We all love a good horror movie, don’t we? Especially when that horror movie is a post-apocalyptic zombie flick. The Bad Batch, a 2017 film directed by Ana Lily Amirpour, follows Arlen as she tries to navigate through a world filled with wasteland cannibals. The film is set in a barren Texas wasteland, and is described by Amirpour as a “post-apocalyptic cannibal love story.” This episode follows Arlen, who is played by Suki Waterhouse.

After last week’s low-key episode, The Bad Batch picks up right where it left off. Mixing in flashbacks, we have a full understanding of how Soso’s arrest relates to the camps and the resistance. There’s also plenty of violence, tension, and some heartbreaking moments in “Cut and Run”.

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Can a deserter be trusted? Why not? We are all deserters now.

Television overview

After escaping from Camino with the mysterious Omega clone woman, the group advances to the second round. The first series of Bad Batch was excellent. It connected different periods of Star Wars history and focused on the fate of the clones after Order 66. Can the show keep that momentum going and keep these characters captivated, even in the smaller stories? Cut and Run is a good test of the series’ versatility. It tells a more intimate story than its predecessor, with fewer characters and plot points.


The mysterious planet Hunter mentions at the end of the epilogue turns out to be Saleukami, home of the clone deserter known as Kat Lowcane. When the team knocks on Lowcain’s door, he recognizes Hunter, Teh and Wrecker and welcomes them with open arms. Omega has an eye on the kids in the Lowcountry, and the boys let them play. Kat tells Hunter and the others that he and his family must leave the planet and seek refuge further away from the Empire’s influence. The boys decide to help him, but he refuses to leave, fearing that pursuit will endanger the safety of his family. The technician creates fake channel codes, new registration numbers used by the Empire to help Katt’s family escape. When Hunter sees how well Kat gets along with the children and how attached Omega is to them, he asks Kat to take Omega with her. They both reluctantly agree that a quiet family life would be better for the girl, but Hunter doesn’t tell her or the rest of the cast. Teh and Echo call the government and ask if their ship can be impounded as well. What they don’t know, however, is that Omega is also on board. After some spying and skirmishes with the Imperial troops, the family leaves with their new codes. When Omega realizes what’s going on, she protests and asks Hunter if she’s done something wrong. But Kat and her family are rushed out and put on the next transport ship. As the boys get ready to leave, Omega runs to Hunter and repeats that she wants to stay with him.

Cut and Run continues the excellent animation we had with Clone Wars and Aftermath. I had forgotten what an extraordinary place Saleukami could be, and I didn’t think I would ever see it again. So far I’ve enjoyed the way they’ve managed to seamlessly integrate existing characters into the story, and I expect them to continue on that momentum. Kevin Keener’s musical score continues to impress me. I loved the tune played when Omega first stepped off the Bad Party ship and saw the scenery. Dee Bradley Baker plays Kat, Hunter and the rest of the clones. Michelle Ang as Omega is very touching, and I especially like her interaction with Hunter. It’s a repeat of Clone Wars, but I don’t really like the vocal performances of Katt’s kids. You can tell they are adults, which really bothers me when it comes to animation. They are Kat Susi and Nika Futterman, two excellent dubbers whom I like very much. But I can’t help wishing the children would play child roles. There is much less action in this episode, which focuses more on characterization and relationships. The current action is decent, but not what we had last week. It’s okay, sometimes you need to slow down.

Cut and Run is a quieter, slower episode, though it’s only a third the length of Aftermath. This story reminds me of Sanctuary, the fourth episode of the first season of Mandalorian, where Hunter realizes that the team might not be the family Omega needs. The moment when Hunter scolds Omega for running around the fence instead of calming her down, and only then does Kat step in and show her parenting skills, speaks volumes. One big difference between this episode and the aforementioned Mandalorian adventure is that Omega is old enough to make her own decisions. Instead of staying together because of outside forces, Omega decides to stay with the party and with Hunter in particular. This is especially important because she now knows how dangerous her life is and how good Kat’s family is. Earlier in Cut and Run (brilliant title by the way), I really liked the work they did with the Omega character. The scene where Omega leaves the ship and is surprised by the grass and dirt is very subtle, but magical. It reminded me of the scene in Tangled where Rapunzel leaves the tower for the first time. The look of shock and confusion on Butch’s face was also remarkable. Simple gestures and facial expressions can speak volumes. I also liked the scene where Omega plays with Katt’s kids. You can tell she’s never played before and doesn’t know how, and again, her enthusiastic reaction to interacting with the other kids playing is adorable.

