Saraqael – Who’s Who in Saraqael and what to expect. On the first page I will be writing about Saraqael’s cameo in Iron Man 3, which I think everyone should watch! On the second page I will be writing about our upcoming web series I am working on, which I have been told by many is amazing and I must make sure to mention it! On the third page I will be writing about my life and what I think my goals are in life, since it depends on you the reader, and I want to make sure you know how amazing I am.

Saraqael is a quirky and cutesy fellow that likes to crack jokes from time to time. His knowledge and experience in the scene is vast and he definitely isn’t afraid to share his opinions on things. His videos are usually informative as well as entertaining.

Saraqael is the name of the world’s most powerful and evil sorcerer. When the sorcerer is not asleep, he is usually agitated, as he hates the world and everything living in it. He decides to try to destroy it, and all living things, by gathering all the earth’s magical power in his hands.

Another angel from the Judeo-Christian tradition, familiar to DC Comics readers, appears in the episode Lucifer Is How It Ends!!!, along with his brother Jothiel. As he struggles to find his place as God’s successor, Lucifer seeks the support of his sister Saracael, played by Ginnifer King, who supported him in the first rebellion and endured the passive-aggressive wrath of God for millennia afterward. Lucifer even tries to buy his support by spending time with his idol, Chief Michael Voltaggio, but fails miserably. In the comics, we meet Saracael, or Sariel for short in series like Books of Magic and Hellblazer, who has always been presented as male (as far as gender can be applied to angels) and only became female in the Earth Prime episode. Let’s take a look together.

Saracael, better known as Sariel or Suriel, existed before the beginning of time, for he was an angel created by God to serve him and his plan….. and he was not only an angel, he was one of the archangels, the most powerful and important angels in heaven, who governed the city of silver, communicated the will of the presence to the other angels, and controlled a particular element of creation . In particular, Sariel was charged with overseeing the spirit world, guiding mortal souls to the afterlife, rewarding the virtues of the spirit, and punishing sins against the spirit. In the beginning of time, Sariel fought against Samael and his army of apostate angels. He stayed on God’s side and won the war for Him, in a chain of events that led to a more complex spiritual world that He had to control, because everything from Heaven and Hell was now under His own control. But as powerful and important as he was, he was neither omnipotent nor omniscient, and he was also susceptible to manipulation, especially since God had left his throne and left the Silver City without his presence and guidance. While many angels tried to maintain their routine and stay true to their roles, including Sariel, other forces stepped up and took advantage of the great power vacuum left by God: Lucifer, Michael and his daughter Elaine Belloc, the wolf Fenris, Lilith and her Lilim and many others have stepped forward and tried to manipulate events to their advantage. Among them was the powerful and insane Chaos Avatar known as Spinning Jammy, a mysterious being who only wanted ice cream and was willing to destroy the universe to get it.

By manipulating key characters in a bizarre attempt to get their ice cream, and using unknown agents like the powerful magician Tim Hunter, Spinning Jammy has managed to start a whole new war between Heaven and Hell, with angels and demons fighting to completely destroy the other side. Sariel did not shy away from another war, certain of the fact that he was acting in the best interests of Heaven, but he knew that the war could not be won without trumps….. One of them was Arakel the Deathbreaker, the twice-fallen, a disgraced but powerful warrior who had left the Silver City to pursue the love of a mortal, a Chaldean temple dancer named Hara. Sariel sought out his brother on Earth, but when he tried to convince him to fight for Heaven in the ongoing war, his request was denied. Convinced that Arakel’s supposed neutrality hid a secret alliance with Hell, Sariel lit his spear and prepared to kill him… but was stabbed in the back by Nebiros, a demon who had come for the same reason: to win Arakel’s favor. Like Sariel, Nebiros was also disappointed that Arakel would not fight….. But then, out of nowhere, a little girl who looked strangely like Khara appeared. The little girl was Nikki, daughter of Arakel and Hara, and the angel and the demon formed an unlikely and completely temporary alliance to threaten her: They promised to destroy Arakel’s perfect life on Earth if he didn’t choose sides. Unfortunately, neither of them was strong enough to withstand the wrath of the fallen angel and they were both burned alive by Arakel’s flaming sword, and the innocent Nikki closed her eyes to avoid seeing the scene. Dead, but not dead, Sariel is reborn with the universe on Earth Prime, this time with a female appearance and under the name Suriel : She still controlled spirits and their travels in the afterlife, and was possessed by the soul of Mitch Shelley, the Resurrection, a mortal who, no matter how many times he died, always returned to earth and refused to follow her instructions…..

Saracael, or Sariel, or Suriel, is an ancient and powerful angel, faithful and devoted to the service of God and Heaven, but dangerously susceptible to all sorts of passions and even to outside manipulations. As an archangel, he is immortal, virtually invulnerable, able to fly and travel between dimensions; he is in charge of the spirit world and guides mortals to the afterlife after Azazel takes their souls. He is also a mighty warrior who can blow angelic fire into his spear and manipulate and redirect electricity – talents that, combined with superhuman speed, strength and durability, make him a formidable opponent for any mortal or immortal. Guardian of the afterlife and defender of the eternal order, Sariel, like many other angels, devotes himself blindly to a task completely outside his personality, which can lead to a certain monomania…


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So, who is Saraqael? Well, I am a writing artist and an aspiring actress. I like to write blogs about my life and photoshoots. I am currently in the U.S. Army and I love it. I have been there for 4 years and plan to stay for a long time. I hope you enjoy my blog and feel free to leave comments. I love hearing from my readers and I always reply to any questions or comments.. Read more about archangel saraqael prayer and let us know what you think.

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