manifests chaos.

Television overview

The Nexus event is one of the clearest examples of artificial storytelling I can remember. The plot and character development are so contrived that it’s not the right word. Each new moment is added to the whims of the creators because they want to make the show something they know it can’t officially be. It’s infuriating and torpedoes a series I’ve enjoyed, while still humiliating one of the MCU’s great characters.

Faced with impending disaster, Loki and Sylvie are given a reprieve, but with a big problem. Moebius wonders about some contradictions in his mission. Humor is often tried but never achieved.

The opening scene of the Nexus event shows Sylvie facing the Time Change Authority for the first time. As a child on the alternate Asgard, she was arrested by their stormtroopers – led by Ravonna Rensleer – and taken to TVA headquarters to be sentenced. There follows a series of horrors inflicted on the poor child, which leave him in a state of… No, I’m just kidding, she goes fast. The reason for this choice becomes clear in the next scene, where Loki and Sylvie are waiting to die on Lamentis-1. It’s almost a microcosm of the series, and of this episode in particular, as it begins with Sylvie’s fascinating musings on the nature of the universe, fate, chaos and identity – all themes that have interested me in the series. But things escalate quickly and Loki tells her how amazing she is, how much better she is than him, and that all the good things that have happened lately are because of her. You see, Sylvie was better than Loki even as a child. She outwitted those who enslaved him and managed to keep up with them, while he slackened like a fool. What these opening scenes entail becomes clear as the Nexus event progresses: The people behind Loki want Sylvie to be the star of the show.


Think about how the nexus event will play out now. TVA finds Loki and Sylvie and opens two portals for them, saves them from an explosion on the planet and takes them for himself. Loki is then thrown into his humiliating version of a prison cell, where he is repeatedly beaten by Lady Sif, reliving the memory that he cut off a piece of her hair. Sylvie, on the other hand, is taken seriously and questioned about her intentions and methods. The latter is moderately respected by his opponents and showrunners, while the former is ridiculed. Sylvie frees the B-15 fighter from VAT-induced brainwashing, and Loki shows Mobius his softer side, first as a love-struck puppy, then as a lonely man desperate for a friend. When Mobius is finally convinced that the TVA are the real bad guys, he is killed while the B-15 fighter saves the day – in other words: Loki’s attempts are thwarted as Sylvie secures her freedom and victory. Even in the final battle, Loki is forced to ask for help as Sylvie sweeps the clock clean of everyone in her path, wins the battle against the main villain, and unmasks the Timekeepers as the fiction they always were.

All of this is to say that The Nexus Event is written in such a way that Sylvie is the lead actress and the show’s namesake is in the backseat watching all the wonderful things the driver is doing. Every step they take to make it seem fake and inorganic is what I meant when I talked about a manufactured story. The opening where Sylvie’s child escapes TVA is not just to show Loki, but to make her a real nemesis of Revonne Rensleer. The whole story of Rensleer, with his twisted mustache, revolves around Loki. They even meet in the pilot, where she tries him for imaginary crimes on behalf of the Time Guardians (or whatever is really going on there). The confrontation between these two was prepared from the beginning. But the powers-that-be want Sylvie to be the heroine, so they add this ridiculous point to the Nexus event and – presto! – we have a new rivalry. They disguise their blatant role reversal as a reward for the ease with which they just pulled the bag. An additional benefit is that a man doesn’t have to beat a bad woman, because stopping an interdimensional fascist regime amounts to violence against women if a man does it. (See Thor: Ragnarok, where the apocalypse was reduced to a plot element that made a logical conclusion to Thor’s character arc unnecessary, so he didn’t have to defeat a woman in battle.) They even went so far as to have Rensleer literally cut Loki out of the plot so she could tell Sylvie the truth about TVA. (This scene midway through the credits saved my TV and my window from an impending collision).

Loki’s love interest is another forced point in the Nexus scene. Does anyone really believe that Loki fell in love with Sylvie in the three hours they knew each other? When they first came in contact, they weren’t green, just fighting people and pondering the complexity of the universe. A clever series would have used this as a reflection of Loki’s (now self-diagnosed) vanity and narcissism; Loki loves her because he loves himself. But that interpretation is wrong here, not just because it all happened too fast, but because he’s so attached to her that he’s the universal master of manipulation – he can’t even claim in an interrogation that she’s all that matters to him now. And then there’s his statement about his friendship with Mobius. What do you say? Are they best friends now? I thought they were manipulating each other for their own ends. Moebius’ speech about seeing the good in Loki and Loki’s sincere flirtation with his jailer only makes sense if it’s a gimmick; if you give this series too much credit, I thought it was. But no, as he tells Sif in his prison, Loki only wants attention – which is ridiculous and a complete misunderstanding (perhaps intentional) on his part; the only attention Loki seeks is from Odin, who he believes loves Thor more than him. Otherwise, Loki is hungry for power and will do anything to get it. We’re past the wacky humor and see how he lashes out at every opportunity; this character has nothing to do with Loki anymore.