And Hunter has become a character in this episode, and I’m really starting to like him. Kat’s line about Hunter having to forget he’s a soldier if he wants to disappear was great. Actually, Cut and Run has a lot of good dialogue. He remembered Teh’s comment that the boys were all deserters now. One of the boys says it’s ironic that the clones are assigning numbers to people as they fought to get names instead of their ID numbers. This part gave me goosebumps and reminded me how sad it all is. We spent seven seasons of Clone Wars loving these clones and seeing their personalities. It’s a tragedy that they are essentially controlled and co-opted by the Empire. I wonder if we’ll see Rex again, especially since Kat says she saw him the day before Butch arrived. I love that Rex and Kat became friends after Kat and her family saved Rex, who initially wanted to turn him in as a deserter. If I have anything to complain about this story, it’s that it came too soon. I think they wanted to handle that plot point because it’s familiar from Star Wars, but the guys just beat Omega. I think Hunter’s decision to put his needs first and consider giving them up should have come later. Give them more time to bond. It would also affect Omega’s insistence on staying with Hunter no matter what.

Overall, Cut and Run is a good episode of Bad Party, but not a great one. It’s nice to see Kat and her family again, and I love the contrast between how he treats his children and Hunter’s inexperience with Omega. Katt’s voice for the kids and the episode’s place in the season made it hurt my eyes.

Location – 7
Law – 8
Progression – 7
Production planning – 9
Animation/Action – 9



Overall, Cut and Run is a good episode of Bad Party, but not a great one. It’s nice to see Kat and her family again, and I love the contrast between how he treats his children and Hunter’s inexperience with Omega. Katt’s voice for the kids and the episode’s place in the season made it hurt my eyes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the bad batch Episode 2?

The bad batch episode 2 is a really well made great series that will have you hooked. This episode picks up where the last episode (episode 1) leaves off. In this episode our main character learns about the bad batch and their strange ways. He is also introduced to clone 99 who is another great character. He is also part of the bad batch The second episode of Minecraft: Story Mode, titled “Assembly Required”, was originally scheduled to release on March 30th, 2016. However, at the time of writing, the episode is over a month late, and its release is currently unconfirmed. Fans have been given some hope that the episode will come out soon, with Telltale Games giving a vague “fall 2016” release window. It’s almost a certainty that the episode will be released in some shape or form before the end of the year, but there’s no saying when exactly it might arrive.

Is bad batch Episode 2 out?

While the original Bad Batch received mixed reviews, this year’s sequel has been called a “perfect” piece of cinema (and “the best movie of the year” – Ed.), with critics raving about its “classic” story arc, “bold” new characters, and “groundbreaking” direction. The first episode of the (movie) series was released last week, to the delight of fans who got to see their favorite episodes one through nine remade with a high-tech twist. And now that the first “bad batch” is out, it’s time to get excited about the second, because the good news is that the new installment of the remake series is on its way.

What is bad batch?

Bad batch is a term that is used to describe one or more batches of movies or shows that are of poor quality or are not up to par with the rest. This is often caused by the studio rushing the movie to theaters to beat out a competing movie release or to get more money faster. This was a common problem in Hollywood until the 1960s, when the movie studios stopped producing so many films, making the quality of the films better. Filmmaking is hard. Whether you’re a Hollywood blockbuster filmmaker or a YouTuber with an iPhone and a dream, a good film takes skill, passion, and a lot of hard work. So when a “film” like the Bad Batch comes along, one that features some of the most wooden performances, direction, and dialogue in recent memory, it’s hard to believe that a studio actually released it.

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