But the story doesn’t end with Loki. The Nexus event is also for second-guessers. Starting with Variant, Loki tried to make Moebius realize that VAT is a lie, that the Sacred Timeline is ridiculous, and that he is being misled by those he serves. (I thought it was for Loki’s benefit, but apparently he was just trying to protect a friend). Mobius’s doubts grew, and though he had been gone a week, it was clear that Loki’s words had hurt him. The plot and character arc have developed, and now reach their climax when Mobius is convinced that Loki is right and that not only is his entire belief system wrong, but that he himself has been a victim of his propagators for years. It’s potentially powerful, and even if it’s rushed and developed with some silly plot points, it’s at least a story arc. But once Mobius regains consciousness, he is quickly eliminated, leaving him with only one last moment of wonder before he dies. (Or is it? I guess we’ll see what the mid-credits scene means). But fear not, for the Moebius arc is quickly taken over by the B-15 fighter, which will appropriate its bounty within 15 minutes. Did anyone know his name before this episode? Probably not, because she’s not a character, she’s there as a forced artiste for TVA. Mobius is nothing special, but at least it made the trip. For example, in a series named after a beloved male character who had a male sidekick, the roles of protagonist, antagonist, and sidekick are now held by women, and two of them by men. I’m sorry, but it’s already impossible not to see it for what it is.

Even more disappointing is the potential this series had. I love the themes they cover: the debate over free will and determinism, religious fanaticism and how it can manifest in different forms, personality and the collective, the trauma of knowing you’ve been lied to about everything you believe in, how fascism can manifest in the form of a smiling villain who calls you an ant or a government agency that pretends to be sympathetic to controlling you. But The Nexus Event makes it clear that they’ve got it all wrong, with a terrifying plot that pulls off a Locke-like deception and stabs you in the back for thinking it was an advantage. To make matters worse, Loki would have been an ideal character to explore these themes. It’s like Clockwork Orange; free will is not tested by a good person, but by a moral monster. Why not take it a step further with a villain-led series and show how far the MCU is willing to go? Because all he’s willing to do is alienate his fanbase to achieve his social goals, no matter how big a flamethrower he has to use for his own continuity and narrative. Even the comic book references are worthless now. I liked the appearance of Lady Sif, partly because I like her, and partly because it’s a good reference to the comics, where Loki’s wife was actually Sif’s body that Loki’s soul had settled into. But The Nexus Event spoils this by inserting it into another silly comedy skit that isn’t funny at all. And now Kid Loki is one of the new choices; I’ve never read the comics with him (honestly, I’m not that interested in the concept), but I’m sure he’s there to further humiliate Loki. What a disappointment.

The Nexus Event is an insulting, hideously designed, character-destroying episode in which just about every possible mistake is made, except that all the actors turn into dancing chinchillas. Story lines are not only bypassed but passed on to other characters, Loki is humiliated and made irrelevant by people who clearly never understood him, and there’s a new dose of slapstick humor that never works. The potential of this series has been completely squandered.

Location – 3
Actor – 7
Progression – 5
Production planning – 8
Entertainment – 4



The Nexus Event is an insulting, hideously designed, character-destroying episode in which just about every possible mistake is made, except that all the actors turn into dancing chinchillas. Story lines are not only bypassed but passed on to other characters, Loki is humiliated and made irrelevant by people who clearly never understood him, and there’s a new dose of slapstick humor that never works.When God and Loki are in a fight, who would win? The answer is no one. It’s much better to have a series about a superhero who knows when to fight and when not to, the better to learn about life and the world as a whole. Loki (Tom Hiddleston) is a trickster god who seems to be up to no good, but through a series of unfortunate events, finds himself playing a hero.. Read more about loki season 1 episode 4 reddit and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a nexus event in Loki?

A nexus event is a major event that changes the course of history.

What was the nexus event?

The nexus event was the discovery of a new species of intelligent life.

Who were the Loki’s at the end of Episode 4?

The Loki’s were the people who had been killed by the bomb.

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